1. Do you have a workout playlist? I’m struggling to workout right now. I think if I had something to look forward to (like good music) I might be more excited to workout. Before kids it was either a good playlist or a good book. I usually workout at home while my little ones play (same room, no worries!). I can no longer read because they have 100 questions, as you guys know.
Omg lol I can totally relate to working out with your kids in the same room, that struggle is so real! So. many. questions! I need to switch it up a lot but here’s my current playlist – End Game, Love So Soft, Sorry Not Sorry, Holy Grail (Jay Z & JT), Finesse Remix, Lemon, Filthy (JT), The New Workout Plan (throwback Kanye lol), God’s Plan, Passionfruit, Too Good (Drake & Rihanna), El Taxi (yes, Pitbull lol), Booty (JLO), The Middle, Bitch Better Have My Money, and The Champion (Carrie Underwood & Ludacris). 
You guys are going to think I’m weird but I usually listen to the same 4-5 songs on repeat when I work out lol. When I love a song, I realllllly love it! Some of my favorites are Doses & Mimosas, Slow Jamz, Still Fly (instant mood booster song), All of the Lights, Angel On My Shoulder, It’s a Vibe, Suga Suga, Baddest Bitch Big Rings, Get Your Freak On. Super random mix there haha!

2. Can you guys tell us more about your dogs? I love them! How did you decide on what breed to get? How are they with the kids? Do you plan on getting more or is one enough?
I grew up with a German Short Hair Pointer and a Weimaraner and Kyle had a Dalmatian so we were on the same page with getting a big dog. But we also wanted no/minimal shedding (can be hard to find with large dogs) and that’s how we started looking into Ridgebacks. Warren is smart (almost too smart which makes him very stubborn), friendly, good around strangers and other dogs, and is such a lover/cuddler! He was sleeping in bed with us (too big now) and he would have to curled around our heads or completely spooning us lol he is a big baby. Kyle wants to get another dog at some point but one is enough for me. He’s not the one home all day 😉
Brooke: I grew up with Golden Retrievers and love them, but didn’t want the shedding – best dogs ever, but their fur is everywhere! I always thought I wanted a Golden Doodle – fell in love with them in college b/c my friend had one. We had talked about getting a dog this past year, but were not set on it at all. Fast forward to December, my brother was texting me pictures of their new puppy…literally was the cutest thing ever! My girls were in love! My brother told me that their dog’s brother still needed a home and we were pretty much sold ;). Louie is a mini Australian Labradoodle (he’ll be around 30 lbs fully grown), he doesn’t shed, is great with the kids, and super friendly. We need to work on the jumping and mouthing (he’s only 5 months old), but he has been pretty easy to train otherwise (potty training, crate training, etc). He has a lot of energy, so if he doesn’t get enough exercise, it’s no bueno (as w/most dogs). I would love to get another dog at some point (we always had two dogs growing up and I loved it), but not until he’s older.

3. What’s going in your kids Easter baskets?! Or, any fun little toys they’ve been into lately?
I still need to get a few things but I’m doing sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a basketball for his hoop (Warren tore apart his last one lol), an Easter book, slip on Vans, a Play-doh tool set, swimsuit, and eggs filled with goodies.
Brooke: I’m not done with mine yet but here’s what I’m planning to put in there – a couple Easter books, chalk, stickers, coloring books & crayons, some candy (probably eggs, let’s be honest lol), bubbles, and some jellies (love these!).

4. What is each of your approach to home decor? Do you feel like your homes have an overarching theme or does each room have its own individual vibe? Do you search out pieces that work with a room already in mind or do you buy pieces and figure out where it will fit in later? My husband and I recently bought our first home and I’m having a hard time making everything come together. Love each of your home decor styles!
Hmmm I feel like my style can be all over the place – I like a lot of different styles and designers so sometimes have trouble staying on theme! But I think my home decor style is mid-century mixed, contemporary, and fun. I like neutrals but I also love adding pops color like a pink rug or wasabi green couch. I try to keep an overall vibe/theme in the house so it all flows together. I’m kind of struggling in our new home because it’s older (built in the 50’s) so some of my ideas don’t look great with the old tile/floors/etc. I would definitely not recommend buy pieces and searching for a spot for them. I’ve done that a couple times and regretted it!
Brooke: Our new house is more transitional/contemporary and fun. Our last home was pretty traditional – kind of farmhouse/traditional-ish, but we sold it fully furnished, so we’re starting over. I want our home to be more fun and playful (like the sconces I posted on stories this morning), but not tooooo crazy ha. We decided to work with a designer b/c even though we know what we like, starting with absolutely nothing (we kept 2 rugs and a lamp) was overwhelming. I think the home as a whole should have a vibe that flows well from room to room, but every room doesn’t have to be exactly the same style if that makes sense. I used to just buy stuff blindly and hope for the best…9 times out of 10 it didn’t work lol.  After (too many) exchanges, I found it’s best to measure, and create a mood board for each room to make sure you like the way everything looks together (here is a great example). Once I started doing this, it was much easier to buy furniture/lighting/rugs. You can use Polyvore or Canva for free to create these boards. Good luck to you and congratulations!

5. I’m a shorter girl w a small waist, bigger booty. Looking for a good all around jacket. I bought the Levi’s ex-boyfriend trucker jacket you both have. Looking for another one!
An anorak jacket is another great all-around jacket! A few we love: onetwo, and three (get 40% off)! 

6. If you could have any other job besides blogging (in a world with no restrictions) what would you be?
I would love to flip houses! I love home decor/interior design and renovating spaces (just not while living there lol), and flipping homes is probably my (other) dream job! 
Meggan: I would be a marine biologist!

7. My boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant with our first daughter before we were married and having her at our wedding was my favorite thing in life. I’ll admit though we were TERRIFIED to tell our parents!! They ended up being beyond cool, but Meggan, how did you and Kyle find out you were pregnant and how did you tell your parents you were pregnant with Cam? Were you nervous?!
Awww I loved having Cam at our wedding too, he stole the show! In my wedding video my grandpa says “there is nothing without a reason, and God is the reason for every thing. Kyle and Meggan, I truly believe that there is a reason you are here today” and then it goes to a clip of us picking up Cam during our first dance. It makes me freaking BAWL!!! A little off topic but I thought you would relate! I took a pregnancy test the day after Halloween…something just didn’t feel right. I was sooo tired I actually thought I had mono lol. But I took the test and was so shocked/devastated. I kind of had a gut feeling I was, but was in denial. We actually told Kyle’s siblings, my grandma (she is the most comforting person every), and my aunts first. I was terrified to tell my parents because I didn’t want them to be disappointed in me. We had to tell them over the phone since we lived in different states. I remember I needed to get it off my chest and called my mom while I was at work. I told her to sit down and she said she instantly knew what I was going to say LOL. She was very supportive – she actually had me when she was in high school so she was very understanding and knew what I was going through. I think she was probably a little worried but didn’t say that to me 😉 She told me I needed to call my dad and tell him separately because he was on a business trip. So I called him up and he was at lunch with someone and I told him he probably wanted to call me back because I had to tell him something important. He was like it’s fine just tell me now! So I spilled the news and he was BEYOND excited. He said that he was just telling the guy he was at lunch with that he wanted to be a grandpa! I hung up and was like holy crap that was not how I expected that call to go!!! So yes we were very nervous to tell them but it all worked out for the best!

8. How do you keep your designer bags clean?
I just try to take care of them when I’m using them – no throwing them around, setting on the floor, etc. If they get a scuff or are starting to look dirty I just wipe them down with a damp cloth. And If they need to be treated, I leave that to the professionals and bring them to Deno’s in HPV. When they’re not being used I store them in their dust bags.
Brooke: I pretty much do exactly everything Meggan said. The Leather Spa is the best place in NY to get bags or shoes repaired! I don’t always store mine in the dust bags (should though), but they are sitting on a shelf in my closet (not shoved together).

9. Going to bachelorette parties in Scottsdale and Las Vegas this April. I am looking for swimwear, cover ups, and night outfits that could work for both. I’m looking for items around or under $100 each.
Love this ruffled one-piece (if you like color, this one is pretty!), this sarong, this bikini, this kimonothis romper, this mini dress, this bodysuit, and this jumpsuit. And Asos has soo many good bikinis for under $50 so definitely check there!

10. Can you do more house updates?! Your tastes are perfection and I’m in the process of a remodel, but have pregnancy amnesia and need your inspiration!
Yes we will! Both our homes are still pretty empty and have a ways to go! Meggan moved to a much bigger home & Brooke sold her home fully-furnished, so we have a lot of pieces/furniture to buy still.

11. I’m going to Paris a few weeks and am on the search for a multi-function dress. I would love something that can be dressed up or down and I can wear more than once while there. Would love any suggestions you have!
What about something super simple like this dress? That can definitely be worn with sneakers and a jean jacket or dressed up with heels and a leather jacket! This dress and this dress are also versatile options!

12. I am trying to help my friend find a white maxi skirt with a lace top. She likes a long sleeve crop lace top, but it is for her beach wedding so I think it might be good for her to consider a lace tank or short sleeve. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
This is so pretty 
(but it’s not lace), this top + skirt are stunning, this top looks more beachy, and this set is another great option!

13. I’m on the hunt for some fun spring shoes, and love the idea of something with a leopard print. Specifically, I’m considering either a slip-on sneaker style, or a flat as I have little kiddos I’m chasing around all day, and they need to be practical. Are there any styles you would recommend, and any tips you have for styling?
Fun! Here are some leopard shoes that would go with everything from jeans, to cutoffs, to casual dresses for daytime – onetwothree, and four!

14. I have a wedding coming up and it is Gatsby theme. I’m having a hard time finding an outfit. Any suggestions?
We would do something fun and sparkly like this, this, this, or this!

15. What are your travel bag essentials? Looking for a good suitcase that won’t get too beat up.
We both use Calpak luggage and love it – the hardshell is really durable! Our favorites are the marble and rose gold!

16. How did you lose the baby weight?
I had Cam in June so we got out of the house and went on walks everyday (sometimes twice b/c I needed to get out of the apartment lol) which really helped. I just tried to eat clean, make meals at home, and hit the gym days three a week. I think switching up your workout routine is important too. I started going to the gym with my husband and he always had different things for us to do which I loved (we did a lot of HIIT!). And a lot of it came off from breastfeeding which was great ha!
Brooke: I think eating clean was key for me (especially the second time around, it was so much harder to lose the weight). Once I got my eating under control, I started taking classes at the gym (like boot camp type), and did BBG. Once I was about 7-8 weeks into BBG, I saw the best results of anything I’ve tried – it’s hard, but it works!

17. I struggle to find a moisturizer with SPF that isn’t oily AND doesn’t have that “sunscreen” smell. Do you have a favorite?
Meggan: I don’t use a moisturizer with SPF sorry! I use this Supergoop sunscreen before I apply my makeup and really like it. It’s not oily, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t interfere with my makeup.
Brooke: Ditto to the Supergoop – it’s good, and feels like a primer!

18. I would love suggestions for white dresses for my wedding shower in April.
This maxi is gorg, this peplum dress is a little dressier and so pretty, this ruffle one is cute, and love this one! This jumpsuit is fun too!

19. I’m going to the Justin Timberlake concert at the end of this month. Can you suggestion some cute/casual concert outfit suggestions?
Ahhh he is amazing in concert – so jealous!! I would do a bodysuit (love this one) or a casual tee, high waisted/distressed jeans, a cute belt, and sneakers or casual booties. A few inspo looks: here, here, and here.

20. I know both of you have just recently moved. Do you guys see yourselves living in your current cities you’re in? If not, where can you see your family moving to?
I definitely see us staying in Dallas! It’s my dream to move to NY but we have family here and I don’t think I could move back to the cold again – I’ve turned into a wimp!
Brooke: It took me a while (I was depressed when we first moved to NY), but I finally love the East Coast and it really feels like home now that we’ve been here for almost 5 years. If we did move, it would probably be back to California! We’ve talked about moving to Dallas (and Meggan + Kyle try to talk us into that), but just not sure it would be the best fit for our family. I’m always open to a new place, so you never know!

21. I have a white coat ceremony coming up for medical school and I want to find the perfect appropriate but amazing dress and heels to go under it! Please help me!
Congratulations! Some dresses we’re loving – onetwo, and three (love the neckline!). And heels – one (black) & two (nude) – both go with everything! 

22. I’m going to Europe this summer and need a pair of comfy shoes to walk around in. Looking for something neutral like white or grey. Love the look of the Golden Goose but unsure if i’m willing to spend that much.
A few pairs we love are here, here (they’re really comfy!), here (GG dupes), and here (similar/other colors here).

24. What are your favorite designer heels? I’m looking to invest in a good pair of nude or black ones. I’m currently trying to sell a pair of Valentino Rockstud heels that I never wear because I feel like they are just completely out of style. I want to make sure that my next pair of good shoes will be timeless ones that I will get a lot of use out of that won’t go out of style!
I would do a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps. They are timeless!
Brooke: I want those Manolo’s! Such a classic, timeless pair! I also love these from Stuart Weitzman and these Jimmy Choo’s. None of these will ever be out of style, so you’re safe!
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