SL Home: Guest Rooms Update

We’re still working on the never-ending projects that are our homes lol. It seems like we still have so much to do, but happy with the way things are turning out. Today we’re teaming up with Allswell to share a few updates in our guest rooms. Neither of us had a warm & welcoming guest room in our last homes, so this is a room we really wanted to focus on in our new homes. It’s so nice to have an inviting space for your guests, and a comfortable bed is the most important part (in our opinion!).

We hosted our first guests, my in-laws, over Easter, so even though this room is far from being done (we’re still renovating the attached bathroom, and waiting on nightstands, a dresser, and window treatments), I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible for them.

We got the  mattress and bedding from Allswell, and my in-laws said it was SO much more comfortable than our old guest bed (lol…I felt bad and excited at the same time).

I’m so in love with this bedding designed by Jeremiah Brent (one of my favorites!) – the linen is beautiful and lays so nicely. The edges have the prettiest ruffle detail with a navy piping. I love that they put it together as a set b/c I think that is so hard to do – I always end up changing my mind with pillows and throws, and this made it so simple. I also love this collection if you’re looking for a more feminine set. 

This pillow is my favorite – I love the velvet + studs, and the color looks so good with the navy details.

We’ve had this octopus art for a long time, but we didn’t have a good space for it in our last house, so I was excited to get it up in our new guest room! 

Yay to finally having a guest room (although I think Warren is trying to claim it has his)! Our guests had to sleep on a pullout couch that was in my office at our old house, so this is a MAJOR upgrade. I think it will be easier to convince my parents to come stay with us more often 😉 We got the Allswell Hybrid mattress, which is a firmer version of the Allswell’s classic luxe mattress and New American bedding. I love the simplicity of the bedding – the navy trim and and throw pillows are so chic! You can check out all four bedding sets here. And we’ve actually had to sleep on the mattress for a week or so now because our master bed delivery got delayed (for the second time, ughhh). So I can confirm the mattress is realllly comfortable!

Such a pretty throw!

And we almost forgot to mention: Allswell gives you a 100 night free trial and they will haul away your old mattress for you. How amazing is that!?