First Trimester Pregnancy Update

I’m 15 weeks pregnant and I’m not going to lie, it’s going pretty darn slow! I don’t know if it’s because I found out early and I’m comparing it to my pregnancy with Cam (where I found out at 10ish weeks – oops). Or if it’s because I’ve been so sick and parked on the couch all day/night. Probably a combination of both. I’m excited to be out of my first trimester though – 1 down, 2 to go! Saying that makes November seem not so far away…kind of ;) I’ve already had 3 sonograms which is amazing! I think with Camden I had two total? I can’t remember why my doctors office does so many in the first trimester but I’m not mad about it. It’s been fun to watch the baby develop! Kyle has been joking that he has to go to every appointment with me so I don’t sneak and ask my doctor the gender. At first I didn’t think I would be able to do it but now I’m feeling way better about it. Also, a lot people keep saying that I’m probably having a girl because I’ve been sick. Butttt my aunt had two boys and felt fine with one, and was terribly sick with the other. So I’m not putting too much stock into that theory! I’m definitely going to try all the Old Wives Tails for fun though! So far I’ve only checked the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and it says boy!

How I’m feeling. When I first found out I was pregnant I told myself I was going to keep up at the gym and eat healthy. I was motivated to feel GOOD. That lasted a whole two weeks until my nausea kicked in. I’m currently living off carbs and can’t peel myself out of bed in the AM to hit the gym lol. The only plus side of nausea is it gives me peace of mind. I’m also starting to get a lot of headaches. I read that it’s a second trimester symptom but it doesn’t help that I can hardly stand the taste of water. It’s been hard to stay hydrated!

+Zofran (however, it’s not helping so I stopped taking it)
+Peppermint oil on wrists
+Ginger candies
+Small meals throughout the day
+ Lemon water
+Ginger tea

If my nausea doesn’t disappear by my appointment next week, I’m going to ask if I can try Dicelgis. A lot of people have been recommending it!

Last night Kyle and I were driving and he mentioned that we need to get our lives organized – which we do! Our house is a mess, we haven’t been going to the gym, I’ve hardly decorated (our house feels so cold and empty!), my work is piling up, and our routine has just been off. I just started bawling – which actually felt pretty good lol. I know he didn’t mean it in a bad way or just toward me but I just feel like a different person lately. Being stuck on the couch all day is starting to feel depressing. It’s sad that going to the grocery store (don’t get me started on walking by the meat department) or Target feels like a big accomplishment. I’m praying that I start feeling better soon so I can be a better wife and mom. I’ve definitely been slacking in those departments and it’s making me feel down in the dumps. I don’t want to come off as sounding negative because I’m SO grateful be pregnant, just not fun feeling like this right now!

My beauty routine. The only beauty product I’ve had to stop using is my Neulash – which is a huge bummer because my lashes were so long from it! All my Tula, Elemis, Kopari, and Colleen Rothschild products I use are safe. When I first found out I was pregnant I stopped taking my probiotic until I saw the doctor which he okay’d. Not going to lie though, my skin has been feeling horrible!! So dull, breaking out, and I now have bacne #funtimes lol! Oh and I’ve been using this belly butter for stretch marks.

What I’m wearing. I can still squeeze into my low rise jeans but had to part ways with all my high waisted pairs weeks ago. Which is fine because jeans + Texas summer don’t really mix! I’ve been living in this dress lately (pictured above). It’s really lightweight, soft, and definitely the most comfortable thing in my closet. I need to order it in more colors! Right now, I’m most comfortable in tight clothing because you can actually tell I’m pregnant. I just ordered a couple more dresses from ASOS and waiting for them to get here this week. The Align leggings from Lululemon have also been a life saver. Even if you aren’t pregnant you need a pair. They are paper thin and beyond comfy!!