1. I’m curious on how you handled being away from home when starting life as a young adult. I only live about 6 hours away from my home town, but I’m always wondering if I’m making the right move by building my life so far away from family and friends who are saying they wish I lived closer. This stage in life is exciting (don’t get me wrong), but it’s also terrifying. Did you live far from your parents after graduating college? How did you handle it? Would you do anything differently?
I’ve lived far from family since graduating high school. I would say it was hardest in the very beginning, but after that it was just my reality. I would love to live close to my family now (more than anything), but it’s not likely going to happen since I’m on the East Coast and they’re in Iowa, and nobody has plans to move to either spot 😉 lol. We try to visit as much as possible, and I guess that’s how we “deal” with it as best as we can. I wouldn’t’ do anything differently because I’ve loved experiencing all of the different places we’ve lived. But yes, I still do miss my family! I don’t think it ever gets “easier,” it just becomes your new normal.
Meggan: I’ve lived far from home since graduating high school. Iowa was about a 5 hour drive so it wasn’t exactly close and I didn’t go home often. Honestly, I was ready to leave and if you ask my mom she will tell you she was ready for me to leave too lol. I missed my family (and still do!) but I loved getting out and making a life for myself! If you don’t love it after a year or so you can always move closer to home!

2. How do you gals deal with feeling burnt out from work, life, etc.?
Whenever I start to feel burnt out I take time to do something for myself. Getting a massage, getting a sitter to have the day to myself, go to the gym, getting a pedi, etc. are all things that help me feel rejuvenated again. And it’s hard to do but unplugging helps big time!
Brooke: This is a tough one for us (or me, anyway) especially when it comes to work because we never really get a break as we’ve mentioned before. Sometimes (like today when we’re hosting friends for a party), I don’t feel like working, but since I was sick this week & didn’t have time to finish #coffeetalk before today, I have to. That’s definitely the biggest struggle, but I just power through. It helps me to have Meggan because we can lean on each other, and usually when one of us is “off” the other is picking up the slack which is nice. Another tip – unplug! Even if it’s just for 20-30 minutes, unplug! Yesterday I was feeling super overwhelmed and anxious, so I turned off my phone and went on a 20 minute walk while listening to binaural beats (heard about it on The Skinny Confidential podcast), and literally felt SO much better just after 20 minutes. I felt recharged and ready to take on the rest of the day. I really believe social media and the online life we live causes so much more stress/burnout in all areas of life, so unplugging for 30 minutes a day (minimum) with intention/focus can seriously improve your overall mood and productivity! Take time for yourself (and not just to sit and watch reality TV) – take a bath, read a book, go on a walk, meditate, or just use the breethe app if you don’t know where to start! Sorry for the novel lol! Just something that really resonated with me today ;).

3. I have an informational interview in Arizona this summer (I am not from there). Any suggestions on what to wear in 100 degree heat?!
Ugh! I remember the feeling from my days at ASU – it’s so hot, it feels like you’re opening the oven door when you open your car door! Sorry that probably doesn’t help lol. BUT, we would suggest wearing a skirt, a cami, and carrying a blazer (that you can throw on once you get inside). Wear flip flops, and bring heels in a bag to change into once you get to the interview if you have to walk any distance. Good luck!

4. How did you deal with wedding planning stress? I HATE planning my wedding and I can’t even enjoy being engaged (it’s been less than two weeks)!
Oh gosh I hated wedding planning too! I’m so indecisive and it was stressful for me to make decisions/stay organized! We had a long engagement so we did get to enjoy being engaged. Do you have a family member or friend who loves planning or just got married? My SIL was beyond helpful because she got married the previous year and she’s a planner. She had all these checklists to stay organized, excel documents to track things, cute ideas, etc. She was always texting me to make sure I was getting things done – which at the time I was like WTF NOOOO but I couldn’t of done it without her! Something else that was helpful for me was making a wedding binder. I divided it into sections – guest list/vendors/food & drink/seating chart/etc. This helped me stay organized and I liked having a visual where I could see everything in one place. I didn’t care about napkins and all the small stuff – I actually hired a wedding planner and she took care of those details – because in the end they didn’t matter! The Knot has tons of helpful checklists and tips. It’s easier said than done but try not to stress and take it day by day. It will go sooo fast and be over before you know it! Good luck!!
Brooke: Omg this was me too! So much so, that I moved our wedding up 5 months from April to November lol. I literally hated it so much, I planned my wedding (well, hired someone to plan it for me) in 3 months. All I wanted was to be married, I didn’t care so much about the entire wedding production, showers, etc. It just did NOT interest me at all…but I did love my wedding because it felt like a huge party with all of our closest friends (so I definitely don’t regret having a wedding!). I had just started a new job and was in the middle of moving from Chicago to California, and could not put a ton of focus/effort into planning a wedding, so after two weeks (pretty much right where you are), I decided to hire someone and let go of all control. I told her the colors/types of flowers I wanted, said I wanted a live band, and wanted to taste the food and that was it. She was the one who knew everything else that needed to happen, and all I did was – pick the venue, order the invitations (pretty sure my mom stuffed them all and had them sent out, thanks mama!), taste tested the food (I didn’t even do a cake tasting), hired the photographer, and heard the band. Letting go of the control was the best decision (for me) – I had minimal stress and was just able to have fun and focus on what’s important. I feel like people get sooo caught up in things like napkins, plates, etc. and if that’s your thing/you enjoy the planning process, then that’s awesome (I’m jealous)! But if you don’t enjoy it, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! Nobody cares what plates you use, or what your napkins look like! They’re just there to have a good time! If you can hire someone, do it!

5. Do you have any awesome advice or “wish you would’ve known” tips for couples thinking about starting a family?
Hmm…Even though we were planning on getting pregnant, it happened much faster than we had expected (my doctor said it would probably take a year, it took 3 weeks lol). If you don’t have family close by who can help, I would say you both need to be prepared for a lifestyle change. You anticipate it, but until it happens, you can’t really grasp it. If there’s more travel you want to do as a couple, do it now…it’s much harder to travel once you have kids (whether you bring them with you or leave them with family). I feel like women are starting to get more open about after birth but you still just really see “sweet newborn cuddles,” types of posts on social media and I wish everyone would be a bit more real about it – like thisthis and this! You just kind of take things on as they come and learn to navigate (and really nothing anyone will tell you can prepare you for being in that moment). Parenting is a wonderful, crazy, challenging, chaotic, and emotional thing – but it’s the best thing ever!
Meggan: I don’t know if there’s anything that can really prepare you! Like Brooke said – you can anticipate it, but when it actually happens you’re like woah! But you really just learn as you go and adapt to the changes. The only thing I really wish I would of known more about is MY recovery and motherhood. I knew it would be hard but I didn’t realize how hard. I felt very alone, had PPD, and I was scared to talk about it with people. I felt bad because this was supposed to be the best time of my life but I felt so unhappy and sad! I just wish someone had talked to me beforehand and told me it’s not all rainbows and butterflies like it can be made out to be!

6. I think Meghan Markle is stunning, and her style is great. Any outfit suggestions to mimic her style?
Love this article The Everygirl did on her style! They rounded up some of her best looks and found similar pieces (but for less!) – so good!

7. I have my Bachelorette weekend in South Florida in August and I am at a loss for what to wear. Any suggestions for the bride to be to wear out to dinner and local bars?
Loving this dress, this sexy number (love that it’s different!), this romper, this dress, and this jumpsuit.

8. I’m curious if y’all are going to find out the sex of your baby or let it be a surprise? Did you find out with Camden? The latter question for B, did you find out or surprise?!
Meggan: We’re going to let it be a surprise! We found out with Camden because he was already a big enough surprise and I needed to be able to plan for something lol.
Brooke: We found out both times, but I think it’s actually so much more fun to not find out! My bro & SIL never did (they have 3), best friend just did the same, and now that Meggan isn’t finding out, it confirms that – it’s SO fun not knowing (for those of us who aren’t the pregnant one as well lol). With Sophia, I really wanted to know, and with Avery we found out early on – because my pregnancy was considered high-risk, so they actually told us at 12 weeks. That was really the last things on our minds at that appointment, but they said “she”, so that was that. It was such a shock – I thought for sure she was a boy b/c I was soooo sick with Sophia, and I felt totally fine with Avery.

9. I’m going to Punta Cana with my boyfriend soon and I’m looking for casual but beachy/fun outfits lol. I’d appreciate any outfit recommendations from you guys!
Some things to pack: this maxi dress, this romperthis jumpsuit, this off-the-shoulder maxithis set, these sandals, these shorts, and this dress.

10. I have my friends wedding in July in Chicago at a country club starting at 5pm. Do you have any recommendations of dresses that would work?
Love this dress (the slit isn’t as intense in real life), this one, and this one (50% off until Monday!). All great options for a country club wedding!

11. I’m the Godmother for my niece and her baptism is coming up. Looking for a nice feminine light colored dress to wear to church. Can you guys help? TIA!!
Some feminine light colored dresses we’re loving are here, here, and here.

12. Any good dupes for the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa that are less expensive? Or any comfy yet less expensive sectionals catching your eyes lately?
Okay, my friend had the Cloud and she returned it – said it was not even comfortable and it looked sooo sloppy in real life! Just a fun little fact so don’t feel too bad! 😉 But similar looking sectionals/sofas that are more budget-friendly: here, here, and here!

13. I have a pair of velvet joggers that I forgot about this fall/winter. Any suggestion how to style them for summer? Or is velvet a no go for the summer months?
We would store them until fall! Even though it’s a bummer to not wear them now, the good news is they will feel brand new once fall rolls around! 

14. I have my graduation party in 3 weeks and want to wear a super cute dress or jumpsuit. I love your guys style and all your clothes. I was wondering if you could recommend me a few cute pieces that you guys are loving for my party.
Thank you so much and congratulations! Some cute options: this jumpsuit, this tie dress, this maxi dress, or this floral dress!

15. Meggan – what is the tattoo on your wrist and did it hurt?
It was so impulsive! My mom, two aunts, and I made appointments together and we could not decide what we wanted even up till the minute we were in the chair lol. My mom actually had it saved and we all just kind of said okay let’s do that one. But it’s the symbols for “God is greater than the highs and lows”. I thought it hurt but I have a low pain tolerance – my mom and aunts said it wasn’t bad haha!

16. My family will be throwing my fiancé and I a couples shower in June. It will mostly be our friends and some family members. Any ideas on what to wear? I am definitely not tied to the whole white thing.
This dress is so pretty, love this lace romper (more colors here), this floral dress, or this jumpsuit.

17. I am getting married on June 16th and still have yet to find a rehearsal dinner dress! I am tall (5’11!) so mini and a-line often doesn’t work. Any suggestions?
You sound like me – I didn’t pick out any of my wedding outfits until the last minute ha! Loove this maxi dress, this jumpsuit, this midi dress, and this dress. Congrats! 

18. I have the regular size Gucci belt and am finding myself not wearing it as much as I thought I would. Can you post some cute under $100 sundresses short and maxi to wear it with for summer? Thanks in advance!! Love you guys.
It would look great with this dress (and give the dress some shape), this one for a super cute tailored look, this one (perfect waistline to add the belt), and this one.

19. Any wedding guest dress ideas (cocktail please!)?
Love this pink one, this one is simple but so chic, and this one is pretty and comes in so many colors to pick from!

20. I recently had neck surgery and I’m looking for tops and accessories that will help me keep it covered from the sun this summer. Do you have any suggestions?
Sorry  to hear that, hope you’re recovering well! Not sure exactly where on your neck, but some ideas for you – this tankthis bodysuitthis top, a bandana (so cute with a tee!), and this necklace.

21. Brooke – where are your dining room chairs from. LOVE them!
Thank you, I just wish they were the right height lol! They were custom, BUT I found the best dupe…literally looks like the exact same chair here!

22. My best friend is looking for nudeish colored bridesmaid dresses for us to wear in her December wedding. Any suggestions?
Not sure what vibe she’s going for but BHLDN has a ton of nude dresses in different styles! Lulus and Show Me Your Mumu are good places to look too!

23. I work in NYC so I have to walk a lot everyday. Can you recommend some cute, comfy and affordable shoe options that go with everything including dresses?
We would probably say sneakers b/c that’s our personal favorites (we wear them with everything). Our favorites are thesethese (cute if you don’t want a real sneaker look), and these (love the perforation). If you don’t want sneaks, these sandals are our favorites – they are comfortable (obviously not a lot of cushion tho if that’s what you’re looking for), and easy to wear with everything! We’ve walked all over the city in them with no issues.

24. What are your favorite lipsticks?
My favorites are MAC Pure Zen, Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate, and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk!
Brooke: My favorites are NARS Rosecliff & CruisingMAC Velvet Teddy and Blankety, and CT Pillowtalk.