Life, Lately: Home Edition

Good morning, ladies! We haven’t done a ‘Life, Lately’ post in forever and decided it was about time. Our lives lately have been pretty much consumed with our moves, unpacking, and all things home-related. Leesa® provided us mattresses us to review (more below!) and compensation for including them in this post. All opinions (as always!) are our own! 

Brooke: We moved about a week ago now, and still trying to get things organized and unpacked. The first night we were here, our neighbors dropped off the cutest potted rose bush and a note welcoming us to the neighborhood. You guys, we didn’t even know our neighbors after living in our old home for 4 years, so this was the best thing ever! One of the reasons we moved is because we wanted to be in a more kid-friendly neighborhood…there are tons of kids here, and it has such a “neighborhood” feel, everyone is so nice – this is definitely my favorite thing about the move.
Flooring – choosing a stain color was seriously difficult, I felt like nothing looked right…it was either too pink, green, or gray. I wanted to just keep it raw…but that’s not possible with kids and a dog ;). We went through so many samples, mixed and matched all different colors until we came up with the combo we used(we have white oak floors – I don’t remember which stain combo/ratio we went with, but if you want me to find out I can ask our contractor). It came out exactly like I was hoping so that was a relief. The color we went with below with some of the wallpaper and fabrics/wood we have for furniture, etc.

This tile is going in a bathroom, and I think it may be my favorite tile ever. I first saw it in Sara’s (Style MBA) bathroom and messaged her about it (forever ago!), and remembered how much I loved it when we started looking for tile. We will be doing a light gray grout.

Guest bathroom floor (this one had wood that was rotting out under the toilet and we didn’t want it to get worse – so gross lol). Just ordered this tile for the flooring in here.

The girls begged us to let them share a room when we moved, so we’re going with it. So far, we’ve had a lot of late nights and early mornings, but praying it gets better ;). Any tips? Thinking about ordering that alarm clock that tells them when it’s okay to get up. We just got their mattresses from Leesa® delivered, and I couldn’t believe how compact the boxes were…it’s shocking! The girls helped me unpack their mattresses and thought that process was so fun lol (not gonna lie, it kind of is). You just unroll it and watch it expand into a full size mattress in one minute. Honestly, I can’t believe how comfortable they are – I didn’t really know what to expect, but I am so impressed! Leesa® offers a 100-night risk free trial, which is so great (if you don’t like it, they will come to your home and pick it up). PS – you can get $100 off a new mattress with the coupon code: SOMEWHERELATELY.

The shelf styling struggle is real lol. We’re moving things around every day, and I need to get some more books.

 I picked up the pottery on top at a local garden store, but need to figure the rest out (just put our candles there for the time being). The ginger jar is also from a local store, but you can just search “ginger jar” on Etsy to find tons of options. My wood boards are from C&B.

On this fireplace we are doing marble, it was a stacked stone (pretty much identical to Meggan’s ‘before pic’ below). Need to pick the slab for it still.

Meggan: We’ve been in our house for 1.5 weeks now but it’s still pretty empty. We are waiting for some furniture to arrive and I still have quite a few things I need to buy. Our old house was half the size so we kind of have a lot to get. I hate rushing buying furniture and decor so it will definitely be a gradual process! Plus, I have FOBO (fear of better options!) when picking out home decor. I always think after I order something I’m going to find something that I love better, which makes it hard to pull the trigger!
A little before and after of our fireplace! I wanted to brighten up so I went with marble subway tiles. Crazy how a small fix like tile can make such a difference!

I am obsessed with this light fixture – it’s going over our kitchen table which will hopefully be delivered in a couple weeks!

A before picture of our powder room. We painted it (BM black beauty), retiled, added can lights, a new light fixture (this one), and new hardware.

Love herringbone tile!

Here’s the current state of the master bath. We had about a 3 week delay because they found mold when the gut the room. There was actually so much mold that the state had to come and inspect it. We also had to tear part of the wall and floor in the master bath. Not fun 🙁 Today they are finishing the plumbing and painting the cabinets. I will do a full post once it’s complete!

The vanity lighting!

And what our master looks like! The wall was patched yesterday and next they are fixing the floor and refinishing. I’m still looking for a light fixture and curtains but have a couple in mind! I ordered a bed (this one) and nightstands (these) from CB2. I wanted a low headboard since the only option is to put the bed against the windows. I’m not crazy about it but have found some good inspiration on Pinterest! Also – I think CB2 is replacing my West Elm obsession!

We are camping out in the guest room (aka my moms room – she no longer has to sleep on a pullout in the office when she visits lol) until the remodel is over. We put our old master bedroom setup in here but got a new Leesa® mattress which I am sooo excited about. Some of you might remember from insta stories that I suffer from night sweats frequently (TMI, ew sorry!) so I really wanted a cooling mattress to see if it helped. In the 1.5 weeks that we’ve been here I haven’t had any sweats, which is sadly a record for me. It’s the best sleep I’ve had in awhile! Like Brooke said, it is beyond comfortable too! My husband and I couldn’t believe we have been sleeping on such a crappy mattress for so long lol. You get a free pillow with purchase which my husband and I have been fighting over lol. Definitely going to order a couple more! And a fun (and amazing) fact: Leesa® donates a mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 sold. So great when businesses give back. You can get $100 off a new mattress with code: SOMEWHERELATELY. You won’t regret it! 

I got these lamps for the master bedroom. I’m loving all things acrylic and brass right now – our bathroom hardware is the same!

Hope you liked the home update! Let us know if you want to see more updates along the way! Blog posts or only insta stories? And as always, let us know if you have any questions! xx