We’re Moving!

Yes, we’re moving! (Also – sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been searching for my computer charger for the past day and a half & finally found it this afternoon…already plugged into the wall – nobody will admit to it lol)! I feel like it’s moving season – so many of my friends are also moving/building right now! We aren’t moving very far from where we currently live, just to a more kid-friendly area (our street now is very hilly/curvy and there are not a lot of kids). Meggan and I were joking when she was in NY that we do everything at the same time…pregnancies, puppies, and now moving ;). It’s fun to have someone to share all the fun stuff with, ask for advice from, and also commiserate with when things go wrong (they always do, right?!). We pretty much just finished renovating our home (took way longer than we originally planned), and now we’re moving which is frustrating and freeing all at once. If you’ve lived through renovations you know what I’m talking about ;). Living through it made me realize I never want to do that again (or at least not a kitchen while I have small kids). We’re going to be doing a few small changes but nothing major, and I’ll share those once we get going (like the tile & fireplace below)! I will definitely miss our home and all the memories it holds (this is the longest I’ve stayed in one place since I was 18), but I’m excited for new adventures with the fam! Can’t wait to share more as we go! Also – let us know if you guys want us to do a post on moving tips – we have xx

Meggan and I are busy pinning tons of home inspo here

And a few things I’m loving for the home: