1. Can you re-link the Golden Goose dupes you posted to insta stories?
Yes! They were this pair & this is another great pair! 

2. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for 2 years now. Recently we received some bad news and had to take a break from treatments. Last week we got the shock of our lives when I had a POSITIVE pregnancy test, which was then confirmed at our clinic. My in-laws know, but I’m only approximately 3-4 weeks pregnant. When do you think it is a good time to announce that you’re expecting? I’m scared to announce it too early because I’m finding it hard to be 100% excited when we’ve gotten so used to bad news through this journey. My husband respects that I don’t want to tell many people yet, but I know he wants to tell the world (he laughed, then cried, then did a flip when he found out lol)!
WOW! Congratulations, that is so amazing! We would definitely talk to your doctor about that and see when they recommend it’s “safe” to announce, but typically it’s around the 12-week mark when most people feel comfortable. We say do whatever makes you feel most comfortable! This is such an exciting time for you and your family – yay! xx 

3. You both have pretty similar styles, (both of which I love!) but do you think there is anything that you differ on?
Thank you! We feel like our style is very similar as well – we’re pretty much drawn to the same trends and pieces – we especially notice this when brands send us line sheets to choose from, and most of the time we choose the exact same pieces without realizing it lol. We both like to be comfy and casual most all of the time 😉 and love mixing high and low. We were talking about this question and both agreed that there’s nothing that one of us wears that the other wouldn’t wear.

4. Do you have any tips or strategies for getting clear on how to build your brand/blog? I have a million ideas floating through my head but struggle with defining EXACTLY what I want to do … which translates to procrastination, and lack of execution. Please help 🙂
That’s great that you have so many ideas, it’s worse to feel like you have none ;), but we definitely understand what you’re saying. We would first suggestion to figure out what your niche – what do you want your blog to focus on? Then start with writing down all of your ideas on a piece of paper…decide which ones are the best, and start there. Not sure if the ideas relate to blog posts or something else, but writing things down always helps us see things more clearly. It can get super overwhelming when you have hundreds of to-do’s and ideas running through your head! If you’re struggling with a decision between a few things, write down the pros and cons of each – this will help you make a decision and continue to move forward! And sometimes if none of these work, you just have to dive in and start somewhere, anywhere! Hope that helps! xx

5. I am planning my sisters bachelorette party this summer and she wants a lake vibe. We live in Minneapolis and Iowa is only a 2+ hour car ride away. Where are the best vacation/lake spots in Iowa? Okoboji? Anywhere in particular to stay and play?
Definitely Okoboji! Best lake ever and close to MN ;). There aren’t a ton of options for places to stay if you’re looking for a hotel, but the newest/nicest one is Bridge’s Bay on East Lake – they have a couple fun restaurants there as well, so this would probably be where we recommend staying! In terms of going out, you’ll probably go to the bars in Arnold’s Park – Captain’s Getaway just added a rooftop last year, and it’s really fun! Barefoot Bar is always fun during the day, or you could rent a boat (and a captain!) to drive you and your girls around for a day of fun! Miller’s Bay is where all the boats tie up for day parties – tons of fun!  

6. Have either of you ladies suffered the loss of a friendship? I feel a friendship is a lot like a relationship in that both parties need to make effort. It gets old always having to be the one to initiate a text or call. I’m starting to realize it’s quality over quantity. What are your thoughts/opinions?
Yes I have and I would 100% agree it’s quality over quantity at this point in life. It hurts but if someone is making no effort to be in your life it might be time to let it go. If the person is really special/important to you maybe you could ask her to talk and tell her how you’re feeling.
Brooke: Yes I have, too. It is 100% quality over quantity like Meggan said. Life is too short to spend time trying to cultivate a friendship that is one sided or with someone who is only contributing negative energy in your life. In the moment it can feel like such a letdown, but once you move on you’ll realize how much better it is without that person dragging you down. You need to do everything in your power to be happy, don’t let anyone else take that from you!

7. So I feel like I need to take a chance on me to get more exposure for my blog. I’m not sure how to proceed with this. I post daily. I comment and interact with other bloggers. Didn’t know if you have any advice for exposure or how to get in with people? I feel bad asking people to collaborate as I don’t have much to offer them back?
It takes time for sure! For the first two years, we were posting 6 days a week for a (very) small audience, but we were doing it because we loved it and we thought it was fun! Of course we had goals and dreams of our blog becoming successful, but that was not our intent when we started (we weren’t able to quit our jobs/focus solely on Somewhere, Lately until after 2 full years of blogging every day). A few tips for possibly gaining exposure – tag the brands you’re wearing in your instagram photos! The brand will see this and if they like the photo, they will repost or even insta-story it! Connect with bloggers that have a similar size following to yours (and a similar aesthetic), and ask if they would like to share each other’s accounts on insta-stories! Step up your pinterest game! One great (pinnable) blog post can really increase traffic to your blog/brand. Our most-read blog post ever is our favorite nail polish colors (thanks to pinterest!) and has over 200K views…Pinterest is a powerful tool! Interact with your audience, ask questions, be genuine, sincere, and motivating – your audience wants to feel connected to you. Good luck babe, we hope this helps!

8. Can you style the AGOLDE shorts you keep posting about with a few everyday tops/tees? I haven’t worn jean shorts in so long I’m not even sure what to wear them with!
For sure!! I usually just wear a basic tee or tank and tuck into the shorts! Here are a few ways we’ve styled them: here, herehere, and here.

9. I’m pregnant, live in Houston, TX, and am due in late August! I am anticipating mostly wearing dresses or a swimsuit all summer! Do y’all have any recommendations on cute dresses, maternity swimsuits, or maternity shorts? I have been looking for maternity shorts and have found nothing cute! I have high hips and short torso so I feel like either my butt is hanging out or they are way too long not flattering on me at all!
I could barley stand to wear shorts in Dallas last summer and I wasn’t pregnant lol – it gets sooo dang hot!! A few cute maternity pieces we found are this maxi dress, these comfy shorts, this suit, this cami, this sundress, and this suit. When I was pregnant I got string/tie bikinis and those worked because you can easily adjust them (and I didn’t have to waste money on maternity ones).

10. Thinking ahead to spring, I have to go to a Derby Party in May. What are some cute dresses you would recommend for the theme? …and a hat??!
Love a good Derby outfit! Some dresses that would be great – one, two, three. And hats – one, two, three.

11. I’m a few years older than you guys but I was wondering if you see your style evolving as you get in to your mid or late 30’s? If so, how do you see your fashion choices changing? Like, sometimes I struggle with some of the fashions I’m drawn to like ripped denim, jeans and sneakers etc. I like to be comfortable (but still cute) so my ripped denim is just as comfy to me as sweat pants but not sure if it’s a good look for someone (well) in to their 30’s? I guess I’m kinda at a crossroads and wondering how you guys would handle that?
I think ripped denim and sneakers are totally fine well into your 30’s! Most of my girlfriends in NY are actually in their late 30’s/early 40’s and totally rock most trends. If you’re worried about it though, you could always go for (less) distressed jeans like this pair or this pair. Personally, my style is always evolving, and as I get older I’m sure certain things will change but I will always wear what I want and what makes me feel comfortable! I think you should definitely wear what you love! PS – have you ever seen Iris? She’s amazing and the perfect example of wearing what you want at any age – she’s 96! xx
Meggan: My style is definitely always evolving but I don’t think we should have to restrict ourselves from wearing anything that we like because of our age! My mom is in her mid 40’s and rocks ripped jeans – I don’t think anyone bats an eye when they see her wearing them. I agree with Brooke, wear what you love!

12. I’m going on vacation to New Zealand in a few weeks and am searching for cute (but comfortable) plane wear. Any suggestions?
I have a jumpsuit similar to this one that I love to travel in and just throw a cardigan or jean jacket over – so comfy and cute! A couple other options are these joggers, this cardigan, this tee, these camo leggings (so comfy), and these sneakers (want!).

13. Love seeing all the snaps of your new home/reno process Meggan! Just wondering if Brooke will be sharing any pics of her new home or if you guys can do some home decor posts in the near future?? Thanks!
Yes! We did our first post here and we are both posting home snaps on insta stories (although we know that can get confusing since there are two of us). Meggan’s home has dark wood floors, and Brooke’s has light wood floors so that should help!

14. I’m heading to Paris and Amsterdam for the first week of April and am having a hard time coming up with outfit ideas that I can mix and match while still being fashionable. You both do such a great job of mixing pieces together while always being on point. Weather looks like it’ll be in the 50s/low 60s. Any ideas?
Thank you! We would pack a lot of basic/staple pieces that are easy to rewear- a great pair of denim (love this pair and this pair), a few t-shirts, a moto jacket, a button down (love this one and this one), a versatile belt, a trench coat, a comfy jumpsuit (could wear this for travel and exploring), and sneakers.

15. My sister just found out she is pregnant with her first! Do you have any ideas on a gift I could get her to help her get through her first pregnancy?
That’s so exciting! You could get her a pregnancy pillow (I can’t remember what brand I used but it was a life saver!), this belly butter (it’s the best!), a comfy robe, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, or a couple cute maternity pieces (check ASOS and Target!).

16. I’m looking for a designer handbag that I can use day and night preferably under $3k. I like the Celine nano but wanted to see what you guys suggest!
I love my Celine nano – it’s so cute and it actually holds a lot! A few other favorites are the Gucci Marmont, the Chloe Faye, and this quilted YSL.
I love the Celine nano – it’s still on my list! Some of my favorites for day & night are the Gucci Dionysus, this velvet YSL bag, and the Sac de Jour. All of these are perfect for all day/night!

17. I’m going to a wedding in the South of France this June and purchased this dress. I’m on the hunt for the perfect shoe that I can wear with it. I’m having a hard time just picking any pretty pair since the wedding will be at a castle where there are tons of cobblestones, stairs and grass so they NEED to be comfortable. Do you have any favorites that you know you can last all night in?
Obsessed with that dress girl – HOT! That’s hard, but this pair is actually comfortable enough to wear all night (not sure about the cobblestones though!), this pair (with the thicker heel) and this pair (low heel but still super cute!) are great options as well!

18. Looking to get my sales manger a little gift to show her my appreciation for all she does for me. She’s mid 30s and would like to spend under $50.
Gifts that we would love to receive under $50 – a nice candle (something she’d love but probably not buy herself), a cute piece of jewelry like this necklace, a cozy blanket, or a pretty jewelry box.

19. I want to invest in a designer crossbody black bag, something small and with a chain. I’d like to wear it out to dinner or even dress it up for a fancier occasion. Any suggestions?
We love this Gucci one, this YSL one, this Prada one, this mini Gucci, or this Chloe bag.

Thanks for sending in all your questions! Please leave your questions below or email us brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx