1. What is one thing you are 100% satisfied with that you’ve spent money on lately? My friends and I were having this conversation last weekend, and thought it would be fun to ask you girls as well!
Mine isn’t an object, but a service – hiring a housekeeper. Random, but I feel like this relates to what you’re saying –  I was watching the news a couple months ago, and it was a study that gave 8 people the same amount of money. 4 people were told to go buy something they have been wanting, and the other 4 were told to use it on a service for something they hate doing (cleaning, laundry, etc). The study showed that the 4 people who used the money for a service were overall much happier than the people who bought things. After that, I was sold ;). And I have to 100% agree – having someone help with cleaning the house and laundry (two things I hate) has been life changing & actually a lot less expensive that I was expecting – win/win!
Hands down, this cordless Dyson vacuum. I’ve never been so excited about a household item before lol! But after reading Brooke’s answer I kind of want to change mine to that too. We hired a cleaning lady last month (after a lot of contemplation) and it’s sooo worth the money! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder!

2. Can you link some of your favorite sunnies under $100?
Several of our personal favorite pairs are under $100, they are – thesethesethesethese (on major sale!), and these!

3. Do you have any favorite summer scents that aren’t too strong but last throughout the long hot days?
Meggan: Chloe
is my go-to! I also have a body spray from Old Navy called Orange Blossom & Tea. I don’t see it online but it’s in this bottle – smells so yummy!
I love this one (Alure best of beauty! so good for summer!), and this one.

4. As two people who we admire and check in with daily, do you have any advice for someone going through a hard time (ie not liking their a job, a tough breakup, feeling overwhelmed/unsure of the future but stuck where they are, etc etc)?
Brooke: I feel like I’ve been in each of those scenarios, and when you’re in the middle of it, it feels like the end of the world. What always helps me is to just take one day at a time, meditate (try it!), and realize this is temporary, and tell yourself that! This difficult time will pass, so just try to learn from it, and find the small joys in each day. Take time for yourself, read a book, take a bath, get outside (fresh air is good for the soul!), find something you enjoy and do it. If it’s a job, start looking for a new one. If it’s a breakup, allow yourself time to mourn, and then move on. You will get through this, and once you realize that and accept it, you will start to feel better!
Meggan: Something I always tell myself during hard times is “this too shall pass”. I agree that you need to time to focus on yourself and do some soul searching. Take it day by day and start making small changes that will better you- everything happens for a reason! xx

5. When did you know it was the right time to move to a new city?
I’m always up for moving to a new city if there’s an opportunity! I feel like life is so short, why not explore as much as you can. It’s a little different now that I’m married and have kids, but my philosophy was always “I can always move home if it doesn’t work out.” I say go for it!
I honestly wasn’t ready leave Chicago (I still miss it so much) but it made the most sense for us (family, husbands job, more space, and sick of winter). I’d say if you’re feeling burnt out, craving a change of scenery, haunted by bad memories (like a breakup), you don’t like your job, or just want a new adventure – MOVE! Especially if you don’t have anything holding you back!

6. Meggan – can you share those comfy looking dresses you’ve been wearing lately (or link to similar options)? I’m pregnant but don’t want to wear maternity clothes yet.
The grey one I wear is a few years old from Aritzia but this one and this one are similar! This is the black one and it’s soo comfy and soft – I just ordered it in yellow too! I recently got this black t-shirt dress and this striped one. My goal is to avoid maternity clothes as long as possible (which might be easy because it’s too hot to wear anything but dresses lol!).

7. I’m looking for some close-toed sandals/flat options that are cute but also practical for work as a preschool teacher except I don’t want anything too expensive since I’m always getting dirt, food, and paint all over me!
These espadrilles
 are so cute and on sale! Love these woven flatsthese espadrille slides are great, and love these cute little espadrilles as well!

8. Can you give me some dress ideas for a guest at a bridal shower in July?
Love this one, this one (so pretty!), this one, and this one (love the red).

9. Brooke – do you like the T3 wand you shared on stories?
Yes! So far, I love it. I feel like I need to use it a few more times before I give my full recommendation, but so far it’s been great!

10. I am getting married in two weeks and incredibly stressed and anxious. Any tips on how to relax and enjoy this special time? Also advice on how to remain calm on the wedding day?!
I don’t know if it was because we had a destination wedding or because I’m just a relaxed person in general but I felt so calm before we left for our wedding! It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and all that but remember WHY you’re getting married! Hit the gym, get your to-do list done so you’re not scrambling, have a girls night – just do whatever to help you feel relaxed and happy! The morning of the wedding I woke up and did a face mask, eye patches, had a cup of coffee on the balcony, and got excited for our special day! I need a little alone time before all the festivities started happening. I also took a little xanex later in the day but obviously I don’t recommend it unless you get the okay from your doc lol. I hate being the center of attention so I needed it (first dance was my worst nightmare). Just try to soak up the moment because it will be over in the blink of an eye – and then you will wonder why the hell you spent so much time stressing over it!! Also, the moments that didn’t go as planned ended up being some of my favorite. It was windy and my veil was blowing everywhere while walking down the aisle but the pictures turned out so pretty! And Camden got up and wondered around and walked back down the aisle during the ceremony. But it was so adorable in our video and pictures – everyone was smiling at him and giving him knuckles. Everything won’t go as planned, you just have to make the best of it!
Brooke: I felt the same as Meggan – surprisingly calm on my wedding day. We also did a destination wedding and it was super small (like 85 people), so I think knowing it was all of our closest friends helped. I was just excited! Like Meggan said, try to remember the reason for the day and enjoy it! If you don’t take time to enjoy the moments, you’ll regret it b/c it goes sooo quickly! Try doing some meditation (lol how many times can I recommend meditating, but it works!), or drinking some CALM tea, and don’t have any caffeine – it will only intensify your nerves

11. What is your favorite thing about each of your husbands?
He is great at so many things I’m not – like problem solving (I’m never nervous in difficult/stressful situations because I know he will figure it out…in like 5 minutes lol), he is outgoing and great at public speaking (I’m neither lol), but if I had to say my favorite things…it would be that he is so thoughtful and honest, and he’s a very involved/loving dad. Sounds so cheesy, but I feel like it’s sadly hard to find anymore. The first time he was going to meet my best friend, he had set up breakfast to be delivered to us at my apartment (this was before things like Uber Eats, etc lol). He’s just one of the good ones ;). And I have to say, Kyle is too! 
He’s so kind, caring, and humble. I’ll never forget when we were in Seattle – we were sitting in a bar having a drink and we could see an old man outside struggling to get in a Taxi. All the sudden I see Kyle out there helping him get in the cab and collapsing his walker and put in the trunk for him. He’s just a great example for Camden to look up to!

12. I’m going to Scottsdale at the end of June for a bachelorette party. Can you recommend items that I should take on the trip along with black dress options for when we go out Saturday night?!
Black dress options – one, two, three. Love this bikini, this coverup, and this romper! Have fun! 

13. Best skincare products/face cleansers for breakouts?
This treatment mask worked wonders for me when I was dealing with horrible breakouts. I used it along with these treatment pads and TULA cleanser (use code SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off!) – this trio helped me so much!
Meggan: I agree with Brooke, the Tula cleanser and treatment pads are the best!! A few other favorites that work wonders: this clarifying detox mask, these probiotics, and using a cleansing oil to remove your makeup (I use this one or this one).

14. I live in a 1-bed in Old Town in Chicago with tall ceilings. Our decor is pretty minimalist and the finishing touch would be a floor length mirror. I would like an oversized mirror to make the room look bigger. However, I’ve had a really hard time finding 7-8′ mirrors that aren’t $800+. Our budget is closer to $200-400 and the tallest mirror I could find at Ikea was about 6′. Any suggestions on where to look, or even specific mirrors?
Okay, we spent like an hour looking and couldn’t find anything to help 🙁 ugh, so sorry! Some options we love though are this mirrorthis one, and this one!

15. Can you help me find cheaper dupes of these sunglasses?! I love them.
This pair 
is very similar (love the tortise!) and only $55! Another great option is this pair (obsessed with the milky tort color!). 

16. How do you save money and still shop enough to have content for the blog? Or do you have any spending vs saving tips for young people trying to save money while surviving in a trendy city haha?
We totally feel you, it can be hard! Our budget for clothing now is a lot different than it used (since it’s a huge part of our job), but we definitely still try to keep it in check and stick to as many budget-friendly pieces as possible. Obviously you know if you follow us, we aren’t wearing a lot of high-end designer clothing. Some of our favorite places to shop for trends on a budget are – H&M, Zara, Forever21, Abercrombie (great basics!), American Eagle (good stuff lately!), Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom (esp the juniors section for less expensive options), and Asos. The pieces we spend more money on are staple items that can be worn again and again – nice sweaters, jeans, coats, etc. We rarely splurge on spring/summer wardrobe pieces.

17. What curling irons do you both use? Love both of your curls!
I use this Conair 1 inch. I’ve tried so many different ones but always come back to it – nothing holds my curls better!
Brooke: I usually use this wand, but just got this one from T3 and love it!

18. I’m MOH in my best friend’s wedding and she’s given me permission to go off registry for a gift. Can you think of any “experience oriented” gifts you received or would’ve appreciated after your wedding? Restaurant gift card?
A restaurant gift card is a great idea, or a couples spa day (couples massages, etc)! If there are any great concerts coming to your area that you know they would love – that could be super fun as well. Or if they’re going on a honeymoon you could call their hotel and book them an excursion, massage, gift card to a restaurant, or whatever the hotel offers!

19. Can you please link some christening dresses? Nothing too revealing, white or blue, and under $200?
This dress
is gorgeous, love this crochet onethis lace one is always a good option, and this one is pretty too! And not sure if it’s too hot for long sleeves but obsessed with this dress!

20. I’m looking for maxi dresses for my sister’s baby shower. Could you suggest some cute dresses? Also can you recommend some fun baby shower games? 🙂
Love this off-the-shoulder one, this floral one, this wrap dress, and this boho one (def my fav!).

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