5 Skin Care Mistakes You Want to Avoid

We didn’t start taking our skin care routines seriously until a few years ago – which we realllly regret! So today we’re rounding up 5 mistakes we’ve made (so you don’t have to!) + some new products we’re loving from Farmacy Beauty. So many of you girls have recommended different Farmacy products to us, and we have to to say…you were right! We are so happy with every product we’ve tried (breaking them down for you below)! So, thank you! We are always looking out for new clean + natural products to try, and so many of you recommended we check out these products because #1 they work (let’s be real), and #2 they are a farm-to-face, clean ingredient skincare company (pregnancy & nursing safe!). Okay, onto our skincare mistakes you’ll want to avoid!

1. Not using sunscreen. We are almost ashamed to admit this, but we didn’t start using sunscreen religiously until this year. We know, so bad. It’s the #1 mistake you can make…everyone needs to be using a sunscreen! Green Screen is effective (no sunburn after being at the pool for 5+ hours!), and doesn’t leave your face white, greasy, or chalky! We use this on our kids as well!
2. Not double cleansing. We start off with a cleansing balm to remove dirt, makeup, and impurities on the skin. It literally melts everything off your face, but doesn’t dehydrate it. This Green Clean has been added to our favorites list after using it for several weeks – the smell, texture, and ability to remove alllll makeup is so good! This is now one product we can’t live without. After using a cleansing balm, wash your face with a cleanser to clean the skin completely.
3. Using the same products for AM & PM. Okay, this may not necessarily be considered a “mistake,” but for us – it’s kind of a big deal. We definitely do not use the same products in the morning as we do at night. In the morning, we are prepping for the day – water or a very gentle cleanse (Clean Bee), a lightweight moisturizer (like Honey Drop), SPF (Green Screen), and you’re ready for makeup. At night, we prefer a heavier moisturizer or balm/oil like Sleep Tight. Sooo many of you recommended this, and we are now hooked! Such a great overnight treatment! Sadly, it’s so good that it’s currently sold out, but we’ll be sure to let you know once it’s back in stock.
4. Sleeping on a cotton pillow case. Switching your pillowcase from cotton to silk is not the ultimate solution, but an added befit to your skincare routine! Silk pillowcases can help prevent breakouts, sleep cooler, and are said to help prevent wrinkles (and frizzy hair, but that’s another post!). We switched to silk pillowcases about two years ago, and have zero plans to go back to cotton! We first picked up this tip from a few celebrities (as well as celeb dermatologists!), and now it seems like everyone and their mother has a silk pillowcase – and for good reason!
5. Falling asleep with a full face of makeup. Ugh – we’ve all been there, too exhausted to take off makeup and properly cleanse late at night. But what a mistake! Sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, and there’s nothing worse than waking up with it on! So, do yourself (and your skin!) a favor, and take it off every night. Even if it means hitting your face with a quick Green Clean, followed by Honey Drop. Even if you don’t do a full cleansing/face routine, at least get your makeup off and apply some moisturizer! You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

SPF is a must – and the younger you are, the better off you’ll be! Add it to your routine ASAP.

Cleansing balm is a game changer – no more messy oil makeup remover, this little jar will melt the makeup off your face! It changes from a solid to an oil once you apply it to your skin, and washes off easily – the best concept when it comes to removing makeup!

I’ve been wearing Honey Drop under my SPF for super smooth makeup application – kind of obsessed with this lightweight moisturizer for daytime use! I apply it after cleaning my face in the morning, let it sink in for about 10 minutes while I get my coffee, then apply my SPF. A little bit goes a long way (yay!), and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt a smoother moisturizer, honestly. So good.

If you’re looking for a hydrating mask, the Honey Potion is a must! It leaves your skin dewy and gives a healthy glow. Also – the spatula is magnetic so you’ll never lose it!

Sleep Tight was the #1 product you guys recommended from Farmacy, and I’m hooked. Love this overnight treatment!


Big thanks to Farmacy Beauty for partnering on this post!