1. Brooke – loved your Amazon Favorites post. Wondering what you ladies currently have in your Amazon carts? You always find the best things, which I always end up buying ha!
I just ordered these lazy susans to organize my medicine cabinet and they work great – boring but I love getting organized. A couple other things I’m eyeing are this tongue scrapper (recommended by Lauryn from TSC), baby foot exfoliant foot peel (my mom just got it!), and this green mango tea.
Brooke: Lol I have a tongue scraper in my cart too (I also blame The Skinny Confidential podcast)  – this onethis manuka honey scrubthis dry brushsilicone nippies (these are supposed to be the best b/c they’re super thin so they won’t create a huge lump under your shirt), this head massagerdryer balls (use with essential oils instead of dryer sheets), and these heart sunnies in red for the 4th (these are the same ones I have in white, look just like the Miu Miu pair for $10).

2. Can you guys please do a 4th of July outfit idea round up? Looking for casual cool outfit for beach bbq.
Love these shorts, this romper, this jumpsuit, these shorts + this top or this top, and this midi dress!

3. You guys are fast readers! I feel like you’re both starting a new book every week! I read your post on books, but curious if you have any more? Or if you can just share the most recent books you’ve read and enjoyed?
The key for me is to find books that are fun, easy reads. I just finished The Idea of You and I think it’s my favorite book I’ve read in a long time! It was just soo good, I seriously feel very sad I’m done with it lol – it really sucks you in and you may or may not cry yourself to sleep. I also loved Ugly Love, and It Ends With Us. I just ordered The Perfect Couple and The Last Mrs. Parish. I also want to read When Life Gives You Lululemons.
I just finished Ugly Love (sooo good – made me ugly cry!!) and now I’m reading The Perfect Couple. I’m almost done and love it! I also recently read Little Fires Everywhere and Hopeless and wasn’t crazy about either of them. I was really disappointed over Hopeless because it’s one of Colleen Hoover’s #1 rated books, not sure why I couldn’t get into it! Once I start a book I have to finish though – anyone else like that?

4. Meggan – Where do you go for Botox/Disport in Dallas?
Unit Skin Studio! All my Dallas beauty spots are listed on this post.

5. If you had to eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Probably some sort of ramen/noodle bowl!
Meggan: Tacos for sure!

6. I love seeing what you guys eat during the week, and Brooke I loved your Trader Joe’s haul! I was wondering if you girls had a go-to appetizer/snack that you bring to parties or family gatherings?
Stay tuned because I’m posting my moms taco dip recipe on the blog this weekend – it’s always the biggest hit at parties! If I don’t do that I like to bring things in the crockpot: bbq meatballs (similar to this recipe), buffalo chicken dip, or man dip (Velveta, Rotel, and Italian sausage). All super healthy 😉
Brooke: My favorite is to put together a pretty meat & cheese board! I actually took pictures the last time I made one and I can do a blog post about it. It’s super simple, looks pretty, and always gets eaten up quickly!

7. Have either of you tried any of The Ordinary products? They are really inexpensive and I am VERY curious.
No I haven’t – I’m curious as well!
Brooke: I haven’t tried them either, but now I’m curious!

8. I’m curious about weight gain during pregnancy. I’m 12 weeks and have only gained 2 lbs so far lol. I’m sure I’ll gain more as I get further along, but I’m curious as to what you guys gained and how you coped with losing after? I guess this could also warrant an entire blog post.
I gained about 25-30 lbs each time, can’t remember exactly. I was only 24 (years old) when I had Sophia, and my body bounced back pretty quickly, nursing definitely helped. I felt like it was much more difficult with Avery (I was 27). Also, when I was pregnant with Sophia all I craved was fruit, and with Avery it was carbs on carbs. I didn’t work out at all with Avery, so I think it made it that much harder once I had her. After she was born I did BBG, and that got me back into shape pretty quickly. It was so hard at first though, I had to start over so many times lol. It’s great for busy moms because the workouts are quick! I would also highly recommend FWTFL – the founder of the program just had a baby – she follows the IF, carb cycling, and workouts (along with a few other women in my group), and she has already seen amazing results after her pregnancy. She said it’s totally safe for nursing and hasn’t affected her milk supply at all! And I personally have seen great results thus far…I’ll be doing another post in the next few weeks with my 6-week results. 
I gained about 22 lbs with Camden and about 7lbs so far this pregnancy. Breastfeeding really helped shed the weight but I had some on my stomach and legs that was hard to get rid of. I started doing Orange Theory and that got me in amazing shape! I’m trying to workout this pregnancy – with Cam I literally worked out twice and I have a feeling it will be harder to bounce back this time around!

9. Meggan – I know you just got the cordless Dyson recently, which one did you get and do you like it?
I got this one and love it! It has a couple different attachments, is powerful, and takes up very little room in the storage closet!

10. I was wondering if you could give insight on privacy as a influencer/blogger. My little sister-in-law just started a lifestyle blog/Instagram. How do you guys handle privacy/safety as influencers? Her followers are growing and as protective big sis I looked through them and there was some sketchy people following her. We are also visiting her for the holidays and though I want to support her…I don’t want her posting pics or doing Instagram stories on my little ones. How do you girls approach all this as seasoned influencers?
It’s fine to tell her that you aren’t comfortable with her posting your kids – we’re sure she’d understand that! This is something we struggle with also…as a blogger you want to open up and share so much, but at the same time (as you said) the world is full of creepy people and there’s a fine line. There’s really no right answer here, and everyone is different – you have to do what makes you feel comfortable, but if you are worried about her, just talk to her about your concerns!

11. I’m going to a bachelorette party in Miami, FL next month. It will be my first time visiting Miami and I need some outfit help! We will be going to a pool party one day and then to dinner/out the next night. Can you give some outfit recommendations for both the pool and night out?
For the pool: this coverup, this set, this dress, or this coverup. Night out: this set, this dress, this jumpsuit, or this dress.

12. I NEED to know what the cute baby sites are. Like, for buying clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. I’m ready to start ordering things!
Love Lou Lou & Company, Spearmint LOVE, Freshly Picked, MilkbarnNordstrom, Clementine KidsLittle Unicornfinn + emma, and The Tot.

13. I’m looking for a new dainty gold choker I can wear all the time and easily layer.  My old one tarnished because I never took off so probably need to invest in a littler better quality one. Any suggestions?
A few were loving: here, here, here, and here!

14. Brooke – I’m interested in going dairy free, but feel like it would be so hard! Can I ask why you decided to be dairy free? Are you also gluten free? Meggan are you either gluten or dairy-free also?
After I had Avery I really struggled with acne on my chin, and a lot of people recommended cutting dairy. I tried it, but wasn’t fully committed. Then I did Whole30, and cut it for 30 days, and my skin went from horribly broken out to completely clear, and I figured out it was the dairy! I thought it would be really hard, but it’s not at all! I’m not gluten free, but I don’t eat a ton of gluten. 
No, I’m not but try to avoid dairy. I rarely cook with it at home but will eat it if we’re out. After I did Whole30 my skin and stomach felt amazing and it was from being dairy free!

15. Do either of ya’ll have dress suggestions for a family Christening. Revolve’s dress collection is huge and I’m struggling to weed out appropriate dresses. For dress style reference, I’m 5’1″ 110lbs.
This one is really pretty (in the white) and you can button it so the slit is not so high, this one is so pretty and you could always throw on a jacket or a cardigan for the church, love this one, and this one is a classic best-seller you’d have in your closet for years!

16. I’m wondering if you can help with a home decor search. We are redoing our master bedroom and we currently have brushed nickel that we’re replacing with brass hardware. We have a chandelier with ceiling fan that has brushed nickel so I’m on the search for a brass ceiling light that also has a fan. Any help? The walls are a dark blue and the furniture is dark wood.
This one or this one would be our pick – super simple, a little industrial and looks really pretty in a bedroom! Scroll through to see pics of it in people’s homes. This one is another great option!

17. I’m going to Cancun in the middle of July and am looking for some casual dresses and/or rompers to wear. Any suggestions?
So fun! Love this maxi dress, this jumpsuit, this romper, this dress, this coverup, this maxithis jumpsuit (love it in orange) and this romper.

18. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in September and we’re trying to look for some cool budget friendly dining room furniture: tables, chairs, buffet or bar cart etc. Any ideas!?
Definitely check Wayfair and All Modern! They have great, affordable pieces! Some favorites – this bar cartthis dining tabledining chairs, and buffet.

19. Brooke – have you done tutorial on how to style your hair? Also what curling iron do you use?
You can see my hair tutorial here, this is how I curl my hair! I either use this curling wand, or this one!

20. Do you have any fun outfit ideas for a bachelorette party in July? Need an outfit for dinner and a day bar hopping on the lake!
Obsessed with this coverup, this jumpsuit, this romper, and this dress. For dinner love this jumpsuit, this set, or this dress!

21. Do you have an everyday lip color/gloss for summer? Looking for something kind of fun but not dramatic where I can’t wear it everyday. My face gets pretty tan in the summer also!
I always have this Kopari gloss in my purse, it’s clear but soo hydrating! I also love this Buxom Lip Polish in Samantha and this NYX Butter Gloss in Créme Brulee – both give a little pop of color but nothing drastic!
Brooke: If your face gets tan, I love a more brown nude or an orangey lip. Both look so good with a tan! For browns I love Volatile and Fresh Brew, and for an orange I’ve been using and loving this lip stain in Orange Water (stays on allll day) and this oil/gloss in tangerine over it. I also love this gloss in Peach Daiquiri – alone or over anything it looks great!

22. Meggan – I know you suffered from night sweats in the past, and said that your Leesa cooling mattress seemed to be helping 1.5 weeks into getting it. I wanted to check in now that you’ve been using the mattress for a while to see if you have updates – still no night sweats?
Still no night sweat after having them 2-4 times a week! I feel like a new person lol.

23. Would love to see your top picks for mini crossbody bags that can carry through all seasons! Under $2,000. I can’t find anything higher-end and under $2k that is practical(ish) for #momlife?!
Our favorites under $2k are: this one, this one (love!), this Guccithis one (have it, love it!), and this one (obsessed!)! We’d love any of these 😉

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