1. Meggan – did you have any issues with guests not being able to make it to your wedding because of Zika? I want to have a destination wedding but am worried friends who are pregnant/trying won’t be able to attend.
That thought did cross my mind but luckily only one of my guests couldn’t attend because of it!

2. I am loving two-piece, co-ord sets lately and I was wondering if you all have had your eyes on some that aren’t too $$$? 
Obsessed with this one from FP, this one, this one, and this one (looove).

3. Any recommendations for bonding with a 1 year old boy? My boyfriend’s son is at our home half of the time and I really want to bond more with him. I know a split household is hard (for everyone) but I want to remain positive when we have him and make him feel comfortable and happy. You ladies seem to have great bonds with your kiddos, just looking for advice on activities, what to do, etc. <3
Luckily, that’s a great age to start bonding time, because that’s really when babies get their personalities and start to become little people! Engage with him (without your phone), play toys with him, go outside, push him on a swing at the park, or in his stroller or any little ride-along toys he may have. Read books to him, play with bubbles, do water activities (babies love water in different pots and pans with spoons and cups!). Just doing fun activities like these without being distracted by your phone will definitely start a great relationship. Hope this helps!

4. Brooke – I remember you went to Couer d’Alene a few years ago. Where did you stay while there? Any restaurant recommendations or things to do?
I was there for my friend’s wedding, and we stayed at the Coeur d’Alene Resort – it was nice, it’s so beautiful there! Since I was there for a wedding, we really didn’t go to a lot of restaurants or do a lot out on the town, but it’s beautiful and I’m sure wherever you stay will have tons of great recommendations for restaurants, sorry I’m not much help!

5. Can you help me put together a cute outfit for a country concert this summer?!
Some cute options for a country concert: this romper, these shorts + this top, this dress (would be cute with boots!), this jumpsuit, or this denim skirt with this bodysuit!

6. Both of you have such youthful skin. Besides Tula products and Botox, what cosmetic products (creams, serums, etc.) or treatments have you experienced success with when fighting early signs of aging – specifically fine lines. I’m 26 and looking to get more serious about this wrinkle game!
Thank you! Definitely doesn’t feel like it right now during this pregnancy…my skin is all out of whack!! A few at home anti-aging products that have worked really well for me are: the GloPro, this vitamin C serum, and this retinol supreme night oil (not using during pregnancy). I’ve been trying to find a less expensive version of the SkinCeuticals serum but nothing compares to it. My skin has never looked better when I use it! But honestly the best thing I’ve done for my skin is laser treatments! I’ve done BBL and IPL – I think they’re pretty much the same but slightly different lasers (correct me if I’m wrong though). They treat fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, blemishes, acne scars, etc. Yes, they can be expensive but so worth it. My mom does them 2 or 3 times a year (I try to go twice) and her skin looks amazing!
Brooke: Thank you! I think one of the best things I’ve done for my skin is change my diet – removing dairy changed my skin drastically! It doesn’t affect everyone the same, but if you are up for it, give it a try! In terms of fine lines, I definitely see them on my face, but the things I’ve seen results with are: the GloProthese peel pads (expensive but work SO well!), a good serum (there are so many I love you have to find which works best for your skin), and after going to Face Gym this week, I want to start using a facial toning device (she said it’s better than Botox…not sure if that’s accurate lol, but it’s something). I also want to get laser like Meggan mentioned, because I found my first sun spot, and I’m sure there are more to come!

7. I’d love to know your recommendations for chairs to go with this Restoration Hardware dining table! I just bought a house and am looking for chairs that go but aren’t too matchy matchy!
Love the idea of doing black wishbone chairs with this table. Also love these tall chairs, or these in white if you want to go in a more modern direction! Love these if you’re wanting a slipcovered look – so pretty!

8. I’m looking for some cute summer dresses and tanks/shirts that work for a nursing mother.
Love this top, this one (so cute!), this dress, and this one! All nursing-friendly!

9. Very random but do you guys wear socks with your Golden Goose shoes? I trying wearing no show socks but they end up falling down so would love any recommendations!
Most of the time I don’t wear any because I have the same problem with them slipping down!
Brooke: I usually don’t wear socks for the same reason, they end up falling down on me. They’re definitely more comfortable with socks, but I can’t find any that will stay up so I go without.

10. Could you recommend some cute office wear flats? I can’t wear heels and I’m looking for some affordable flats to wear at work.
Yes! Love these ballet flats, these loafers (come in a few colors and have amazing reviews), these slingback flats (look so cute with cropped pants), these pink loafers, and these studded mules.

11. Can you suggest some personalized baby shower gifts?
Some personalized baby gifts: this milestone blanket (so cute!), name bookthese adorable blanketsthis modern baby book (have it and love it), bath wraps/towels, and wall artMark & Graham has a cute selection of gifts too!

12. Do you have a couple outfit recommendations (for both my fiancé and I) for engagement photos in August in Minnesota? The photos will be taken in a couple of location one of which will be at a yacht club on a lake – so more that vibe.
For him – love this gingham shirt (navy) with these shorts (in white or khaki) and sneakers or loafers, and for you – this dress, this dress, this one (so cute and not nearly as short as it looks on the model!), or this dress. All would look good (but not too over-the-top) with his outfit!

13. Any fun outfit recommendations for a baby shower in July?
Love this dress, this one (the back is so cute!), this one (on sale), and this one.

14. Brooke – I’d love to hear what you eat in a day on your program. I know not every day is the same b/c of the carb cycling, but let’s just say on a “normal carb” day?
On a normal carb day, I eat mostly carbs (but stick to the good ones). A regular carb day looks something like this – coffee with collagen and almond milk creamer (every day), banana with almond butter on ezekiel bread, a cobb salad (lettuce, hard-boiled egg, dried cranberries, grilled chicken, goat cheese, avocado, tomato, and balsamic dressing), sweet potato bowl (I’ll add quinoa if I need more carbs) or turkey meatballs (recipe is saved on our “healthy eats” highlight on instagram) with black bean pasta. If I’m low on my carbs, I will eat more fruit so it doesn’t totally screw up my fat and protein numbers.

15. Have you ever gotten or considered getting Botox?
I’ve done Botox and Disport a handful of times and love it! Disport actually works better for me – my body metabolizes Botox really fast and it doesn’t last as long. If you’re on the fence about getting it you can do a consultation first. They will give their recommendations and answer any questions you have!
Brooke: Yes, I’ve done it twice (Disport also) and am way overdue for another session, it’s been over a year. Kind of just trying to prolong it, but I’m sure I’ll do it again b/c I was happy with the results when I had it. I only did my forehead and I felt like it really helped to reduce the look of fine lines.

16. I have a wedding coming up Saturday, July 7th for one of my high school girl friends! It is in Seattle – ceremony is indoors and reception following is outdoors. I am almost 28, but somehow this is only my second wedding EVER, so I need a little help!! The dress code is summer formal (black tie optional). Assuming that means pretty dressy / cocktail attire? I would love to wear something understatedly sexy. Nothing too scandalous (no mini dresses or too much cleavage) though! Would love to keep the price point around or below $100. Any suggestions? You always recommend the greatest dresses!
We would recommend getting something from RTR since it’s a more formal wedding, and you said you don’t have that many to go to! Some of our favorites – here, here, here, here, and here! Have fun! xx

17. My bachelorette party will be this July in Austin! We will be hanging on Rainey Street during the day and 6th street at night. We will also be going to Lake Travis. Any outfit suggestions?
Austin is super casual so I wouldn’t pack anything too fancy! Loving this romper, this denim skirt, this dressthis set, this suitthis romper, and this bodysuit.

18. I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of (distressed) boyfriend jeans. What are your faves?!
Love this pair, this pair (obsessed actually), this pair, and this pair!

19. I’m getting married this summer and want to give my bridesmaids a thank you gift…what would you recommend I put in the gift bags?
Some ideas we love are: mugs like thismatching robes, or afun personaized necklace.

20. Do you guys both use the GloPro? Would you recommend it and have you had any issues with it?
Yes! We both use it and love it and we haven’t had any issues with it. Going to do a full blog post on it since we always get so many questions about it!

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