1. Here’s a different one for you ladies…what type of #coffeetalk questions are your favorite to answer?
I like answering questions like this LOL! I like random, silly, advice, get to know us questions. I love helping girls find new pieces for their wardrobes but sometimes I feel like my answers get a little repetitive with those (and I don’t want to bore anyone!). I even like answering personal ones b/c we don’t do a ton of posts like that.
Brooke: I agree with Meggan – answering fun questions like this one are always my favorite! Questions that ask for advice, or questions about us personally, or our opinions, etc are my favorites! Of course we love helping with wardrobe/pieces, but do feel like our answers get redundant. We always want to keep them on there because every question is different (and from a different person), so we don’t want anyone to feel like we are picking and choosing one question over another!

2. If you guys had to pick five pieces to add to your wardrobe for spring and summer what would they be? The pieces can range from clothing to shoes to accessories, bonus points if it includes pieces around one-hundred dollars!! 🙂
My five pieces would be – slides (just got these and love them!), a straw hat, a good pair of denim that will go with everything, a trench, and a cute straw bag.
Here are five pieces for spring/summer I’m loving: these flats, this maxi dress, this panama hat, these shorts, and duster trench like this.

3. What hairdryers do you ladies use?
I use the T3 dryer (which I like!) but I’m dying to get the Dyson!! My hair is so thick (takes forever to dry) and I tried one last month at the salon and it cut down on drying time.
Brooke: I use this one from Chi and I love it. I’ve had it for 2 years and it dries my hair so quickly.

4. My husband and I just bought our first home and we haven’t been able to find a media console for under the tv that we love. We want it to be contemporary but classic at the same time and not too MCM. Do you have any recommendations? Both of you having amazing interior style!
Congratulations! RH has some great consoles for contemporary (but not too modern or MCM) like this one, and this one (obsessed with this one – a little more $$ but a media console is something you could keep for a very long time since it won’t get any wear and tear), I’m also loving this one and this one.
Meggan: I’m obsessed with this one from CB2, this West Elm one, and this one from Anthro!

5. I’m wondering how you guys lost your baby weight. I am struggling losing this last 8-10 pounds and am 5 months post baby, ugh! Did you ladies find anything that worked particularly well? BBG maybe? I will try anything!
I think eating clean was key for me (especially the second time around, it was so much harder to lose the weight). Once I got my eating under control, I started taking classes at the gym (like boot camp type), and did BBG. Once I was about 7-8 weeks into BBG, I saw the best results of anything I’ve tried – it’s hard, but it works!
Meggan: I just tried to eat clean, make meals at home, and hit the gym 3-4 days a week. I think switching up your workout routine is important too. I started going to the gym with my husband and he always had different things for us to do which I loved (we did a lot of HIIT!). I would also recommend Orange Theory! I didn’t start it until I was trying to get in shape for my wedding but it would definitely help you shed the last 8-10 pounds! Each class is different, high intensity, and you work out body parts you normally wouldn’t think to (for me at least).

6. Any suggestions for an eyeliner for the inner lash line that will stay put? In the past, liners have either smudged (and give me a raccoon look) or irritated my eyes!
I don’t wear eyeliner that often but I have this Bobbi Brown Long-Wear and really like it. It doesn’t smudge and stays in place.
Brooke: I only wear eyeliner on the top eyelid (tight line technique), but I just use black eyeshadow for eyeliner (would also work for inner lash line) and apply it with a small brush like this one.

7. What are your favorite hair products? I’m looking for a new shampoo and conditioner!! Also what hair tools do you use?
I need a new shampoo & conditioner right now too. I think I’m going to try this one and this one from Living Proof because I’ve heard such great things about it (also check out those reviews!). I love so many different brands of hair products, but what I’m currently using after the shower – this root spray (for volume), this blow dry cream (or this spray), this dry shampoo (just tried it for the first time last week and love it!), and this hairspray. I use this curling wand or this one and this flat iron (for my ends).
Meggan: Right now I use this Biolage color care shampoo, this purple shampoo (once a week), and this conditioner (literally cannot wash my hair without it). A few of my favorite hair products are this scalp scrub, this platinum blow dry spray, this dry shampoo, this heat protectant spray, and this surf spray.

8. Do you think that the neck scarfs (like mini, silk, tight on the neck) are going to be trendy again this year? If yes, do you have any recommendations?
Yes, we love them! If you get tired of them around your neck you can always put them on your bag too! We’re loving this one and this one!

9. Silly question…. I live in Iowa & I’m pretty much the only person in my friend group that has designer taste. I already have one lower-priced designer bag and I want to invest in a Gucci one. I feel like everyone will think I’m crazy if they know how much I spent on a handbag. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, but thoughts/advice?
Sounds like you need new friends lol! Just kidding…but really, your friends shouldn’t judge you for what you want to spend your money on. If someone was giving you a hard time, we would probably straight up ask them, “Why does it bother you what I spend my money on? How does that affect your life?” lol…really though. Buy what you want, and don’t even mention it. If they notice it, just say “oh yeah, I got a new bag.” Nobody needs to know how much you spent on it. You do you, girl!

10. My sister’s bachelorette is in DC the first weekend of April. Any suggestions for cute black outfits? I just had a baby so I’d prefer something that isn’t super fitted.
A few options we’re loving: this romper (looks comfy & something you can wear from day to night), this front-tie dressthis mini dress (especially the sheer sleeves), this polka dot midi, and this blouse (could tuck it into black jeans or a skirt!).

11. I’m pregnant and due in July. I’m hoping to wallpaper the inside of the nursery closet/nook area and add shelves, etc to make it not just look like a closet without a door. I loved Cam’s wallpaper – any suggestions? We are not finding out the gender so we’re sticking to grays and yellow neutrals.
I’ve been looking at wall paper nonstop lately because I’m trying to find one for my office! There’s so many cute options, I can’t narrow it down! A few that could be cute for your nursery: this grey herringbone, this geometric/pyramid one, this animal print (almost got this for Cam’s), and this grey/white chevron!

12. I’m really needing a jean jacket, do you guys have any suggestions/some you are loving right now? both low and high end?
I have this Levi’s one and love it! It’s a bit oversized/slouchy but it doesn’t look like you’re getting swallowed by the jacket.
Brooke: I have the same Levi’s one and also this one – love both!

13. What are your top 3 pairs of denim?
My #1 most worn pair (I’m sure you guys have noticed) are these GRLFD jeans. I’m soooo obsessed with them I had to order them in black too lol. #2 is this pair of Levi’s…I think this might be one of Brooke’s too 😉 and #3 is this pair from Abercrombie. They’re so comfy!
Brooke: My top 3 are: this pair (yes, love them!), this pair (on sale, more sizes here), and this pair!

14. I’m 7 months pregnant now and the bump is definitely there. I would love some suggestions on dressing cute still – I’m struggling!
Aww definitely wear outfits that embrace your bump! But you should check out Asos maternity, they have so many cute pieces and a lot of great basics – love this tee, this dress (would be cute with a jean or moto jacket) these joggers, and this sweater.

15. My friend is getting married in the Bahamas this April. The wedding is black tie optional, any ideas on the perfect dress? I’m thinking something long and beachy but having a hard time narrowing it down. I’d like to spend $200 or less.
Looooove this yellow one (so amazing!), this onethis one, and this one (obsessed)!

16. Do you have any recommendations for a good jewelry organization system for necklaces and earrings?
I was actually just unpacking/organizing my closet yesterday and realized I need major help when it comes to organizing my jewelry (so many tangled necklaces – uhg!). A couple things I’m looking at are this necklace holder & this for earrings.
I don’t own a ton of jewelry so I don’t need anything big but I have a necklace stand similar to this and this jewelry storage tray. My SIL has the best system that she made in her closet out of pegboard – I wish I had a picture of hers but it’s similar to this!

17. I’m traveling to Disney World in April with my husband and kiddos – can you give some ideas on what to pack? Obviously practical but still want to look stylish!
So fun! We would do something simple like a striped tee, jean shorts (love this pair), high top Converse sneakers, and a cute backpack! This duster cardigan is cute too incase it’s chilly.

18. I work in a business casual environment with trendy colleagues. I’m getting ready to go back to the office after maternity leave and need a few nursing/pumping friendly options to update my wardrobe.
Some blouses we’re loving that would be easy to nurse/pump with: one, two, three, and four.

19. Needing some “mom” summer basics and would love to see your take on them. Anything from tops to favorite denim shorts, sandals and then even some casual dresses for the days its just to bloody hot for denim.
Some of my favorite “mom basics:” these leggings (we both have a small), these denim cutoffsthese slidesthese tees, and this dress (perfect for super hot days!).
It’s soooo hot in Texas in the summer the only thing I can stand to wear is a dress lol. A few cute pieces I’ve seen are these shorts, this casual dress (in my cart – such a good basic!), these sandals (have and love), this tank, this midi dress, and this tank dress.

20. My fiancé and I are doing an engagement shoot soon and was wondering if y’all had any suggestions for a dress! I’m thinking a maxi, has to be flattering! Doesn’t necessarily need to be white. Any suggestions would be amazing!
Loving this dressthis one (a little more dressy but so pretty!), and this one (so pretty and flattering!).

21. In mid April I have a masquerade ball I need a dress for. Can be as dressy or as casual as you like for this event. Needing help with what to wear. I am shorter so would like a knee length dress I was thinking but open to all options.
This dress 
is so pretty, love this one, and this one is stunnnnning! Have fun! xx

22. I’m headed to my 20 year high school reunion in Florida in June and I’m trying to figure out what to wear. It’s going to be super casual (at a cute, rustic barn with food trucks). It will also be super hot and humid that time of year. I’m planning the event so I want to make sure I look extra cute, lol. Any ideas?
Obsessed with this jumpsuit, this maxi dress (casual, cute but a little sexy!), this paisley romper, and this bodysuit (tucked into jeans or shorts).

23. I’m looking for a good tote bag to carry to work, out with the kids etc. My dream bag is a LV Neverfull or Goyard St. Louis tote. I like the classic shape, they seem roomy enough but they’re a little out of my price range. Any suggestions??
We both have totes from Barrington gifts (see the full post here) which are similar to the shape and size of the two bags you mentioned. They are honestly great quality and we can’t recommend them enough! A few other cute options are here, here (great option for under $100), and here (have always loooved this one!).

24. Going to Miami end of April for a girls weekend. Need ALL recs from restaurants, swim suits, cover ups, beach hats, & going out outfits!!! I know I’ve read a couple coffee talks with Miami in them!
We both haven’t been to Miami (S Beach) in a while so we can’t really recommend too many restaurants but #16 on this post has a few, and Casa Tua is one of our favorite restaurants of all time (think Kat Tanita just did a post on this one as well, not positive though?). For what to pack we love this bikini, this coverup, this hat, these sunglasses, this set (perfect for going out!), this romper, this bodysuit, these wedges, this one-piece (so cuuute!), and this dress.

25. I know you did a post a while ago about how to build a wardrobe with the most important basics. Any chance you’d be willing to revisit that topic with some updated options? Love how you mix highs and lows.
Yes! For building a spring wardrobe here are the pieces we would recommend starting with: denim cutoffs, boyfriend jeans (this is the pair I was wearing on stories last night), slidesa straw hat, a denim jacket (our faves in question #12), and a good white tee.

We had a ton of wedding guest dress questions so we are going to do a full post on it next week! As usual you can email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them below! xo