Amazon Favorites & What’s In My Cart

One of my favorite YouTube videos to watch are people’s Amazon Favorites, so I wanted to put mine into a blog post today to share with you! I basically live on Amazon and I’m constantly ordering things…from dog food to facial steamers lol. Here’s a roundup of my favorites…plus 13 amazing items in my Amazon cart at the bottom of this post! What am I missing? I need to know what your favorites are – comment on this post and let me know what I need to add to my cart!

Fridge Organizer Set – I had so many questions about these organizers on Instastories, and they’re definitely one of my favorite Amazon buys of all time! Make your fridge pretty and organized in 10 minutes!

Ice Roller – Meggan and I both have this ice roller and it’s amazing! It feels so good on your skin in the morning, reduces swelling and inflammation, and is so calming…great after a night out or a restless night.

Facial Steamer – After Meggan posted this on instastories the other week, I immediately hopped on Amazon to purchase it. I had the Dr. Dennis Gross steamer in my cart, but after reading the reviews on this one (and seeing the price difference!), I went with this one. I lalalalooooove it! Seriously amazing for at-home facials! A must have for your skincare routine!

Lucite Pen Holder – I love this little pen/pencil holder. I have it sitting on top of my desk, and it’s just pretty and practical. It keeps the pens organized and looks cute.

Heart Sunnies – These sunnies are the perfect dupe for the $400 Miu Miu pair and come in tons of color options! I have the white but would love the black also.

Rosebud Salve – I have about 10 of these tins floating throughout my drawers, bags, and car. I’m always losing them, so I order a new one every couple of months. Hands-down the best lip balm ever! Instead of just coating your lips, it heals them.

Rosehip Oil – You know we love our facial oils, and if you’re looking for one that won’t break the bank, this is for you! I love this rosehip oil for so many reasons (see them all here), and this bottle will last you for-ev-er! I also want to try their Vitamin C Serum.

Velvet + Rose Gold Hangers – When we moved, I bought all new hangers so everything would match and look nice because my closet is an open walk-in in the master bedroom (no doors). I loooove these hangers because not only do they look nice, they are thin (makes more room in your closet), and the velvet keeps everything in place. No more tops or dresses falling off the hangers!

Tinkle Razors – We use these to shave our face. Yes, we shave our faces lol. It’s basically the same thing as dermaplaning, watch this video for a tutorial.

Collagen Peptides – I put this in my coffee every morning. Since I’ve been doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss program (more on that later this week), this helps get me through the morning fast since it has some protein. Collagen has tons of benefits, read about them here.

Gold Phone Desk Stand – This is such a nice thing to have on your desktop. Nice for playing music, watching videos, charging your phone (keeps it propped up), and hands-free face time.

Mop – I’m obsessed with this mop. I use vinegar and water to clean my wood floors, so a Swiffer just wasn’t going to cut it, I needed a real mop. I love the spin feature of this one, it’s so easy to use, and the mop head is machine washable. Perfect.

Skin Musk Oil – You know my love for this musk oil runs deep. It smells so good, and I get stopped at least 3 times/day when I’m wearing it. So good. I loved getting all the messages from you guys last time I recommended this – so happy you love it as well! Literally had SO many messages and only one person who wasn’t a fan!

Desk Calendar – Having this big desk calendar is such a help with staying organized! I love a good planner, but the desk calendar is better for the home or office in my opinion. You can see everything at once, and it’s flat/compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you’re unorganized like me and always forgetting things, you need this!

Resistance Bands – These resistance bands are perfect for at home workouts or for traveling. You can do an entire full-body workout with these little guys. They’re lightweight and small. I also bring them to the gym with me b/c I prefer to use my own bands (germaphobe). I love this video for a killer band workout that can be done anywhere!

…and here’s what’s currently in my cart