Waiting For Spring

Anyone else soooo over winter? It feels like spring is never going to arrive in New York! We’ve had a few days where it was so gorgeous and felt like spring was on the way, then boom…back to freezing. I’m so over it & we have a huge storm headed our way tonight. Supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow, I want to cry lol. Anyway, I hope you are somewhere warmer, but if you’re not we can suffer together. 😉 And at least I still get to wear some of my favorite pieces for a while!

This outfit is  made up of my favorite pieces at the moment. I had a lot of questions about this hat on instastories – it’s one of my favorites and goes with everything. It is a seasonal piece, so if you want it, snag it now because it will be gone and done by summer. Here is a great option under $100!

The bell sleeves on this Design History cardigan are my favorite! I love a good black cardigan, and this one is my go-to. I can’t find it anywhere online, but some other bell sleeve tops I’m loving: this one (from insta last week), this one, and this one (love this color for spring!).

My favorite boots all winter are still these! I’m actually debating buying another pair for next year (maybe in another color) – they’re that good! They are beyond comfortable (and easy to walk in!), and the heel is everything!

I wear these jeans multiple times a week b/c they’re so comfortable (and I love the hem!). They are on sale right now – I went with my regular size. You need these in your closet for spring!

tee | cardigan (similar) | jeans | boots | hat | sunglasses (just restocked! under $100!) | smilar bag