1. Do you ladies have any good recommendations for healthy/filling snacks that you can easily throw in your bag?
I like almonds, Lara Bars, clementines, Skinny Pop 100 calorie packs, bananas, or apples!
Brooke: Lara Bars (cashew cookie is my favorite), almonds, RX bars, veggies with hummus pack, and an apple + almond butter are my go-to’s.

2. Could you round up your favorites that are sold at Sephora, preferably ones you use for your everyday casual make-up?
My everyday makeup: BB intensive skin serum concealerBecca primer (just got this during the Ulta sale and love it so far!), Giorgio Armani foundation, IT Cosmetics bye bye under eye, NARS blush (fav colors are Angelika, Amour, Orgasm, and Outlaw), and Dior mascara. Some other favorites are these PTR eye patches (I keep them in the fridge!), this deodorantthis scalp scrub, this curling iron, and this eye serum.
Brooke: My everyday makeup: this foundation (new buy, love it!) or this oneshape tape concealer (or Bye Bye Undereye which is at Sephora), this setting powder (in shade 01 – color correcting), a swipe of Nars bronzer (Laguna) and blushmascara, and Brow Wiz for my eyebrows. More favorites: this facial massager if you have a Clarisonic, babyfacial, and Rosebud – I need like 5 tins of this at all times, best $6 ever spent ;).

3. I am still loving the bucket bag trend for spring/summer! Do you think this will continue to be in style this year? If so, do you have any good picks (designer or budget friendly)?
Yess – we love bucket bags! I (Meggan) have the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag in white and I’m obsessed (can’t go wrong with any color). A few other good ones are here, here, and here (I have this one too – it holds a lot),

4. What are your ladies’ Starbucks orders?
Mine is usually a grande 3 pump sugar-free vanilla latte with coconut milk, or just a latte with coconut milk. I also love their mint tea, the medicine ball (w/steamed coconut milk instead of lemonade if I’m being healthy), chai tea latte, and the black iced tea (love it sweetened but it has a lot of sugar, so try to do unsweetened).
Meggan: I’m boring and just do a soy latte, unsweetened green tea, or a soy chai tea latte. I overdid it on the medicine balls this winter so I need to take break from those lol.

5. I’m looking into hiring a weekend sitter. What nanny cam do you use? Do you typically tell sitters up front they will be taped? Have you gotten any weird feed back? What specific questions do you ask them?
We don’t use a nanny cam but I would definitely tell your sitter up front that you have one. I was a nanny for a few years and would have felt a little violated if I found out I was being watched without my knowledge.
Brooke: We don’t use a nanny-cam but have the Ring cameras throughout our house, and yes we told our babysitter it was there. Agree with Meggan – I think it’s wrong not to tell them.

6. When we furnished our house a few years back we bought a new king bed in dark cherry, but we did not complete the set. We just planned to buy the dresser and nightstands at a later date but they discontinued the line. Do you have any ideas for mixing and matching with bedroom pieces? It’s been impossible to find a dark cherry that matches perfectly (we’ve bought and returned several pieces). Any help is appreciated
We would go for a black or white nightstand, and actually prefer that look to something that matches perfectly. Some we love – this one (just ordered for my guest room), this onethis one, and this one.

7. Do you guys have under eye patches you love?
I love these from BeautyBio, and these from PTR.
Yes these PTR ones (I mentioned above but I keep them in the fridge), these Elemis ones, and these Beauty Bioscience collagen patches.

8. I always see you guys posting about great finds from SheIn; could you do a round up of some successes you have purchased there?
We haven’t placed an order lately and sadly a lot of our success items are sold out, ugh! But I did a post on tips for ordering from Shein here.

9. What are your spring must have items?
 A classic trench, slides, a straw bag, espadrilles, and a go-to tee. This tee is also in my cart – on sale!
Meggan: A casual dress, versatile jacket, go-to sandals, white jeans, and a straw tote.

10. I love Kate Middleton’s style. Classic and classy! Do you have any outfit suggestions to match this style?
Some pieces that are classic and timeless like Kate are: this button downdark skinniesballet flatsa blazer, and a trench.

11. I’m graduating from grad school in a month but I haven’t found a dress to wear. I’m having a hard time looking for something cute, but balanced between not being too modest or scandalous! Any suggestions?
Some options we love that are appropriate but fun are: one, two, three, and four.

12. I’ve recently purchased a condo and I have been struggling with finding pieces to tie everything together. What are some items you’ve been eyeing? Just a little bit of background, I’m moving and only bringing my clothes so in need of EVERYTHING. I love your home Pinterest board. Meggan the mirror you posted on Instagram yesterday I purchased for my entryway to pair with a bench…LOVE IT! Items I’m specifically looking for suggestions on are counter stools or accent chairs? If you have any decor favorites I would love to see those as well.
Yayy I love that mirror! Some stools we like are these leather ones, these brass ones, and these backless ones. For accent chairs: this tulip chair, this mid-century wooden one, and this rattan lounge chair! For decor we like looking at Target, West Elm, Home Goods, Anthro, and CB2!

13. Would love your suggestions on one piece bathing suits. So glad these are back in style and cuter than ever 🙂
Us too! We love them to! A few we’re eyeing – herehereherehere (love the rainbow!), and here (in my cart).

14. This winter has done a number on my skin (and there is no sign of spring here in MN).  What are your favorite hydrating masks for your face? I have exfoliating ones and an acne one but my skin is needing hydration!
I just tried this one for the first time last month and LOVE it! It was super hydrating and my skin was glowing after!
Brooke: I actually am struggling with the same thing! I just asked my friend who is an esthetician and she said the best ones are this watermelon mask & this jet-lag mask (this one is new!). I’m going to order both and try them out! Also! At Sephora – you can return (after you use a product!) if you aren’t happy with it – just had to share, nothing better than amazing customer service!

15. I’d love your advice. I’ve always had long hair (longer than my bust) that I bleach the crap out of #yolo. It holds a curl well and looks nice when I put effort into it. However most days it ends up bothering me (or I’m too lazy) and it goes into a top knot. I grew out my hair for about two years in prep for my wedding, which was last November. I said I was going to do the typical post-wedding-chop which, five months later I still have yet to convince myself to do. I don’t mind my hair shorter but my husband likes it long so I haven’t been able to decide. (My hair is also pretty frizzy so short length sometimes amplifies it.) We are going to Paris in the fall and I’m considering if I want to keep it long for that trip or if something like a shorter blunt cut would be chic. I know Parisian style should be effortless and “cool-girl”. Obviously it’s hard to say without knowing what my hair looks like, but do you happen to have a style suggestion on long locks or shortening the length for Europe?
That’s exactly how I used to be – my hair was SO long (like to my belly button when we first started our blog lol), but I always ended up putting it up. I’m so happy I decided to chop it! But I did it gradually – I went below my shoulders for the first chop. A couple styles I’m loving that wouldn’t be too drastic of a change for you are this one and this one – both still look long, but aren’t so long that it’s impossible to deal with. Good luck!
Meggan: I love the two styles Brooke linked too – soo pretty! I chopped my hair once (about 4 years ago) and loved it but I missed being able to throw it in a bun when I didn’t want to deal with it. So I would definitely make sure you can do that if you decide to go shorter!

16. Can you help with gift recommendations for coworkers that “covered my desk” while on maternity leave?
You could get them a plant for their desk (maybe a succulent!, a cute mug, a gift card for coffee or their favorite lunch spot, a fun candle, new stationary, or wine (you can never go wrong with wine right 😉 )

17. We will be taking family pictures with my newborn in May, any ideas for shirts that would be good for a postpartum body?
Some tops that would be great for postpartum are flowy ones like thisthis, and this. Also – never underestimate the power of these Spanx! Seriously amazing, especially after baby!

18. I’m sure you get this a lot/have already answered but I am going to NYC next month with my BF for a weekend getaway and was wondering if you had recommendations on where to stay, eat, play etc? I feel like we have very similar tastes (currently live in Chicago). I’ve done all the staple touristy things so was hoping you could recommend some things to do/must visit neighborhoods? I am looking into the Gansevoort, The Surrey, The NoMad…love boutique hotels and bars/lounges to enjoy a cocktail (or many). I would really appreciate your suggestions!
I rounded up a few favorites on this post (#23), this post (#15), and this post (#21). Let me know if you have any other questions or want more recs! Have fun! xx

19. I’m attending a wedding the first weekend in May. I’d like something semi-dressy, but something I can dress down this summer. Note, we live in ND and Spring has not arrived yet, we are still getting snow!
Ughh nooo – can’t believe it’s April and there’s places still getting snow! Some cute dress options are here, here, here, and here!

20. My 21st birthday is coming up and I’m looking for a fun outfit that will last me (hopefully) all night and that’s cute and fun but still appropriate (I’ll be with my parents friends). Would love your ideas!
This jumpsuit
is super cute, love this dress, this lace overlay romper, or this red romper!

21. I’m really needing to perk up my work wardrobe. What are your recs for for casual office wear – basics/neutrals/staples hopefully under $100! Also, I really suck at heels and struggle finding pants + shoe combos that don’t make me look like a slob. Any suggestions?
Some pieces we love under $100 are this shirtthis camisole (under a blazer), these pants (so comfortable and flattering), this skirt (so cute), and this blazer. Shoe options that would go with pants (like the Sloan pants we linked) are these (amazing Chanel dupes) and these.

22. I have my cousins college graduation coming up and I want to wear a cute dress or jumpsuit with a summer vibe that I can wear again. Any suggestions? Preferably under $150
Some cute options: this jumpsuit, this ruffled dress, this floral dress, and this eyelet dress.

23. Going to be in Fort Lauderdale, FL next month and my husband and I are going out to dinner for our 5 year wedding anniversary. Any ideas on what to wear? Also, would love your advice on other stuff to pack since we will be there with family for a week!
For dinner we love this dress (looks like Self Portrait but way less $$), this jumpsuit, or this wrap dress! Some other essentials to pack: this hat, a cute one-piece suit, this pretty coverup, a casual maxi, slides that go with everything, and a big straw tote!

24. I am considering a major career change that may include going freelance/ working for myself. Any tips for making the transition & advice on being your own boss? Also, any cute business casual pieces you could recommend for wearing to meetings with clients?
That’s so exciting! Working from home/being your own boss definitely has pros and cons! Sometimes it can be hard to stay on track so we suggest making a schedule (just like you would in an office) and try sticking to it. Make time for breaks so you aren’t trying to get work done and throwing in a load of laundry/picking up/etc. at the same time. We have 7 other tips on the bottom of this post! Some cute business casual pieces – this blazer, these pants, this dress, this blouse, and this skirt.

25. My couches are brown and I have gold accents in my living room and am looking for a good rug! Any suggestions?
Some rugs we think would be great with your vibe are this onethis onethis one, and this one!

26. I’m asking for some advice. For the past 3 years I have been dealing with awful in-laws and sister-in-law. Both sides of the parents now do not talk and the in law side is rooting for a divorce. My husband is great always when he is not around them but when he is, he Is so brainwashed. We spend half a month not speaking, and then when we do speak he wants to just hide it under the carpet and not talk about the problems. I have gone to therapy over this myself and the therapist said that unless he stands up for me we are doomed for a divorce. I do love him and I know he loves me but it’s like he is possessed when it comes to his family and cannot tell them to stop. They bash me at the most ridiculous things (they laugh I work out, ensure kids eat healthy, etc….). How would you deal with this?
We’re so sorry to hear that, it sounds like a very difficult position to be in :(. We would recommend talking to your husband about your feelings and seeing if he would consider going to therapy/counseling with you. It would probably help to have a third person (who’s not involved) to help mediate the situation. We really hope it gets better for you! xx

27. Do you have any recommendations on where to find bridesmaid dresses? It’s for my wedding in August 2019 and I’m struggling to find what look I want. Meggan – Where did you find yours? I feel like you see a lot of the same dresses so I want them to be unique!
I did Show Me Your Mumu dresses in ivory crisp and let my girls pick the style they wanted. I don’t think mine were unique but they went with my vibe! You could try checking Lulu’s, BHLDN, ASOS, and Nordstrom – they all have tons of styles!

28. Any recommendations for cute spring jackets? Thinking moto style or something new and trendy?!
Favorite spring jackets – one (love the details!), twothreefour, and five!

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