Green Stripe Duster

Thank God it’s (almost) Friday…am I right?! My allergies have been so crazy this week (I’ve never had allergies until this year!), and it’s kind of making me miserable right now. Best allergy medicine? Lol. I need help.

I had so many questions about this duster and the sizing. First, yes – it’s the green one! Second, it’s so good – goes with so many different outfits and so easy to throw on! Third, I’m wearing a size 2. I would say it runs true to size or a little bit. It still has that oversized look which I love. I loved this tee when I saw it on a mannequin, but I thought it was Gucci (didn’t want to pay that much for it), so when I saw it in the juniors section for $39, I grabbed one for me and one for my friend! I’m wearing a small.

Not going to lie, I’m kind of annoyed I paid full price for these jeans and now they’re 50% off! I love them though, so that’s what really matters…right? ;) They’re true to size. I’ve had these shoes for over a year and I’m finally wearing them! I love the red and white stripe strap – so cute! They’re super comfortable and run true to size.

duster (wearing size 2) | tee (wearing size small) | jeans (50% off! true to size) | sandals | sunglasses | similar bag