10 Under $100

**This post was supposed to go live on Thursday, so sorry for the delay…the wifi was so bad it was impossible! xx

Happy Thursday ladies! I’m on my flight to Dallas, and just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who sent kind messages and prayers on insta stories last night, it seriously helped so much. I also ordered a screwdriver on the flight (I felt like it was more acceptable than wine on a morning flight lol) ;). I feel like the last time I drank one of these was in college, and it’s sooooo strong! Ha! Almost too strong to drink…almost. Meggan might have to come drag me off the plane like the scene from Bridesmaids…”I’m here, and I’m readdyyyy to PAAARRRRTAAAAYYY”!  Just kidding…but had to mention, best movie ever! Okay, moving on to today’s 10 under $100…so many good finds this week, I have most of these in my cart! Simply click on each item to shop (or they’re all linked below!) xx

yellow striped tie top | gray dress (I have to be honest, this is so much cuter in person than on the model) |  | black tapered pants (so flattering!) | white espadrille slides (great Chanel dupes!) | striped jumpsuit | quilted beach bag (another Chanel dupe!) | band sweatshirt | denim cutoffs | blue top | sunglasses