1. Do you guys use a beauty blender to apply foundation? Or what brush do you use?
I use either a beauty sponge – the original BB or this one (just bought after a reader suggested it – it’s amazing!), or the same Artis brush that Meggan linked. I really like both methods for applying foundation.
I use a beauty blender or this Artis brush. I can’t decide which one I like more!

2. What are your holy grail products for super hydrated, bright, dewy skin? Both skin care (particularly serums/sheet masks/facial oils) and makeup?
My holy grail beauty products for bright skin are: the Glopro, using a vitamin C serum (this one is my favorite but I ran out recently so I’m trying this Obagi one), these exfoliating pads, and these probiotics. Makeup: Becca primer, Giorgio Armani foundation, Charlotte Tilbury highlighter (my must-have!), and this Laura Geller setting powder.
Brooke: For me, diet is number 1: dairy-free 95% of the time, not a lot of gluten, adding collagen peptides, taking a probiotic (these are what I take – use code SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off), and drinking enough water! This combo is what gives my skin the best starting point. Products I love – Glowpro (hello, collagen!), these glow pads (expensive, but worth it!), this face polish (obsessed with this stuff), this retinol oil, and this overnight cream. I feel like there are so many more products I love, but I tried to narrow it down to products I wouldn’t want to live without! For makeup – this primer (this bottle has lasted me over a year) and this primer are both perfection, this skin perfector is sooo great for an amazing glow before you apply foundation – I use Opal (this would probably be my #1 glowy, can’t-live-without product), and I just got this new loose powder and literally can’t believe the glow factor it gives…you have to be careful not to overdo it, but it’s amazing!

3. Brooke – I’m looking for jobs as I am making a career change and lived in Boston and New York and for a short period of time LA. I was wondering if you share what you like about NY versus California and what you prefer? Just curious to hear and outside opinion!
I shared some thoughts in question 23 from this post, but I’m not sure I prefer one place over the other. If I had to pick one today, it would be to stay here, but in January I really miss California for the weather ;). We spent the month of August in California last year and I was expecting to want to move back after that time, but I found myself really missing New York and excited to come home. I feel like you really can’t go wrong with either, it just depends what you’re looking for! Things I like about NY – culture, restaurants, the city in general (no better city), the opportunities, and the hustle. Things I like about CA – the laid-back vibe, the weather (duh), and just how beautiful and picturesque it is. Good luck with your career change! xx

4. You ladies got me hooked on Tula. However, lately, I’ve been reading reviews on Drunk Elephant and it sounds great. Have you tried it? Do you have any preferences on one of the brands over the other?
The only Drunk Elephant products I’ve used are the eye serum and the Sukari Babyfacial. I liked the eye serum but prefer this Tula one over it – I love the cooling applicator and how hydrating it is. But the Babyfacial is amaaazing! My skin feels so soft and glowy after I use it.
Brooke: I need to try Drunk Elephant because everyone raves about it, but I haven’t tried it yet.

5. Any new recipes you’ve been loving lately? Also looking for cookbook recommendations for healthy meals!
I’ve being doing salmon over rice with mango salsa (mango, red pepper, jalapeño, red onion, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper), vegan enchilada casserole, Greek turkey burgers, fajita bowls (peppers, onion, black beans, corn, avocado, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, and rice), and thai chicken peanut lettuce tacos. I usually do cauliflower rice instead of regular rice but I’m having an aversion to it…pregnancy is weird lol.
Brooke: Favorite recipe lately is hands-down the Greek turkey burgers from Natalie’s blog (so bomb). Also love these turkey meatballs (I make them once/week), tuna cakes (recipe is on our Healthy Eats highlight on insta), and Bangin Good Shrimp.

6. Your advice for someone going through a difficult time was spot on, I was wondering if this is something you could discuss more in depth. I am in the beginning of a very bad break up because it was out of nowhere and I am so torn and feel heart broken. I know there are bigger losses in life, I lost a parent very young so I can understand, but this moment feels like true hell. Any advice.
Find something to occupy your time and take this time to really focus on YOU! Hit the gym – get out any sadness or anger with a good sweat sesh and release endorphins! Sometimes we can get so caught up in relationships and the other person, we forget about ourselves. Hang out with your friends as much as you can, you have the rest of your life to be married once that happens, so just enjoy this time in your life. It feels like the end of the world right now (we know the feeling), but it’s not – we promise! Make dinner plans, go to happy hour, meet new friends, and don’t worry about dating right now. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If it’s not, this happened for a reason and that reason is that better things are on their way to your life! So sorry you are hurting right now. xx

7. Can you recommend some affordable patio furniture?
This 4-piece set is only $400 – love the modern arms! This set looks exactly like one from RH but for a fraction of the price. We love this modern set – how fun are these chairs?!

8. I stay at home with my two year old so we will be at the pool pretty much every day this summer. Can you recommend some cute yet functional hats for splashing around with him?
Love this one (we both have it!), this onethis one (on sale!), and this one.

9. I know you have mentioned in the past the self tanners you use. I was just curious if you prefer self tanner to a spray tan? And specifically what self tanners do you use on your face?
I prefer a self tan because I feel like it looks just as good, lasts longer, and is way cheaper! I use this self-tan express with a mitt like this (essential for a streak-less self-tan) for my body and the same tanner with a kabuki brush like this one for my face (blend in round circles) – I saved a mini tutorial to our ‘Beauty’ highlight on instagram.
Meggan: I prefer to do to it myself too. I feel like whenever I get them professionally done I feel like I have to be really careful and I don’t like that lol. I use this gradual tan or this one night only finishing gloss. I don’t use anything on my face because I break out easily and don’t want to risk it.

10. I’m headed to San Francisco at the end of July and would like some recommendations for cute outfits which are also functional as we will be doing a lot of walking around the city. I also know the weather can be quite cool in the summer.
This dress is so comfortable and perfect for walking around/exploring (I have it in a small). Also love these joggers(in gray) with a fun tee and a denim jacket to wear or tie around your waist. This dress also looks very comfy and cute – wear it with a denim jacket and flat sandals.

11. Brooke – I’d love to see how your canvas turned out that you were working on on stories recently. Would also love to see any other DIY art either of you have on display.
We are still working on it, but I will definitely share once it’s done – it’s super abstract and fun! I have done some DIY art in the past as well, but I don’t have any pics of it…one of my favorites was super easy & looked like this.

12. I’m on the hunt for shoes to wear to my wedding this September. All our photos will be taken on grass so I’m looking for a thick heel that won’t sink down but still looks bridal. Any suggestions would be great!
Bridal shoes with a block heel: hereherehere (in the jute fabric), and here. Congratulations!

13. My husband and I recently bought a new townhouse and I am trying to make the home smell “homey” and nice. Unless I have a candle burning the place smells like new construction. I have tried linen/room spray and reed diffusers of my favorite scents (Caldera – Basil Blue Sage, Pear Blossom Agave, and Volcano Candles). Any tips on how to get a home to smell fragrant and wonderful when guests walk in?
That’s kind of a tough one, new construction smell can take a while to go away – but we kinda love that smell lol, are we weird?! The best and most fragrant candles that really fill up our homes are Diptyque, Jo Malone, and Nest. They are a splurge, but we’ve tried so many candles and these brands always last the longest and smell the best! Another tip would be to leave your windows open as often as you can!

14. What are some of the best family resorts in the U.S? We are hoping to go on a vacation the end of the year and are trying to choose the best place! I have a 7 year old and a 2 year old.
We haven’t been to a ton of family resorts in the US, but family-friendly places we have loved are The Montage Laguna Beach, Acqualina, Four Seasons Maui (we went w/o kids but there were tons of kids there!), and this is a great list as well with a lot of great options!

15. I will be in Vegas at the end of June for 3 nights with my husband. I am going to see Gwen Stefani at her residency and then the other 2 nights will be just be dinner and hanging out at the casinos. During the day we will probably just hang out by the pool. I have no idea what to wear!! Can you please help suggest some outfits?
So fun! A few cute things to pack: this dress (would be perfect for Gwen!), this romper, this maxi (good for walking around or the pool), this kimono (so cute for the pool), this dress, and this jumpsuit. Make sure to bring a lightweight sweater because they pump the air in the casinos!

16. Can you ladies suggest any wedding guest dresses under $50? I’m losing my mind trying to find something at that price point. Looking for midi or maxi because my two kids will be joining me and mama don’t need to be supplying the entertainment!
We found a few we hope you like – this knotted waist dress, this floral wrap dress, this cold shoulder one, and this off-the-shoulder dress.

17. I’m going to New York in late July/early August with my boyfriend and need some outfit ideas! We’ve only ever been in the winter so I have no idea what the summers are like there. Looking for some casual inspo as well as a couple date outfits.
It’s going to be very hot most likely so pack light! Daytime – a dress like this (have it in black and gray) or this romper would be perfect with comfy sandals or sneakers. And for date night love this dress, this one, and this one. Have so much fun! xx 

18. I’m 5’8 and all the dresses I like are always way too short on me :( Can you suggest some dresses that would be perfect for my height (a little above the knees but not too much)?
Love this one, this one (a little longer but LOVE), and this one!

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