Baby Number 2!

dress | sneakers | lipstick (pillowtalk) | sunglasses

I’m so excited I finally get to share this news with you guys! I’m horrible at keeping secrets, and this one was especially hard to keep in for the last couple months. I took a test the day after my birthday and was shocked to see a positive sign! I drove straight to Shake Shack and got a chocolate milkshake to celebrate lol. And a chicken sandwich but all the sudden chicken didn’t sound so good…

This pregnancy has been different in so many ways from my last. I’ve told you guys before that Camden was a big surprise and I was not in a good place when I found out. Taking a test this time, I was much more relaxed and excited to see the + sign! We told our families when we were in Austin for my husbands 30th birthday and they were all so happy for us! We got Cam a shirt that said “Big Bro Yo” and waited to see who noticed it first (of course it was my mom!). A quick funny story – we all ordered bloody mary’s on the plane ride there and I whispered to the flight attendant that I didn’t need any vodka in mine and winked and pointed at my stomach and she got the hint. Well a different flight attendant delivered the drinks and yelled WHO ORDERED A VIRGIN BLOODY MARY!? I was cringing and didn’t say anything but luckily my in-laws didn’t catch on lol. I definitely thought we were going to get caught for a second!

I have all day nausea that progresses as the day goes on. I wasn’t sick at all with Camden so this was a surprise to me! I’ve been taking B6, unisom, and Zofran which helped at first but I don’t think it’s doing much anymore. I’m 13 weeks and almost in the second trimester so I’m hoping it ends soon. I’m ready to start cooking meals again and making it to the gym more than once a week! I also can’t believe how early I’m showing – I didn’t have a bump with Cam until I was 18ish weeks. So crazy!

We’re also not going to find out the gender. There aren’t many surprises left in life and this will definitely be a good one. It makes the anticipation for November all that more exciting! Thank you for all the love a sweet comments on my announcement picture! And or following along on this journey with me! xo