1. If you could put together 5-6 shoes for spring/summer what would they be?
Slides (here), a mule (here), a versatile wedge (here), a espadrille sneaker (love this pair and this pair is fun), and a pair of easy sandals (obsessed with these and these).

2. Do you girls take any sort of supplements or daily vitamins other than the Tula probiotic?
I take magnesium pills (supposed to help with anxiety!), collagen (I mix the packet in my coffee), and put this chlorophyll in my water.
Brooke: Just the probiotics, collagen, and chlorophyll (if I remember!) for me!

3. All of my designer handbags are black (because I mostly wear all black). I’ve always considered this the best choice because if I’m spending a lot of money on a bag, I definitely want it to go with everything! I don’t want anything crazy, but I want something that isn’t black that I feel like I’ll get a lot of use out of. I have been looking at the Chloe Nile and Chloe Drew (both in size small- and black, lol), but I’m looking for suggestions for classic bags around that size that aren’t black. Any help would be awesome!
We would do white, tan/taupe, or gray! Love – this one, this one, and this one. Also love the Nile and the Drew, so you really can’t go wrong!

4. What are your go to stores for accent furniture (consoles/accent tables/fun chairs)? How do you decide on what pieces to save or splurge on?
I really like CB2, World Market, Anthropologie, Target, and West Elm for decor and accent furniture! If I find a piece of furniture I absolutely love and can’t find anything similar for less, I’ll splurge on it. I always try to find deals though – RetailMeNot is a good spot to look for deals/coupons or just a quick Google search. West Elm, Crate & Barrel, etc are always having sales so I try to never pay full price!
Brooke: For decor/fun stuff – Home Goods, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, CB2, Wayfair, AllModern, Pottery Barn, Anthro – I pretty much browse all of those, plus some local home/decor stores. And with furniture, I used to try to save on ev-er-yt-hing and just find as much as I could for a good deal, but it was never what I actually wanted (+ our house was so mismatched lol!), so I was constantly trying to find something better. One day, another blogger/designer I follow (Erin Gates) said she always urges her clients to “Buy once, cry once,” and it really resonated with me. She said clients often try to find something instead of the piece they really want (to save some $$), but in the end they end up spending more b/c they buy the cheaper option and then buy the original option a year or two later (this was me to a T)…hence, buy once cry once. So if there is something I really want (and can’t find anywhere else for less), I will buy it. I would say splurge on pieces you want to be comfortable & use every day (like your sofa and bed), and save on things like coffee table, side tables, consoles, benches, and decor pieces. I think CB2 is probably my favorite store for budget-friendly furniture that looks more expensive than it is.

5. I just started my journey as an influencer and applied to LIKEtoKNOW.it. I was told to increase my following, take better quality pics etc. I increased my following by over 1,000 and I feel like I’m getting better at the creativity and pics. Many of my followers have been asking me to get on LIKEtoKNOW.it so I tried to reapply based off there original answer. They are now saying that I need to wait an additional 3 months since I have applied before (but the 3 months starts over – I applied a few days early). Anyway, have you ever heard of these challenges? Any advise (other then waiting the 3 months out)?
Shoot, that’s such a bummer! 🙁 We have heard that from someone else as well. Have you considered ShopStyle? Not positive, but don’t think you have to be accepted like you do with RewardStyle, you can sign up right away (don’t quote us on that but 90% sure). We’re not sure if they offer something like LIKEtoKNOW.it, but if you have a blog or a website to direct your readers to (to shop your outfit), you could do that with ShopStyle, or insta story swipe ups! If you’re set on LIKEtoKNOW.it, don’t give up! We totally understand how frustrating that would be, but use those 3 months to really build and engage with your audience, create awesome new content, and try again! You got this!

6. Do either of you know of any effective ways or products to get rid of acne marks/scars? Willing to spend for something that works!
Have you considered doing a laser treatment? I’ve done BBL and IPL treatments which aren’t specifically for acne scars but I’m sure there’s one that is. I think that would be the best route to go –  google before/after pictures, they’re amazing!
Brooke: I think laser would probably be the best way to go if you’re willing to spend more for something that will work! Microneedling will also help with acne scars – if your scars are deep, an in-office microneedling would probably be best! I would call around to the medspas in your area, and asking what treatments/products they would recommend.

7. What are your go to nail polish colors for manis and pedis? And gel or dip?
We both do gel and some of our favorite colors are: CND: Winter Glow, Plum Paisley, Field Fox, and Romantique. OPI: Funny Bunny (favorite white), Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Let’s Be Friends, Lincoln Park After Dark, Be There In A Prosecco, Visions of Love, Let Them Eat Rice Cake, Malaga Wine, and Shh…It’s Top Secret.

8. Been really into rainbow pieces lately and was wondering if you could round up some of your favorites?
Same here! Some pieces I have in my closet are this sweater, this topthese pants, and this lightweight sweater! A few other favorites are here (love!), here, here, here, and here.

9. Heading to Chicago for St. Patty’s day weekend! Looking for things to do on a Friday night with a significant other. Looking for dinner recommendations for Friday night and maybe a breakfast/brunch place for Saturday.
On Friday night you could do dinner and a show (I think Hamilton is there right now or you could do a comedy show)! I would suggest getting a drink afterwards at The Signature Lounge or London House – both have AMAZING views of the city! Some of my favorite dinner spots are Blue Door Kitchen, Girl & The Goat, Momotaro, BLVD, and RPM Italian. For brunch on Saturday I would go to 3 Arts in Restoration Hardware. It’s such a cool spot and the food is yummy. If you can’t get a table you need to at least get a glass of wine and walk around the store!

10. I’m going to Italy at the end of March for vacation! I’m struggling to find the perfect chic and light spring coat that will go with just about everything (weather could range from 50-65 degrees or so), could you recommend any?!
We would do a classic trench (love this one, this one, or this one), this drape coat in grey, a duster like this one or this one, or a black moto jacket.

11. I love that H&M skirt you posted on stories! I’m thinking of ordering it for a baptism I have coming up. Could you give me an idea on how to style it with heels and a top?
If you like matching sets, you could always do a white or navy blouse and get the matching jacket! Nude pumps or sandals would look so cute with it!

12. Meggan – how are you liking your eyebrows? I’ve been wanting to try microblading but I’m so nervous and would love some feedback!
LOVE them!! I’ve never really taken care of my brows or filled them in so I feel like a new woman. They have shape, color, and look fuller – I’m never turning back! I’m going to do a full post on the process after I get my touch up in a couple weeks so stay tuned!

13. I am heading to Boston the second weekend in March for a bridal shower. It’s going to still be cold…any suggestions on an outfit? Also, I will be 10 weeks pregnant. Although that’s not very far along I don’t want to wear anything too tight that makes me feel like a stuffed sausage.
Probably a flowy dress like this one, this one, or this one.

14. Can you do a roundup of your current favorite belts to wear with jeans preferably under $50?
Yes! Love this double buckle one (looks like B-Low the Belt but a fraction of the price!), this red suede skinny belt, this knotted one, and this double circle one.

15. I have a couple of spring/summer weddings coming up and I’m looking for some affordable dress options! I also am wanting to get a pair of heels to pair with both that will be staples in my closet! Do you ladies have any ideas?
This lace midi dress
is a good one – it comes in a few colors and under $100! Also love this off-the-shoulder dress, this halter dress, and this braided maxi dress. We would definitely do this heel in tan – perfect staple and goes with everything (we both have them!).

16. Meggan – can you do a round up of your favorite places to go (restaurants, bars) and do (catamaran, etc.) in Cabo?! Heading there next week and want to make sure to hit all the good spots!
Take me with you please 😉 My favorite spots are Edith’s (you need to make a reservation asap), Acre, Flora Farms, The Office, Mango Deck, Javier’s, Manta (there’s also a cool rooftop bar), Bar Esquina, and Nowehere Bar. We’ve used this company twice for boating and both times were amazing! It’s unlimited drinks and they made us some of the best fajitas EVER!

17. What books and tv shows are you girls currently reading/watching? I need some new ideas!
I just finished Behind Closed Doors (so good) and started The Woman in the Window and few nights ago. So far really like it – one of those where you don’t want to put it down! Besides all my reality TV shows (Bravo junkie over here!!), I just finished Ozark. My husband and I need a new series to watch!
Brooke: Currently reading What She Knew (just started!), and I haven’t watched TV in a while (like two weeks, lol) because we’ve been moving! But obviously love all the Bravo shows, This is Us, and I really want to start Breaking Bad (we’ve never seen it!). I feel like I need some new recommendations for TV shows too, so if anyone has some, leave them in the comments!

18. I’m going out for St Patrick’s day in Chicago but it’s also my birthday and I don’t know what to wear. I know it’s kind of far away but I want to look casual cute. I’ll be out at bars all day and have no idea what to wear! Any suggestions?
That’s the best weekend in Chicago!! I would definitely keep it casual – a lightweight jacket, tee, a cool pair of jeans and booties or sneakers (wear closed toe – I made the mistake of wearing sandals once and my feet were soaked in beer all day lol). It’s a long day so you’ll definitely want to be comfy! I love this jacket (or this denim one in black), this pair and this pair of jeans, this tee, and these sneakers. Have fun!

19. I’m looking for a dress to wear to my daughter’s first communion at the end of April. I live in Philadelphia so it can either be in the 60’s or 80’s, so unpredictable! I want to look nice, and well put together but this is my daughter’s day, she chose a beautiful communion dress and I don’t want to look like I’m trying to take the spotlight 😉 I was thinking of doing rent the runway because I don’t have many opportunities to really dress up so I’m afraid it will just sit in my closet if I buy something, any recommendations?
RTR is a great option! Some dresses we love that are dressy but not stealing the show – one, two, three, and four! xx

20. My office is business professional and I feel like I am always struggling to put outfits together that are professional and cute without looking too one end of the spectrum (too business-y or too laid back). I love everything Club Monaco, but hate how expensive it ends up being. Any ideas on business appropriate outfits?
Do you ever shop at Loft? We always find cute items there (that could definitely be worn to the office) and there’s always amazing sales. Love these pants, this blouse, this knit blazer, this skirt, and this top.

21. I’m headed to Cabo in a couple weeks and looking for some fun, bright pieces to wear: cover ups, out at night (comfy, cute, and not too dressy as I’ll be with fam) and swim suits.
So jealous! Some fun pieces we would pack are this sundress, these wedges, this ruffle top, this floral coverup, this suitthis romper (love it in yellow too), this tassel kimono, these sandalsthis one-piece, this sarong, this maxi, and this printed set.

22. I have a wedding coming up next month that is somewhat conservative (dress code is Sunday Best) and would love some dress recommendations!!
This maxi dress
is pretty, this lace one (and this one is similar) is a classic, obsessed with this one, and this wrap dress is perfect!

23. Looking for an outfit for my bridal shower in March. It will be in Pennsylvania so the weather could be 65 and sunny or 40 and rainy. I’m not a huge fan of my legs so would prefer something midi length, possibly a cute wide leg pant/blouse option and I’m definitely not set on wearing white. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
This dress
is so cute (could throw on a denim jacket if it’s cold), these wide leg pants with this top, or this dress – so flattering on! xx

24. My boyfriend is turning 30 next month and we are planning a trip to Nashville. I also wanted to get him something really special and memorable since 30 is a big milestone. Any ideas?!
You could make him a photo book of memories of the two of you (our hubbies love these!), a watch with engraving on the back (most jewelers can engrave for you), or a personalized travel bag (or a wallet) like this one (or LV if you want to get real fancy) – would be fun since you’re going on a trip! Hope this helps, guys are so hard to shop for!

25. I’m having trouble finding cute wedding shoes. I tried on a pair of the Bagley Mischka heels and didn’t find them comfortable at all. Do you have some suggestions at different price points? Was thinking I’d like to spend under $400, but would love some ideas. My dress is lace cap sleeve with an illusion neckline and back.
Some shoes we love for your wedding – here, here (classic in silver, white, or nude), here, and here (white is amazing)! Congratulations!

26. I’m 5’2 w/a short torso and struggle with layering proportions. I’m planning to wear this spaghetti strap dress for my son’s first birthday party. Do you have suggestions for another layer on top (like a cardigan) since I usually get cold/want to cover up my arms?
You could do a cropped denim jacket – drape it or wear it, a cardigan, or a moto jacket – all three of these are different but would look great!

27. I’m studying abroad in London this summer and think it’s the perfect place to buy my first designer bag. I prefer a crossbody or large everyday tote but can’t decide? I’ve been eyeing the Gucci soho crossbody or any YSL and looking to spend under $2000.
We love this YSL tote – it’s a great price (for a designer bag) and it will never be out of style which is great for your first designer bag! Also love this bag and this one! The Soho Disco is okay (it’s def a classic), but we’re just kind of over it right now, and it loses it’s shape so easily (I have it).

28. I’m going to to LA next week and it’s supposed to be pretty chilly. I’m struggling with a packing list. Any outfit suggestions?
Looks like it will be in the mid 60’s! We would pack items you can layer – lightweight sweaters, tees, jackets. Some things we’re loving are this tie sleeve duster, this blouse, these cropped jeans, this moto jacket, this sweater dress, this jumpsuit (cute for dinner/going out), this oversized jean jacket, and this long sleeve.

29. I am 28 weeks pregnant and have a bachelorette party to attend in a couple of weeks in Dallas. Any suggestions on what to wear to dinner / out?
Such a fun time in pregnancy to wear a tight dress with a trench or duster cardigan over it (like this) – show off that cute bump! Dresses that would work – one, two, three (no cardigan/top necessary). Love something like this trench or this duster (on major sale!) over top! 

Please leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!