1. I love coffee talk but I hate what coffee does to my teeth. Any tips for teeth whitening?
I usually use white strips when I feel like my teeth need to be whitened, but lately I’ve been using AP-24 Toothpaste and I seriously see a difference! Note – don’t buy it off Amazon, you have to find someone who sells it. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews out there, but it really works for me (and I don’t sell it).
Meggan: I’ve only ever done white stripes and whitening toothpaste but after I’m done with Invisalign I’m getting them professionally whitened (so pumped). And I’m not 100% sure if this actually works (it makes me feel better though lol) but I drink a lot of black coffee and try to rinse my mouth after I drink it.

2. Meggan – I also use the Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum. It has transformed my skin and I love it. However, I’m running low and that price tag is hard to stomach sometimes. Do you like the new one you have been using or do you think you’ll go back to Skinceuticals next time you have to purchase?
I like the Skinceuticals better. I was hoping the Obaji one would be just as good because I agree, the price is hard to stomach! It transformed my skin too and it’s probably a product I can’t live without now.

3. Can you link the pink/tan Nikes from your Instagram stories? Do they run TTS?
They keep selling out in this color, but in stock in most sizes here! Get them while you can. I took my normal size, but you could probably size up 1/2 size if you wanted a little more room. I hate when shoes are too big, though and my true size fits me well.

4. Looking for places to go in Seattle in July, restaurants and attractions. Looking for a great brunch spot too!
All my favorite spots are on this post!

5. What were the probiotics you posted on IG stories the other day? I forgot to screen shot!
These ones
from Tula! You can use the code SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off your order!

6. I’m going on a bachelorette party and we’re getting lingerie for the bride. I’m not sure what to get and I’m not married so I was wondering if you had any suggestions!
Some pretty intimates you could get her: this lace bralette, this set (gorgeous!), this romper, this robe (loved having mine on my honeymoon), this bodysuit, or this lace chemis.

7. Meggan – what made you decide to get Invasalign? Your teeth look so good to me!
Thank you! My teeth are starting to crowd (mainly the bottom ones) so I want to fix them before they get bad. I only need 17 trays which will be about 5 months, so it will be a quick fix!

8. I’m going to Chicago for Labor Day weekend! I’ve never been and would love any recommendations – things to do, where to eat, what to wear, etc.
If you want to do touristy things I would walk the Mag Mile, go on the boat architect tour, have a drink or dinner at The Signature Lounge at the JH (amazing views!), go to The Bean, and check out one of the museums or Shedd Aquarium. My favorite places to eat/drink are Big Star (fun patio and strong margs!), Summer House, Momotaro, Cindy’s, RPM Italian, Au Cheval, Hampton Social, London House. and Blue Door Kitchen. My favorite areas to explore are Lincoln Park (love Armitage Ave), Bucktown, West Loop, and Old Town – loves of good places to eat, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. I’m sure there’s so many new amazing places that have opened since I moved, I need to get back!!

9. This question is geared more for Brooke. My niece turns 4 this year and I am looking for a unique gift for her. She has practically every toy you can think of, so it’s really hard to buy for her. Most toys I have been looking at seem too young/too old. Any ideas?
This coloring set was one of the best gifts we ever received, and I think it was for Sophia’s 4th birthday. It lasted forever, and it got so much use. I actually just added it to my cart, because we need a new one ;). Any little girl who loves to color would LOVE! You could get some fun coloring books to go with it. These dolls are a hug hit in our house as well – they look just like American Girl dolls but for a fraction of the price and come in all skin tones & hair colors which is so great! Avery has this one and it’s really cute and the outfit is adorable. This seems kind of silly, but I added this ring set to my Amazon cart one day, and my girls are ob-sessed with it. If she’s going to pre-school, a cute personalized bakcpack would be a fun and unexpected gift – love this one! Other ideas that aren’t toys (and that my girls love) are: bath bombs – especially these ones with a surprise insidethis scooter, and an umbrella…why do kids love umbrellas so much lol? Another idea would be an experience –  pass to the zoo, a day at a trampoline park, etc. Hope that helps! xx

10. I’m starting a new job next week and need a wardrobe re-vamp! I can wear jeans to the new gig and want to be able to go from work to dinner/happy hours without feeling too “office-y” – Any ideas on tops, dresses, pants, etc?!
Congrats on the new job! Some cute options: this skirt, this top, these heelsthis blouse, these pantsthis textured blazer, this dress, this cardigan, and we both have/love the BR Sloan pants,

11. My friend and I are going to Charleston, SC in August. Have either of you ever been? Any suggestions on some sun dresses and outfits to stay cool in?
Neither of us have been but can suggest some dresses to pack! Love this floral dress, this midi dress, this slip dress (cute with sneakers for walking around!), this ruffle dress, and this sun dress.

12. Brooke – what are some of your favorite low carb lunches? I need some new ideas!
My current favorites are: these turkey burgers over a salad (bun-less), cauliflower fried rice, a cobb salad (I do – lettuce, hard boiled egg, 1/4 cup dried cranberries or less, grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes with a homemade dressing of olive oil, fresh lime juice and honey), scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado, this shrimp recipe (I make it into a salad), or tuna salad (on GG crackers or on a lettuce salad). I try to save everything to our ‘HEALTHY EATS’ highlight on instagram so be sure to check that as well! xx

13. I’m taking mommy & me pictures with my baby girl who will be wearing a peach romper. Any suggestions for a neutral dress that would coordinate?! I’m open to sleeves, too!
A few dresses that would go with her romper are this onethis onethis one (much prettier in person than it looks online), and this one.

14. What’s the most annoying part of blogging?
Armchair experts ;). 

15. I’m in need of 3 birthday gift ideas for my soon to be 3 SILs?! Age range 22-25 and all trendy!
We love getting candles, perfume, and beauty products for gifts because it’s fun to not have to spend $ on those things yourself. We love this silk pillowcase, this perfume, this face roller is in my cart, this candle smells soooo good,  and this facial steamer. Also love this necklace (I have it and love), and this robe (on sale) is always a hit, feels like butter!

16. Was hoping to get some suggestions for a wedding I’m going to in August in Oregon. Will definitely be outdoor wedding and could be pretty hot mid August. Invite says “summer formal attire”. Wasn’t sure what would be too casual/formal!
Loving this one (actually obsessed), this one, this one, and this one (have it in yellow – so pretty on!).

17. Any suggestions for something casual to wear to an outdoor concert in the heat?!
This romper
is super cute, love this sundress, this tank or this tank would look good with these shorts, and obsessed with this jumpsuit!

18. Brooke – How does that hot pink sweatsuit run that you posted to instastories? I wanted it last time, but waited too long and it sold out!
Yes! Definitely snag it before it sells out again, sizes are already going quickly! It runs true to size and I got a small in both the sweatshirt and shorts. Also comes in gray now!

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