A New + Favorite Tula Cream

You guys know we love TULA & honestly there hasn’t been a product we tried that we haven’t fallen in love with. A little backstory – when we were first introduced to TULA we ha no idea what it was or what the brand was about. We get sent a lot of beauty and skincare products (many of which we never share with you guys because they just don’t work for our skin/needs), so at first this was just one of those “never heard of brands” to us. One night (2 years ago, now!) I ran out of the cleanser I was using at the time and remembered getting a package that had a cleanser in it, so I reached for the TULA. My skin is really sensitive, so when I smelled it, I thought for sure I was going to break out from it (nothing that smells that good ever works for my skin), but used it anyway. The next morning I couldn’t believe…not only was my skin not irritated, but it looked great – so much better than it normally did…after one use! I decided to try all the TULA product that was sent to me for one month (alone) to see how the line worked for my skin…and the rest is history ;). Once I actually learned more about their brand and how their products are created, I understood why my skin loved it. We’re still always trying & sharing new products and brands, but TULA is always always a part of our AM & PM routines! For those of you who have never heard of it, you should know they’re all about probiotics and superfoods for your skin!

Things are starting to calm down after our move and I’m finally getting back into the gym (it’s been wayyy too long lol), and when I’m at the gym I need an oil-free moisturizer. Tula’s Aqua Infusion Gel Cream is so good! It’s crazy hydrating but doesn’t have any oil, so if you’re prone to break outs, get lash extensions, or just need an oil-free moisturizer for certain activities (like me), you will love this! It also feels really good under makeup (weightless), almost like a primer! Both of us have been using it for a couple weeks now and really love it!

The Aqua Infusion Gel Cream is made with prickly pear extract and hydra plant complex which are proven to deliver 3 straight days of hydration – crazzyy!

This is the trio I’ve been using in the mornings before my workouts – cleanser, toner (alcohol free), and aqua gel cream.

You can use the code SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off your entire order + free shipping on orders over $50! Here’s a few of our favorite/must-have products…

Big thanks to Tula for sponsoring this post!