My Drugstore Beauty Favorites

I love seeing other people’s drugstore beauty favorites, so I wanted to do a roundup of mine today. All of these products are either available at your local drugstore or under $20 (and available to order online). Also, I want to hear your favorites!

Thayer’s Witch Hazel – Love this as a toner! I apply it after cleansing my face. It’s not harsh at all, and doesn’t leave your face feeling tight.
Milani Baked Blush – This is just a great drugstore blush, the color is so pretty and I love the finish. Great one for spring & summer!
Aquaphor Lip Repair – I keep this in my car, great for healing chapped lips!
Rosehip Oil – I love using this at nighttime when my skin needs extra hydration (aka all winter long). So many people swear by rosehip oil and I’m now one of them, read about the benefits here.
Milani Lipstick – this is the best matte drugstore lipstick! I love the shade ‘Matte Naked,’ – perfect nude!
Simple Cleansing Wipes – I have really sensitive skin, and these makeup wipes never irritate it. I love using these before washing my face at night…or alone if I’m feeling super lazy. They gently remove all makeup.
Skin Musk Oil – Okay, this is my most recent (and favorite) drugstore find! I was shopping at Whole Foods one day when this lady walked by me and I thought, “OMG I need to know what she’s wearing,” but I was too embarrassed to ask her lol. When she walked by me again 30 minutes later, I knew I had to ask her or I would totally regret it! She told me it was this skin musk oil, and she gets stopped at least once/day by people asking her what she’s wearing! I immediately ordered it, and it’s amazing. I’ve now been stopped by several people asking what perfume I’m wearing. It’s SO good!
Ice Roller – Meggan and I are obsessed with our facial ice rollers. They feel so good on tired, puffy, irritated, or hungover (let’s be honest) skin in the morning. This is definitely one thing I couldn’t live without now that I’ve had one.
Hairspray – This is my favorite drugstore hairspray. It holds really well, but isn’t super sticky & doesn’t make your hair too stiff.
Telescopic Mascara – I’m really picky about mascara, and this one is hands-down one of my favorites (drugstore or not). It doesn’t clump, and makes lashes look extra long. I love the brush – it’s easy to get it on lower lashes without smudging.
Rosebud Salve – I’ve used this for 15+ years, and it’s something I will never stop buying. I suffer from chronically chapped lips, and this is a must for me! It’s one of the only products that actually works (also love the Aquaphor and Sara Happ for nighttime).
Makeup sponge – I first discovered these when I was in California last summer. When I asked on instastories if anyone had tried these, I got so many messages saying they were the best! I am now obsessed & they’re so much cheaper than other beauty sponges. I usually pick them up at Target.
Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser – I was nervous to use this b/c I hadn’t heard of Skinfix before, but this was another product that had great reviews from our insta fam! I just ran out of this, but I use it in the shower daily – it’s gentle, and I love the texture/feel.