1. You guys have been rocking such cute but subtle nail designs. Would you do a roundup of other cute nail designs? I’m due for some creativity in my life!
Some nail designs were loving: the dotdot & line combothis is amazing (but looks hard), the half moonevil eye nails (obsessed), the stripe, and another dot option.

2. I’m looking for summer sweatshirts/pullovers. Suggestions?
Yes! Love this one, this one, and this one. This white cardigan is super cute too!

3. Brooke – I noticed you got the new iPhone X. Do you think its worth it? Not sure if I should splurge for it or not!
No! I actually don’t like it, I want to get the 8+ instead. I really miss having the home button and the bigger size phone (even though the screens are the same size). I honestly do not see what is so great about it?! Also, it keeps randomly freezing…I wouldn’t splurge on it.

4. What are some items you’ve been buying for your little ones for spring/summer?
I haven’t done a ton of shopping for Cam but I just found some cute basics at Zara – this tank, these shorts, these light wash jeans, and this tank in a few colors. I also got a few tops from Old Navy too – this one, this one, and this one.
Brooke: I just started loading up my online carts with summer stuff for my girls. From Zara – this dressthis romper, and these sandals. From Gap – this bathing suitthis one, and this dress. From H&M – this dressthis jumpsuit, and this top. From J. Crew (their stuff is the most $$, but it lasts the longest by far, also – sale today!) – this camo dressthis sweatshirt dress (so comfy!), this tee, and these shorts.

5. I made the cauliflower fried rice and loved it! Can you share some more easy and healthy food ideas?
Yay, so glad you loved it! We have a highlight button on our IG called “Healthy Eats” where we are sharing easy, quick, healthy ideas! So be sure to check there b/c we will be updating that daily. A few other go-to recipes: this white chili (even in summer), this bowl, this salmon recipe, these meatballs (I leave out the cheese and use store bought sauce), chopped salad – I recreate my favorite one from a local restaurant, I will share the recipe soon!

6. Do you guys listen to any podcasts? Are there any that you have found that are good for anxiety/overthinking? I know you guys have talked a bit about having some anxiety. I would love to hear your remedies.
The only podcast I’ve listened to is the Skinny Confidential, but I would love to find more to listen to! I just downloaded the Breethe app after a reader (who is actually a therapist) recommended it to me after my ‘Confessions’ post.
Meggan: I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts – usually just when I’m traveling! But I like Bitch Sesh, Skinny Confidential, and Manifestation Babe. I haven’t listened to any specifically for anxiety though.

7. I’ve been searching for a leather backpack purse to do double duty as a diaper bag, and can’t find anything I love. Hoping to spend under $100. Any suggestions?
A few options we love here (the camo one gives us the ‘cool mom’ vibes), here (so chic – currently price matched under $100, love the nude), and here!

8. Meggan – what is your favorite sushi spot in Chicago?
I love Yuzu!! It’s BYOB and super small so get there early or you might have to wait awhile. Momotaro in the West Loop is also amazing!
Brooke: I have to add a couple – Toro in Lincoln Park (usually a long wait too, so try to go early), Juno, and also went to Momotaro last year and loved it!

9. I’m headed to London for a week with friends at the end of May/beginning of June. I don’t want to pack a lot but I want to have cute/functional outfits. Any suggestions?
Okay love this 5,4,3,2,1 idea for packing light but having plenty of options! Some pieces from this list we love – this jacketthis topthese shortsthis dress, and these sandals.

10. What are your top items to register for first time mom?
I would go for essentials – high chair, car seat, stroller, bottles, swing, and diapers!
Meggan: I agree on the essentials! Some of my favorites are this carseat (looks like they came out with a new version!), this stroller, this baby swing, this bath seatbaby monitorpack n play, and this bottle drying rack. One of my favorite gifts was all the diapers and wipes! We didn’t have to buy any for months, it was so nice!

11. How much do you guys tip and the hair and nail salon? I never know if I’m tipping too much or not enough.
I always tip 20% for services but usually a little more for my hair. It’s so thick and takes over 4 hours so it’s necessary!
Brooke: I always do 20% as well. I have read certain things like if the person owns the salon, you don’t need to tip…but I find that just too confusing (and maybe insulting?), so I still always tip.

12. I am a bridesmaid in an upcoming June wedding. I will be 21 weeks pregnant. Do you have any fashionable dress suggestions for the rehearsal dinner? I want to look very put together and well dressed 🙂
This maxi dress
is pretty, love this one (not maternity so you can wear it again!), and this dress is fun.

13. I’m looking for a denim dress…midi length…any suggestions please?
Love this one (just added to my cart!), this one, this one, and this one!

14. I’d love some recommendations for cute sweatsuits. I work from home and cannot stand to lounge around in jeans – but also don’t want to stay in my pajamas all day (actually I’d love to, but I know my neighbors judge me). I’ve seen you guys in some cute loungewear matching sets on insta stories. What are your favorites?
We feel you on that! Some favorite are this pink set, this pulloverpants, anything from Brunette the Label, this tunic, this rainbow top + pants, and these camo leggings. Also – this jumpsuit is super cute and perfect to lounge in!

15. What are your go-to breakfasts? I need some new ideas!
I’ve been having eggs & avocado this week. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it lol, but current favorite combo is – 2 eggs scrambled with salsa verde, avocado, tomatoes, salt, pepper & red pepper. Other breakfasts I love is toast (or GG cracker) with almond butter & banana, or smoked salmon, vegan cream cheese (regular if you eat dairy), and capers. When I asked for suggestions on insta stories, a lot of people recommended overnight oats so I want to try that as well!
Meggan: I don’t usually even like oatmeal but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been loving oatmeal with slivered almonds, banana, blueberry, and a drizzle of honey. Some other go-to’s are scrambled eggs with avo and red pepper flakes, this smoothie, greek yogurt with TJ’s toasted coconut granola (it’s soo good), GG crackers with toppings (some favorites here), and Kodiak Cakes or a waffle with almond butter.

16. I’m in my brothers wedding in Nashville next weekend and we have a 3.5 month old baby. We will be traveling from Michigan and I want to know of any tips for travel and how to manage the wedding festivities. I am hoping that I can enjoy myself and still take good care of my baby.
For travel, usually babies are great travelers at that age and sleep for most of the flight. Just make sure they are nursing or taking a bottle during takeoff and landing (helps their ears!). Bring a change of clothes for yourself and baby on the flight just in case you need them. Since you’re in the wedding, it might be difficult to be taking care of your baby during that time…is there anyone there who would be able to help you watch your baby? If it’s possible, we would bring the stroller because your baby could be sleeping, be secure, and you could still enjoy yourself (even if you’re pushing the stroller around). Hope this helps a little! Have fun and just relax! Even though it may not feel like it right now, this is probably the easiest time to travel/have a baby at a wedding with you ;).

17. My husband and I have been married for 6 months, and finally going on our honeymoon to Italy the beginning of July. My plan is to pack light!!! Any recommendations on tennis/walking shoes and sandals that can be worn with sundresses, jean shorts/skirts, jeans, but will be comfy to do lots of walking in? I want to look cute, but not kill my feet! Looking to spend maybe $50-$75 on each.
Yay that’s exciting! For sandals we love: these pink slidesthese braided sandals, these slides, and these espadrille sandals. For sneakers: these Allbird sneakers are BEYOND comfy, these slip-ons, these espadrille sneakers, and these Nikes.

18. I’m going to Europe at the end of June (Spain and Italy) and need pieces that can mix and match, while also being fab. Any ideas??!
Some pieces you can mix and match: this blouse, these shorts, this dress (it’s soft & lightweight!), this skirtthis cardigan, this camithese sandals, this romper, these skinny jeansthis maxi dress, this denim jacket, and this set. Hope you have so much fun!

19. I absolutely LOVE seeing all of your home posts (would actually love to see more! Please, share more!), but feel like you guys have a much better budget for furniture shopping than I do. My question is: Have you ever had to shop for furniture on a tight budget (I’m sure you have), and if so, what tips/stores do you have to recommend? Basically, how can I get my house to look similar to your houses on a budget?!
Yes of course! We both have shopped on tight furniture budgets and still love finding good deals! Some of our favorite stores for good deals are Home Goods, IKEA, World Market, Overstock, Wayfair, and Target. We also recommend doing DIY’s if you can’t find something you love or want to recreate a look for less! Meggan got this coffee table from IKEA and spray painted it gold/white! Brooke has done tons of DIYs  – this chalkboard, these pillows, this side table, these chairs, and this IKEA dresser makeover are a few favorites! Some of our favorite budget-friendly pieces are: these wishbone chairs (Brooke has these), this brass side table, and this mirror!

20. I’m headed to New York City for Memorial Day weekend and have NO IDEA how to pack. Can you give me some style inspiration? Things on my agenda are a broadway show, sightseeing (shoes that are cute but comfy for walking?) and brunch!
It could be super hot or it could be chilly, so I would definitely plan to layer or just bring a light jackt! For a broadway show you can totally get a little more dressed up in something like this dress would be perfect (you could also wear this during the day with flat sandals!). This jumpsuit would be cute for brunch/lunch/walking around the city, this dress is super comfortable (I just got it) and would be perfect for walking around during the day. Comfy shoes – we have and love these sandals, they’re super comfortable and easy to wear. If you’re looking for sneakers, this pair and this pair are the comfiest in our closets!

21. I’m in search of mom appropriate sandals/wedges or little heal. And by “mom appropriate” I mean easy to take on and off and stand in lol.
We love this pair in black or nude, these wedge slides (just saw the yellow in store and loved it!), and these espadrilles are sooo cute!

22. I’m going to the Taylor swift concert in Chicago. It’s at soldier field and I’m guessing it’s going to be chilly at night. What would you wear?
We would probably do an outfit like this – skinny jeansa band tee, and a duster cardigan! Casual, but fun!

23. My boyfriend is looking for good pair of casual, but somewhat dressy shoes for the summer. I know your guys have good style, so was wondering if you had any suggestions? Preferably no boat shoes or sneakers.
My husband has these Jack Erwin loafers in a couple colors and loves them. He even wore them for our wedding!
Brooke: Not sure of the budget, but if he’s willing to splurge a little, my hubs has had this pair of loafers for over 2 years, wears them all the time (with shorts, pants, or jeans), and they still look brand new. Easy to dress up or down. Love this color combo, but low in stock (also be sure to check size chart for UK conversion). This pair is a great dupe and comes in four different colors.

24. I have a bridal shower in New York in July for my sister-in-law and need some recommendations on what to wear!
This jumpsuit
is so pretty (love the back), obsessed with this dress, love this set, and this jumpsuit is a cute option too!

25. This could be for coffee talk or just a blog post idea but would love to see a designer handbag review! For example in yesterday’s post loved the white Prada crossbody and am interested in maybe the black one and other designer bags you’ve had in blog posts I love as well!!
We’ve had this request quite a bit, and we’d totally be open to it. We were trying to decide how to narrow it down…any suggestions? We probably would not review every single bag we owned. Also – wouldn’t want this post to come off as a major eye roll moment b/c you guys know we love our bags lol ;). Maybe like favorite & least favorite, most-used & least-used, etc. Something like that?

Please leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx