1. What would you both say is the most difficult part of blogging?
I think the most difficult parts are having no time off and finding a work/life balance. Of course we could take time off if we wanted, but we feel the pressure to stay consistent and keep up with our 6+ posts/week, even when we’re traveling or getting married (lol Meggan literally worked on #coffeetalk on her wedding day!). It’s not a job you can really “leave at the office,” like our corporate jobs were.
Meggan: I agree with everything Brooke said! We get to make our own schedules but it’s easy to be doing something at all times – answering emails, dm’s (we could literally answer these all day!), doing posts, etc. It’s hard putting your phone down and computer away! It can also be hard to stay inspired all the time which is why I’m thankful I have Brooke. If either of us are in a rut we have each other to bounce ideas off!

2. WHAT IS UP WITH JADE ROLLERS? They are everywhere! Do you ladies use them? And if so, do they actually work or is it just another trend? Would love to get your thoughts!!
Brooke: I don’t use a jade roller, but my mom has one and loves it! I think people like to put them in the fridge or freezer. I think any type of massage or “exercise” for your face has proven to be effective though, so it definitely can’t hurt! I have an ice roller which I love, but maybe need the jade roller too!
Meggan: I don’t use one either but I use this ice roller! The ice roller helps with inflammation, redness, reduces pores, and prevents wrinkle formation! I’m not exactly sure what the difference between the jade roller and the ice roller is though…they sound pretty similar!

3. I know brands will reach out to you and try their products and may work with you on blog posts or Instagram posts. What happens if you don’t like the product? Do you let brands know the collaboration won’t work and the product isn’t for you? I always worry some blogs are just promoting something for the paycheck and not because they actually like the product (I know you’ve said you won’t promote something unless you would use it again but wondering because not all people are the same!). Influencers are called that for a reason, people are trusting their opinion!
We are actually going to write an entire blog post dedicated to sponsored posts so stay tuned for that! But, to answer your question – we are careful with our collaborations, and turn down a lot because they just aren’t a fit for us. For clothing collabs – as long as we can go onto a retailer’s website or into their store and find things we like and would buy organically, then we know that’s a good fit for us. For beauty – we have to actually try the product (if the collab is product specific) before we commit to partnering w/the brand because we would never want to promote something (especially skincare/beauty) that didn’t work for us/we didn’t actually think was a good product. Have we ever done a collab we regretted? Yes. But you learn from your mistakes, and it taught us to be careful/picky when it comes to brands we work with. For example, we have an upcoming collab with Bumble (BFF). This isn’t an ‘obvious’ brand for us to work with, but we’ve actually used the app for about a year and it worked for us, so although it’s not our typical collaboration, it’s still a genuine partnership. (For us) it’s easy to see fake sponsored posts/when a blogger isn’t being genuine and we never want that to be the case for us. But again, everyone is learning as they go like with any job.

4. Maybe you struggle with this too, but I don’t know how to speed up my getting ready routine. Any tips or things you do to speed up the getting ready process…from makeup, hair, to outfit etc?
Unless it’s the weekend, or I’m going out – I put minimal effort into getting ready honestly. I have a quick and effective 5 minute makeup routine – this primer, this foundation (I’ll mix in a drop of this if I want that extra glow), cream blush, then setting powder, a little bronzer, and a swipe of mascara. If my hair is good, great. If not, I throw on a hat ;). But if you’re talking about getting fully ready for date night or something similar, I think it’s best to have your hair done during the day (since drying and styling takes a lifetime!), that way you only have to touch it up before your date – this honestly cuts out 45 min – 1hr of my time. Then, all you have left to do is makeup and get dressed. I have a few ‘go-to’ outfits if I’m in a hurry or struggling with what to wear. Definitely put together 2-3 outfits you could wear that will always look good, that way you never have to stress or worry if you’re rushing to get out the door! It’s a lifesaver for me! And usually, the simpler the better – skinny jeans, a silk cami + cardigan, and a simple strappy sandal. Always looks good!
Meggan: I always wash and dry my hair at night and that saves SO much time. If I have to do it in the AM, forget it! My makeup routine is pretty short (I rarely wear eyeliner or eyeshadow which takes me the longest to do) – this primer, this foundation, this highlighter, blush, and mascara! When I worked at Trunk Club, I would try to pick my outfit the night before so I didn’t have to try on 100 things in the AM (and then come home to a huge mess b/c I didn’t have time to put everything away lol). Now it’s easier for me to get dressed since I have some favorite/go-to outfits!

5. I have been searching and searching for a decent website for knockoff hand bags (Louis Vuitton and Gucci mainly). Do you know of any sites that are reliable?? I want one of these bags so bad but don’t have the funds to drop the $$ on them right now.
Okay so we personally wouldn’t waste our money on knockoff handbags – just checked and some are $300+!! You could save your money and buy a real one or a pre-loved one instead! Also, knock-offs fund child labor, terrorism, and human-trafficking. If you do a quick Google search, so many articles on it come up – it’s crazy! Soo we would suggest buying a used bag instead! Fashionphile, Tradesy, and The RealReal are reliable and have a huge selection. Looks like they even offer payment plans!

6. What teeth whitening do you guys use? Have you done professional treatments? At home products?
I’ve only used Crest White Strips!
Brooke: Same. I’d love to try a professional whitening treatment, though! I just got this whitening gel and excited to try it! I’ll let you know if it’s good!

7. Meggan – where do you go in Dallas for Botox? Also any hair salon recommendations?
I’ve been to Unit Skin Studio and Beverly Hills Rejuvenation for botox. And for my hair I go to Muse The Salon! I just did a post with all my Dallas beauty spots here.

8. I’m in need of a new bra, I have had my Natori feathers bra for 3 years and definitely need to replace! What bra do you both have and love?
I actually only use Natori bras (feathers and t-shirt) and love them! I started buying them during the Nordstrom sale and now I’m hooked.
Brooke: I love Natori (I have this one), Victoria’s Secret (this one for push-up), and Third Love (this is probably the most comfortable bra I own – I wear it almost every day). I also love little lace bralettes from Hanky Panky and Free People.

9. My boyfriend is graduating from law school in the middle of May and I have no idea what to wear to the ceremony. Its in Texas so its going to be hot but, the ceremony will also be at night. Help!
This dress
is pretty, love this jumpsuit, obsessed with this floral maxi, and this dress is a cute option too!

10. We are in the process of furnishing and decorating our new home. We need stuff for virtually every room – dining, living, guest, master, office. What are your go to’s for furniture and home decor stores? I have looked all over but always fear there’s something I’ll love more out there.
Brooke: I totally get it, this was me when we moved! We sold our last house fully furnished, so had to start completely over! The thought was so overwhelming, so we ended up hiring a designer to help us (I was reluctant, but so happy I did now). So I’m going to include my favorite furniture brands that are to the trade as well as not trade only. Trade only brands I love: Noir Furniture, Century Furniture, Lee Industries, Interlude Home, Bungalow 5, Gabby, Palacheck, Weiman, Mr. Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and. A lot of these pieces can actually be found (but for full retail price – if you work with a designer you’ll get a discount) on sites like Candelabra, Kathy Kuo, Wayfair, and One Kings Lane. My other go-to stores/sites for home decor: Lulu & Georgia, Wayfair, RH (best costumer service of any furniture store I’ve ever bought from!), CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Overstock, Allmodern, and any local places in your area. I’ve also been finding the coolest pieces locally and love to support local business!
Meggan: I pretty much shop at all the places Brooke listed but need to add Anthropologie, Target, and World Market! And I also suffer from FOBO (fear of better options) which makes it hard for me to buy furniture and decorate lol.

11. I need suggestions on bedding sets! Specific suggestions would be great, or even places that you’ve had good luck buying from.
Both of us recently got new sets from Allswell and loooove them! We weren’t sure what to expect (we’ve never bought a complete bedding set), but seriously 100% impressed with the bedding. It’s so pretty and comfortable! Highly highly recommend! Other places we look for bedding – Anthro, West Elm, Kerry Cassil, and Pottery Barn.

12. I hope this isn’t tmi – but what do you ladies do for bikini waxing? The upkeep drives me crazy, and I can never settle on sticking with regular waxing, hard wax, sugaring, shaving, etc.
Meggan: I can’t keep up with waxing but so I just shave (and hate it). My SIL gets her bikini line lasered and said it’s sooo amazing and worth it!
Brooke: Uhg, the struggle is so real when it comes to the bikini line! I shave, but would love to wax – I’m just nervous! Who has the best tips? What type to get? What kind of wax? I have no idea!

13. I’m desperately searching for a dress to wear to my SIL’s wedding next month. I will be 6 months pregnant, but would prefer a non maternity dress that is bump friendly! I haven’t been able to find anything and was wondering if y’all had any suggestions.
This dress 
is so gorgeous and bump friendly (especially a cute 6-month bump). Also love this one and this one! That Re:Named one is sooo pretty in person!

14. What are some cute/unique ways to ask bridesmaids to be in your wedding?
Neither of us did something “cute” – Brooke called and asked her girls (this was before asking your bridesmaids was even a thing) and Meggan got hers flowers but we found some fun ideas on Pinterest! Love these personalized Starbucks stickers (obvi have to be coffee lovers!), these bridesmaid boxes are fun, wine/champagne is always a good option, and you can’t go wrong with Sugarfina!

15. My house is a remodel and super modern. I have low ceilings and I’m in need of a chandelier above my walnut round dining table…hopefully something to soften the room a bit.
The ceiling in my dining room is low as well and we have this oversized pendant. A few other options I love are this one (obsessed), this chandelier, and this one.
Meggan: This one is hanging over my kitchen table and I love it. Others I’ve booked marked/saved for potentials in my house are here, here, and here!

16. My fiancé and I have decided to do a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party since all of our friends just like being together in July in New Orleans. Do you girls have any suggestions of places to go? Also…budget friendly cute outfit inspo for day and night?
Neither of us have been to New Orleans (this looks like a good travel guide though) but we can help with outfits: this romper, this dress, this maxi, this lace overlay romper, and this bodysuit!

17. I wanted to know if you guys would be willing to go through your kitchens and talk about your favorite gadgets/cooking supplies. You always know what’s best! Maybe this is best as a blog post.
Yes! This would be a fun blog post, we will do that! 

18. My husband and I recently purchased our first home. My sweet in-laws came to town and helped us out more than we could have ever imagined. I’m looking for a small gift to send as a token of our appreciation, preferably under $150, and I’m at a loss.
They probably don’t want a gift and would be super happy with a thoughtful ‘thank you’ note! But in addition to that, we would probably gift something for their home since couples can be hard to buy for. I just saw this platter in person and it’s gorgeous, a nice candle is always a great gift, a nice bottle of wine (if they like wine) & a set of stemless wine glasses (have and love these!), or this oil & balsamic set with a nice cheese board with an assortment of cheeses for them – fun, thoughtful and different. Hope this helps!

19. I’m going to southern Italy in July and want to treat myself to a few new outfits for the trip. Do you have any recommendations for someone with curves?
We would go for comfortable dresses – this one (not as short as it looks on the model) and this one would be great on your curves! You could bring along a denim jacket to tie around your waist or wear if it gets chilly. Also love this dress and this dress (obsessed!) for dinners/nights out. 

20. I’m hosting a baby shower for my best friend…looking for a cute outfit if you have any recommendations.
A few options were loving: this maxi dress, this jumpsuit, this midi dress, or this lace dress.

21. With all these Coachella posts on social media this past weekend, I’m curious as to what your go-to outfits would be if you guys were there??
Ahh Coachella outfits are the best!! Some of my favorite looks this year were this one (her looks are always so good), this one, and this one – simple, look put together, and comfortable!
Brooke: Agreed – I know people get sick of Coachella looks, but I love them! They’re like costumes…so good. Some of my favorite outfits were this onethis onethis one, and this one!

22. I am going to Miami next month for my bachelorette party and am looking for cute white dresses for a night out.  Looking for something that is appropriate for the nightlife down there but still classy!
Loooove this dress! A few other great options here, here (I have the maxi version in XS and love it!), and if you can splurge a little…THIS ONE – amazing! Have fun!

23. I am graduating from the University of Kansas in a month and I am on the search for a graduation dress. I am looking for a regular short length dress and preferably in red, white, or blue, if you all would have any recommendations!
Red dress options: here & here. White dress options: here, here & here. And love this blue dress! Congrats! xx

24. I’m getting married this July and looking for some outfit inspo for my shower and my rehearsal dinner!
There’s so many cute white dresses and jumpsuits out right now! Loving this dress, this jumpsuit, this eyelet dress (love the back), this maxi, and this lace dress (expensive but sooo good!).

25. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I’m not really showing yet so I’m not quite ready for clothing that would show off a bump, which leaves me a little unsure where to start with clothes for this “middle” stage of pregnancy! Any suggestions for some looser fitting items that might be good during and after pregnancy?
Luckily it’s starting to get warm so you can wear loose fitting dresses and tops! You could do a simple off-the-shoulder dress, this drawstring dress, flowy tees (love this one and this one), these high waisted shorts are great and have a little wiggle room, and this shirt dress is a good option too!

26. What do you use to prevent razor bumps when shaving? I literally didn’t wear shorts or dresses last summer because of bumpy legs! Any good products you have found to help have smooth skin?
I use this EOS shaving cream and it makes my legs feel so smooth! If I get razor bumps I use Tend Skin and it makes them disappear.
Brooke: I just ordered that Tend Skin solution b/c Meggan said it works so well! I think using shaving cream (any kind) is key for me. Whenever I don’t use it, I regret it! If none of these work, maybe try waxing? That can be so frustrating!

27. I’m looking for a designer pair of flat sandals to wear around during the day, so nothing too fancy, but nicer than a flip flop.
Some (casual) designer sandals we love – this Saint Laurent pairthese from Balenciaga (so good!), this pair from Rag & Bone, and this pair from Ancient Greek.

28. Would love your suggestions for cute, practical and affordable patio sets!
You have to check out World Market and Target! They have the cutest sets and they’re affordable (and Target is having a sale on patio furniture)! Loving this set, this sectional, this chat set, these arm chairs and accent table, and this wicker set!

29. I think one of you posted a while back about the F-Factor book! Can you speak to the book and talk about what you thought? I recently listened to Tanya Zuckerbrot on the Skinny Confidential podcast and am kind of hooked…I haven’t bought her book yet and want to know if it’s worth the read!
I have the book, but haven’t read it all the way through! We’re actually working on getting a Q&A with Tanya Zuckerbrot on the blog if you guys would be into that let us know! We think it would be super fun! *Also, if you are into it, let us know what questions you want us to ask her!
I bought it and only have read a chapter so far – oops! I have a hard time reading two books at once and I always end up picking my “fun” read. I loved her podcast and following her on Instagram though! Hopefully I will get around to reading it soon.

30. I recently moved to a new apartment and have a huge wall behind the couch in my family room. Any ideas on what to do there, with either art or some other kind of decor?
I have a huge wall behind my couch too and did a gallery wall with these oversized mat frames. You could also do a series of art or mirrors (love these) or a big piece of art (love Anthro’s selection right now).
Brooke: Hanging plants would be fun – like these, a big piece of art, or gallery wall (easy to fill up large spaces). Check out Minted – love their art, or you could DIY like me ;).

We had a ton of questions this week since we accidentally skipped last week ;) so if you don’t see yours, it will be posted next week! And as always – you can leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx