FAQ: What Camera Do You Use?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “What camera do you use?” Both of us use the Canon 6D for our photos with the 24-105mm lens. We also have a 50mm lens we will shoot with from time to time. A 50mm lens is a great lens for any camera – the price is low, and the photo quality is great! So even if you’re just starting out, if your camera is compatible with a 50mm lens, give it a try! We shoot in manual mode, and it really just takes some trial and error to figure out what style of photos you prefer. For interior photos, we start out with the setting to be a little overexposed since these are usually much darker/have more shadows.

We edit most of our photos on our phones and like VSCO (we like the A and J series for filters), Darkroom (to desaturate certain colors), and Snapseed for editing. And we’ve started playing around with Lightroom, but still learning how to use it!

Let us know what other questions you have about our cameras/photos, etc! xx