1. You girls seem to have pretty much everything in common, what are some things you differ on big and small?
Okay, sorry we are struggling with this! Nothing major really comes to mind when we think of how we are different. Brooke is more of a worrier than Meggan (worry about everything lol), but we are really similar in a lot most ways. We are both shy (which always surprises people), indecisive (drives our husbands crazy when we’re all together b/c we can’t make a decision to save our lives lolll), easy-going, hate scary movies, and love most of the same foods (tacos! ramen! pho!). A lot of people say it’s hard to have a good relationship (friendship or business relationship) when two people are so similar, but it works for us!

2. Are ankle bracelets going to be big this summer? I feel like I’m seeing them all over!
Yes love them – we’re both wearing ones from Smith & Mara! A few other cute options are herehere, and here.

3. Meggan – what is your pregnancy skincare routine?
My skincare routine is pretty much the same! Morning: wash with water, vitamin c serum, this eye cream, and this sheer renewal cream. Nighttime: remove my makeup with this cleansing balm, wash with this cleanser, this recovery cream (or this overnight cream), and this oil. The only two products I stopped using is this oil (it has retinol) and this face mask. Oh and for sunscreen I use this lotion or this setting spray.

4. How do you guys budget for splurges (designer bags, shoes, etc.)? Loving all your Chanel pieces and wondering how you make it happen!
We talked about budgeting in this post (question 1). Everyone’s budget is going to be different, but if there is something you really want/have your heart set on, start saving for it now! Once you know the price, you can determine how long it will take you to save for it. Put a little away each paycheck, skip mindless spending that can add up quickly (like Starbucks runs, lunches out, etc), and hold off on shopping until you have enough saved to buy the piece you really want! Also, check sites like Fashionphile or Vestiaire for pre-loved designer pieces that are like new!

5. I’m looking for some cheaper cute bikini options! Now that VS isn’t an option I’m having a hard time finding suits. Also, I hate this high leg trend on bikini bottoms!! So those are out!
For cute but budget friendly swim suits we love ASOS, Express, H&M, and Forever21. A few cute ones: here, here, here, here, and here.

6. Splitting holidays!! How do you choose? When did you start doing it?
We were just talking about our holiday family schedule this morning. Both Chad and I are pretty easy going when it comes to splitting time with families. Since we live far from both of our families, we will usually do one holiday with one family, and the next with the other family. This year, his parents will fly here for Christmas at our home from the 21st-25th, and we will most likely go visit my family after that on the 26th. I think the key is being flexible. If you can’t agree on who to see (for example if you both want Christmas with your own family), I would say one year celebrate with his family, and the next year celebrate with your family. That way it’s always going to be even.
Meggan: Kyle and I are pretty easy going about it too and so are our families. We will try to do every other holiday with each family (Thanksgiving with one, Christmas with the other) or do both. For example, this year for the 4th we went to see my family the week before and came home on the 3rd to see Kyle’s family in Dallas.

7. What do you girls usually buy during the Nordstrom sale? Will you be doing a post on it?
I like to get Hanky Panky thongs, Neulash, booties, sweaters, and Natori bras.
Brooke: I buy a mix of affordable, trendy pieces and big-ticket items that will stay in my closet for years (cashmere sweaters, boots, coats/jackets). I also love checking out the beauty things on sale because the good stuff always sells out quickly!

8. Have you guys ever considered not blogging together? Have you ever wanted your own space or do you guys think you will always blog together?
No – we had separate blogs before we started Somewhere, Lately together. We love working together & work so well as a team. People are always asking us if we argue or get mad at each other lol, and it couldn’t be further from our reality (thank the lawwwwd!). We did an entire post on blogging together, you can read that here.

9. I am starting to prepare for fall and I am trying to decide on which black booties I should invest in (something classic). I’m looking for a chelsea boot and about a 2 1/2 inch heel pair. A few brands/pairs I looked at are Anine Bing, Stuart Weitzman, Rag and Bone (Willow bootie), Acne (Jensen bootie), and ByFar (Becca or Neva bootie).
Lovee the Acne Jensen bootie, it’s so stylish and classic. We’re also huge fans of Anine Bing, Rag & Bone (love the pair you picked out), and Stuart Weitzman booties – specifically this pair, this pair, and this pair!

10. I’m looking for some everyday wear earring studs that will last a long time. What are your favorites?
Investing a little bit in a pair with real gold will be worth it if you want them to last a long time. I have this pair and wear them every day. Also love thesethese (might have to buy these!), and these.

11. Do you have a list of books you’ve read and loved anywhere? I’m currently reading The Woman in Cabin 10 and loving it!
Yes we have a list here! A few other recent favorites are Ugly Love, The Perfect Couple, The Idea of You, and Behind Closed Doors.

12. Brooke would you ever consider moving out of New York? And Meggan would you ever consider moving out of Dallas?
I haven’t considered it (yet) since we recently moved here and it’s a good fit for our family. We’re close to Kyle’s fam (right across the street actually lol), it’s a good location for Kyle’s work, and no winters! But I could definitely see us moving to the West Coast at some point in our life! 
We will probably always be here on the East Coast or the West Coast (California). I never say never, and would be open to moving anywhere, but we will most likely be in one of those two places!

13. I would love suggestions for work wear! My work dress code only includes dresses and skirts/blouses.
Skirts we love: this onethis one, and this one. Dresses: this one and this one. Blouses: this onethis one, and this one. Hope that helps! xx

14. Can you recommend some key items for a 3 day sales conference in Arizona? I work for an entertainment company so it’s a somewhat casual vibe!
We would try to stick to dresses and skirts since it will be really hot (but cold inside so bring a lightweight sweater or blazer)! A couple options are this floral dress, this skirt with this cami, this pencil skirt, this midi dress, and this eyelet dress.

15. My baby shower is coming up in September and it tends to be the hottest month here. Do you have any maternity dresses you’d recommend that won’t keep me hot and still be cute to wear with some nice sandals?
Love this pink/red pleated one, this yellow one, this sundressthis floral one, or this polka dot one!

16. Meggan – how did you get Cam so comfortable in the water? My daughter is the same age and would never jump off a diving board or go down a slide!
Both his grandparents have pools so he’s been around water/swimming since he was a baby. I think it helps that he has older cousins that love to swim and he wants to do everything they do! He started swimming lessons this winter (still in them) and that has helped a lot too.

17. I’m going on a beach vacation later this month! If you were going, what would you bring?
We’d pack this suit, this coverup, this romper (love it in jade!), these sandals, this hat, these shortsthis tote, this maxi, this tank, and this dress.

18. Do you have any recommendations for any cute affordable dresses that can be worn to a business casual office?
Business casual dresses under $100: this shift dress, this smocked dress, this crepe dress, and this wrap dress.

19. Can you recommend a few cosmetic cases that are good for travel? I had my heart set on this 2-in-1 case from Mark & Graham but it is back-ordered until August and I have a trip coming up in 2 weeks. I like the idea of having a smaller compartment for more delicate toiletries. Would love some travel-friendly suggestions!
That one is super cute – love Mark & Graham! A couple other ones we like are here (Brooke has this one – see the post here), here, and here (looks spacious).

20. I am headed to Newport, RI for a weekend getaway with the BF. While we are there we are going to a tennis tournament. Our seats are directly in the sun and want to wear something light and cute so I am not sweating while watching and something that I can still wear when we go out to a nice dinner after. Any suggestions?
We would probably wear a white dress and a hat. Some options we love – this dressthis onethis onethis one,  and this one with this hat! Have fun!

21. Meggan – I love your rug from your bedroom but it’s sold out. Any recommendations on something similar?
Oh bummer! A few similar rugs are here, here, and here!

22. Do you have an active Tula code? Also, what are your favorite products?
Yes, it’s SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off and free shipping (for orders over $50). Our favorites are: the cleanser, day & night cream, exfoliating mask, eye serum, gel cream, and the probiotics.

Leave your questions for next week below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! Have a great weekend! xo