1. Brooke – what car seats do you use for your girls? More specifically wondering about booster seats. My daughter is ready for a booster but for some reason the booster seat that they just sit on and doesn’t strap in at all kind of freaks me out! And the boosters with the tall back and head protection can be expensive and would then be the third expensive car seat I end up buying!
I use this booster from Nuna for Sophia and the convertible Nuna seat for Avery. I totally understand what you’re talking about (I was freaked out to switch from a car seat to this), but this one is able to be secured to the car seat and then the seatbelt goes over it as well. Another option you could look into is a harness booster like this one. You can use the harness now, and switch to the seat belt once your daughter is a little older.

2. What is on both your wish lists from the Sephora VIB sale?
This watermelon glow maskSaturday Skin eye creamthis shaping cream (I’ve heard amazing things!), and this LM concealer…I’m almost out of mine and want to try new!
Meggan: this face mask
, Drunk Elephant eye cream (just ran out of mine last night!), NARS tinted moisturizerthis lip plumper, and these PTR un-wrinkle pads (I ordered these during the Ulta sale and they canceled my order b/c they sold out – I was so bummed!).

3. Looking for console tables and decor for entryways. Would love to see your entryways or ideas!
I have this console table and have this mirror hanging above it – need to get on decorating it ASAP! Some other tables I’m loving are here, here, and here. I also like benches in entry ways like this and this – such a minimal/put together look!
Brooke: We are still working on our entryway, but I love the console Meggan linked (I have it too in another room, it’s good!), and a few inspo spaces I’m loving herehere, and hereThis is another great console – it’s from the last inspo pic and I had it in my old house. It’s great for a smaller space as well b/c it is narrow.

4. Do either of you have any tips for saving for your first house? My boyfriend and I currently rent but would like to get serious about saving to buy a home within the next year or two. It’s frustrating to be “throwing away” money towards rent each month. I know you ladies both rented before buying so I would love to hear any tips you may have on this topic!
My husband created a really helpful excel sheet for us – we set goals for every month for two years and charted out how much we would need to save for a mortgage. We also took a look at our spending each month and determined where we were spending too much money (going out to eat was a big one) and cut back on those areas. It was hard at first but once you start saving and seeing the number goes it up, it’s addicting!
Brooke: When we were first married, we had weekly (Sunday night) budget meetings. It was not the most fun, but it always felt so good once it was done. My husband also created an excel spreadsheet to track our spending, set our goals, and figure out where we could cut back. We had a (very tight!) set budget for each week (broken down very specifically by item – groceries, bills, etc), and a set amount we would automatically save every week no matter what. Having a plan is the most important thing, b/c you don’t realize how quickly things like Starbucks runs and a quick bite out to eat add up. To save save the most, rent the cheapest (but still comfortable for you) place you can find – like you said, you don’t want to be throwing away money on rent, but you still need a place to call home and you want it to be comfortable. I know the feeling of wanting your space to be pretty and Pinterest-worthy, but cutting back as much as possible on rent/furniture is the quickest way to save the most $ for your future home! Cut out eating (and drinking) out as much as possible, set aside a certain amount every month (no matter what), pay off any debt you have asap (save on interest), sell unused items (I used to sell tons of stuff on Craigslist, you’d be surprised what people will buy!), skip vacations, and cut out shopping as much as possible and/or give yourself a shopping budget (trade clothes with girlfriends). I’ve touched on this before, but when we were first married, we came to an agreed upon amount that was for fun stuff/shopping, and it was not a lot (I can’t remember exactly but maybe like $150/month or something like that). It was hard sometimes, but totally worth it in the long run! If you’re not great at sticking to a budget, use cash only. Take out the set amount for all of your weekly expenses and only use cash to buy things. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! You’ll quickly see how/where to spend the $ and then you can go back to using cards once you’ve got it down. Good luck! 

5. Meggan – can you tell about your experience working for Trunk Club? What were the requirements? Did you need a certain degree? How were your days and hours? Did you enjoy the job?
Okay, I’m just going to start off by saying it wasn’t the job for me. When I got hired I thought it was going to be more of a styling position but it’s pretty much just sales (which is not my thing!). Your monthly sales goals are pretty high (I think it’s 30k) and you are constantly hustling to hit that. I didn’t like having to basically cold call people who sign up online and pushing my guy friends to come in for fittings (I’m just so awk lol). And I also didn’t agree with some of the tactics they suggested to get clients – like going to bars and scouting guys lol. It’s pretty long hours and you will have to work on weekends (call-a-thons and fittings on weekends). The positives: there’s potential to make good money, I loved the open work environment, you’ll learn how to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and there’s amazing people who work there (I’m still good friends with a few girls)! Oh and I don’t thing there are “requirements” or a certain degree you need to have (at least there wasn’t when I worked there) just some experience in sales. There’s some girls who love working there though, that was just my personal experience!

6. Did you order anything from the Shopbop sale?
This dressthis top, and these sandals.
 So far just this necklace and these wedges, I’ll probably place another order because I need some summer staples! We rounded up some favorites here.

7. Looking for good two piece set, and you guys have the best…anything you’ve had your eye on?
Yes – there’s so many cute ones out right now! Obsessed with this smocked set, this top + skirtblazer + shorts combo, this polka dot set, and this top and skirt (I have it and love it!). And Revolve has a huge selection here (just wish they weren’t so $$)!

8. I’m planning a bachelorette party in Austin in late May and wanted to know if you have any suggestions for restaurants, bars, or anything else that you think is a MUST.
When we went for my husbands 30th last month we we’re kind of tame since we were with our families and had kids with us. BUT my brother-in-law is like an Austin socialite so I asked him for some good spots (and told him they needed to be fun/chic/insta worthy places lol) and here’s what he suggested: Tillery, Upstairs at Caroline’s, Pitchfork Pretty, Eberly, Lucy’s on the Lake and Aviary.

9. I need a cute outfit for my son’s first birthday party! Any suggestions, please? It will be June and outside…lots of running around so something cute, cool and comfy is ideal! TIA!
Love this dressthis one (so pretty and on sale!), and this jumpsuit!

10. Going to be in Florida next month and need ideas on what to wear when my husband and I go out to dinner for our 5 year wedding anniversary dinner.
This lace dress
is pretty, love this jumpsuit, and this dress is cute! If you want something a little more fancy/scandalous, this maxi is a head turner!!

11. I am going to a wedding in the beginning of May in Texas and I’m looking for a fun dress to wear but not having much luck! I want something unique, but not too crazy 🙂 and not long sleeve since the wedding is outside and it will likely be hot! Price range is anywhere between $100-$200.
If you don’t mind not wearing something colorful, this black dress is an amazing option! Some other options: this lace dress, this tule dress, or this polka dot one.

12. Going to London end of this month for a week. What are some good shoes for site seeing in that are comfortable and cute? Any good outfit recommendations for dinners at night and during the day?
Comfy & cute shoes – these sneakersthese sneakers (see them on here), these sandals, and these loafers if you want to splurge! For daytime, we would keep it comfy and casual with comfortable dresses like this one or this one, and a jacket in case it’s cold. For night – this dress is so pretty, and this is a great closet staple (get it while it’s on sale!).

13. Help! Going to NYC for a weekend getaway. Any chic/boutique all around great restaurant you love?! I’m going next weekend! #procrastination at its finest! Any recommendations would be a life saver!
Check out question number 15 from this post! Also not on there – Tiny’s, super cute! Have fun! xx

14. I fell in LOVE with this dress and it sold out before I purchased. Have either of you seen this brand or dress anywhere other than Revolve or could you recommend something with similar open sides?
It looks like the dress is back in stock in a size small if that’s what you need – hurry! We also found it on their site (they ship to the US!) in all sizes! Woohoo!

15. I’m going to Austin for my bachelorette in May and it happens to be Cinco De Mayo!! Would love some recommendations on festive outfits for the weekend, preferably under $150.
This romper is festive, this set is so cute, this top or this top would be cute with jean shorts for daytime, and love this dress!

16. I’m always looking to smell great, any recs for nice smelling body washes that last all day! And what are your go to perfumes?
Not a body wash but this Kopari scrub smells SO good and I always get whiffs of it throughout the day. For body wash I like the Trader Joe’s tee tea tree tingle (the smell doesn’t last all day though) and J.R Watkins. And my all time favorite perfume is Chloé but I’m dying to try the skin musk oil Brooke has been raving about!!
Brooke: I love that Kopari scrub also, and don’t really have any favorite body washes. My husband is super into them though lol, and he loves this one from L’Occitane and this one from Kiehl’s. I have a few perfumes I love…the skin musk oil is one I’ll never be without now that I’ve tried it! I also love this one from Diptyque – smells sooo good!

17. We’re just wrapping up a kitchen remodel with white cabinets, marble countertops, medium tone brown hardwood floors (that continue throughout the main floor) and gold hardware and gold pendant lights above the bar. The kitchen overlooks our living room that is also predominantly decorated in greys, dark and light browns, whites and golds. I was wondering if you think incorporating color in the room with the barstools/chairs is a good idea, or if I should stick to also neutral chairs and pop color in elsewhere. I’d love some chair options either way! Budget friendly options would thrill my fiancé! 😉
We would stick to neutral chairs/counter stools and save the pop of color for throw pillows, blankets, and flowers – things that are easy to change ;). We always think it’s best to stick with neutral bases (the big pieces) so you don’t get sick of them, and change the look/color of the room with accessories. Some budget-friendly counter stools we’re loving: onetwo, and three (set of 2).

18. I’ve been struggling looking for shoes to wear to an office-casual type environment…I’ve been looking for black or nude shoes, that are flat and comfortable, but still fun and not too boring.
Love these loafers (you can also step on the back to make them slides), this pair from Schutz is so cute, and these woven mules are perfect for spring and summer!

19. I’m going on my honeymoon in June to Maui and am struggling to find cute coverups! I love the kimono look! Any suggestions?
Looove this white maxi, this romper, this mini dress (it’s a dress but it would look so cute at the beach/pool), this floral kimono, and this kimono too!

20. Do you have any recommendations on an affordable sectional? I’m okay spending around $1000 but these things are so dang expensive!
Ugh yes they are so expensive but Wayfair has a lot of options for around $1000!

21. I’m heading to a surf town in Mexico for my bachelorette weekend at the end of June. Any ideas on bathing suits and outfits?
For suits: this one-piece, this pom bikini, this ruffle bikini, and this floral one-piece. Outfit ideas: this set, this romper, this dress, and this top. Have so much fun!

22. I’m attending back to back weddings and need a dress/outfit for each wedding’s rehearsal dinner. Attire for dinners is dressy casual. I’d like to spend a max of $200 for each dinner. I’m also looking for a midi dress for a summer wedding (cocktail attire) in Cape Cod – max $300.
For the rehearsal dinners – this dress, this dress, this dress, and this dress are all great options under $200! Midi dress for Cape Cod wedding – here, here (classic!), or here. Love all of these options!

23. I’m in a wedding in Mexico on Cinco De Mayo and I need a rehearsal dinner dress. I’m having trouble finding something fun. Any suggestions?
A few fun dresses we’re loving: this yellow one, this ruffle dress (giving us Mexico vibes!), this maxi dress, and this cutout back dress.

24. What do you suggest to wear to Disney in June with 2 small kids.
We would do something simple like a cute tee (love this one!), shorts (these are our go-to’s because they’re not too short), and a pair of converse! This dress would also be super cute with white sneakers and a baseball hat (or mouse ears 😉 )!

25. I’m curious what both of your musical interests are and I’m always on the lookout for new tunes! I regularly ask myself what my current top five favorite musicians/bands are. What are yours?
Honestly, I pretty much always have my radio locked on the HipHop station (number 44) on Sirus lol.
Brooke: I love a lot of different music from country to rap. I’ll do my current 5 fave songs – Kane Brown – Heaven, Drake – God’s Plan, any song by Kahlid, N.E.R.D/Riri – Lemon, and Petit Biscuit/Lido – Problems.

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