5 Healthy Recipes To Try

I’ve been in a cooking rut lately and need to get back in the kitchen ASAP! I just stalked Pinterest hard and found so many ew recipes I want to try (follow us here!) to help me get back on track. Here are my top 5:

Green goddess quinoa summer salad – this sounds like a good lunch idea or a side dish for dinner (I would add grilled asparagus)!

Spicy spaghetti squash noodles – I love anything spicy (the spicier the better) and spaghetti squash noodles. This sounds super easy to make!

 Salmon souvlaki bowls – Salmon bowls are my favorite! I make this one all the time and have been wanting to branch out and try a different one (I usually do mine with cauliflower rice which would be good with this one too!).

Burst tomato & zucchini spaghetti with avocado sauce – all I can say is YUM!! This would be filling for me but my husband would probably need to add grilled chicken to his 😉

Easy power lunch bowl – this bowl sounds flavorful and filling. Can’t wait to try it!

Any recipes you’ve tried and loved lately? Leave them below! xx