How I Curl My Hair (a step-by-step guide)

Let’s talk hair! The #1 question I get is, “How do you curl your hair?” I really want to film a tutorial, but need some help with video editing. I am clueless when it comes to that, so I’m nominating my husband to learn ;), but until then I decided to create a step-by-step written guide! It’s very simple, and I think the photos will help – it takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it only take about 15 minutes from start to finish (on my hair, and I have a lot of hair). Here we go!

Step 1: Separate hair into two sections (or more if you need, I only do 2 to save time). Put top section into a bun on top of your head.
Step 2: Start with the bottom section. Use a flat-iron on the very ends of your hair. This is the most important step in the overall look, because it’s what gives the ends that blunt look. Be very careful to only flat-iron the ends, otherwise your hair will be difficult to curl. You can do this step last as well (after you curl your hair), but I prefer to do it first. Try each way and see which works best for your hair!

Step 3: Grab your curling wand. You can also use a regular curling iron if you don’t have a wand, just don’t use the clamp part as you normally would. Starting at the front of your head, take a 1-inch section of hair, point the wand down so the top end is pointing to the floor, and wrap hair away from your face around the wand. Leave out the ends of hair (that you just flat ironed). Hold for 5-10 seconds, and release.
Step 4: Continue wrapping hair away from your face around the remainder of the bottom section.

Step 5: Once the bottom section is done, take down the top section, and repeat steps 2-4 on the top section.

Step 6: Shake your head to loosen the curls. If you feel like any curls are too tight, you can quickly run the wand over any of those pieces while pulling that hair straight and it will loosen up. Apply a hair oil from the mid-length to ends of hair. I use this oil for this step. It can also be used on damp hair, but I like to wait until my hair is completely done and styled before applying.

Another question I get about my hair color and styling is, “Do the ends of your hair get super dry from the color/heat?” And the answer is yes! I try to only wash & dry my hair 2 times/week (to keep the heat off as much as possible), but when I do curl it throughout the week, the heat can really dry out and damage the ends. I’ve been searching for a products that will help nourish/tame the ends, and keep the damage under control and discovered the Hair Rituel Precious Oil from Sisley-Paris (thanks to a suggestion on instastories). Not going to lie…when I saw the price, I almost didn’t buy it, but it came highly recommended, so I decided to take the plunge. I’m so happy I did – first, for my entire head (I use the oil from mid length to ends), I use a pea sized amount or less. This bottle will honestly last me over a year, probably two. Second, it feels like silk, helps my ends look so much healthier than they are, and doesn’t weigh my hair down (which is one issue I have with certain hair products).

 I don’t mind spending more on my hair (color, cut, products, etc) if it means getting the results I am looking for, and I’m so impressed by the oil I want to try the rest of the Sisley-Paris line from Bloomingdale’s (I just ordered this shampoo & conditioner – let me know if you want a review on it!). Have you tried this? Or do you have any other products I should try?! Hope this step-by-step guide was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions! xx

In collaboration with Bloomingdale’s