1. Just wondering if you mamas have any recommendations for stretch mark creams? Any specific brands you like? When do you start using? #newmomtobe over here is clueless!
I’m using this Burt’s Bee’s Belly butter!
Brooke: I used this BioOil with both pregnancies and loved it & never got stretch marks.

2. What have you guys purchased from the Nordstrom sale so far?
 I got this cardigan (size 2), this jacketthis jacketthese jeans (go down 1 size, so flattering!), these loafersthese sneakersthis sweaterthis dressthis sweatshirt (size small), this lounge set size small for both (pants and sweatshirt)this jacket, and these leggings. I shared the three things I bought from the beauty section on stories this morning, but they are this nifty little tool, this lip kit, and this highlight set (stunning!).
So far I’ve ordered these maternity leggings, Hanky Panky thongs, this cardiganthis bra, this pullover (in charcoal), neuLASH, and the Nurse Jamie uplift facial set! I’m going to the store today so I’ll be posting everything I get in another post. Oh and I got these sneakers for Cam and thinking about getting this lounge chair for the baby!

3. Do either of you have any tips/tricks for potty training? We’re about to start with my daughter and I’m feeling anxious!
My #1 tip is to wait until they are ready, don’t try to force it. We tried to train Sophia before she wanted to (b/c we thought she ‘should’ be at 2) and it was a nightmare – for her and us! Our pediatrician said you cannot force them even if they are ready/smart enough, they have to want to. So we put her back in diapers, and 5 months later she was potty trained in a day because she was ready. It’s so much easier to wait a little longer! We did the same for Avery and it has worked well! Set a timer for 30 minutes, and take them every 30 minutes for the first couple of days…they need to be reminded in the beginning ;). Also, every child is different – Sophia was fully potty trained at 2.5 years, never wore pullups and has had 1 accident her whole life lol. Avery is still wearing pullups at night at 3…b/c I’m sick of washing sheets every single morning ;). Don’t stress, it’s not as bad as you think it will be, I promise! xx
Meggan: I agree with waiting until they’re ready! We got Cam a potty and potty books when he was 2.5 but he didn’t seem too interested. He went a few times on it but we didn’t force it – more so just wanted him to get comfortable. We kept telling him when he turned 3 the diapers go bye bye and kind of hyped it up and tried to get him excited about it. A few days after his birthday (last month), we put undies on him and rewarded him every time he went potty (a couple M&M’s) and did big celebrations. I just kept asking him if he had to go potty and tried to sit him on it every 20-30 minutes. My in-laws live across the street and he always wanted to run over and tell them he went potty, it was so cute! And after he went #2 (he was scared to do it) I brought him to Target and he got to pick out a new toy. It only took him a couple days to really get it down! I was feeling stressed about it too but it ended up being so much easier than I thought it would be. Good luck mama!

4. Have either of you been to Disney? I am going there in August and was wondering if you would suggest any cute outfit ideas for the parks. I am also looking for a cute backpack that will hold a good amount of items?
Yes, August will be HOT! Disney is so hot always, lol so be sure to dress cool! Some ideas we love are: this romperthis dressthis dress, or this one. Wear sneakers or comfortable sandals! Backpacks – love this floral onethis one (cutest color combos!), or this one!

5. Do you gals have a favorite hair mask or product to use to keep your hair healthy and moisturized?
Meggan: I love this conditioner – it makes my hair so soft and easy to brush through after a shower!
Brooke: I don’t use any hair masks, my hair is naturally pretty oily so I don’t feel like it gets dried out easily (but the oil struggle is real!). I try to keep heat use to a minimum and I think that helps a lot! I only wash my hair once/week (twice at most, but that’s rare) and try to only really style it 2-3 times/week. When my ends start to feel dry, I use an oil on them (either this one or this one).

6. Could you please do a round up of maternity dresses, overalls, rompers, etc for the height of summer and fall that are under $50? I could definitely fit in non-maternity so those options would be welcome as well. I just don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes UNLESS they would work after baby.
Some cute pieces: this tank dressthis button down dress, these overallsthis blousethis jersey dress, this teethis sundress, and this striped dress.

7. What polish is currently on both your nails? You two always have the best manis!
Brooke has CND creekside and Meggan CND mint convertible.

8. Looking for an everyday crossbody purse. It needs to be able to hold everyday items i.e. wallet, phone, sunglasses, diaper 😉
Not sure of your budget, but some favorites are: onetwothree, and four.

9. I’m looking for some sneaker and flat sandals ($100 or less cute but comfortable) that I can use for casual and casual dressy as I’m only allowed to use a carry-on per my husbands request.
These sneakers are so comfy and under $100, also love this pair (in the red, white, and blue)! For sandals – we have and love this pair and this pair!

10. I’m going to NYC at the end of July to celebrate my friend’s birthday (girls trip). We are shopping/sightseeing during the day then going out in Chelsea at night. I would love some outfit suggestions keeping in mind I’m a mid-30s Mom!
For the day you will want to be comfy because you’ll do a lot of walking! Love this dress, these white sneakers, this romper, this off-the-shoulder dress, this jumpsuit, and these sandals. For night: this midi dress, this jumpsuit (it’s stretchy and so comfy!), or skinny jeans with this top!

11. I have a friend’s wedding coming up in mid-August in Birmingham that’s black tie optional. Would love some help finding a dress for the occasion that I can rewear in the future and is reasonably priced!
This dress is gorgeous and could be worn again and again, this dress in red is stunning (we think red to a wedding – esp black tie – is fine!), this one is gorgeous and looks so much more expensive than it is, and this dress is 40% off and so much prettier in person than it looks online! LOVE it!

12. Where would you gals recommend shopping for fashion/trend jewelry that you don’t want to spend over $50 on? I’ve had a couple of Bauble Bar and Kendra Scott pieces fade almost as fast as cheap stuff and seem to always be disappointed by quality! Lately I’ve just been spending 5-10 bucks on Forever21 jewelry I know I’ll have to throw out in a month, but that seems like a waste!
Inexpensive jewelry takes a little more care to keep it looking nice (take it off when you shower, apply lotion, etc), but we have never had any issues with our Kendra Scott or Baublebar pieces (we swim & shower in them), so sorry to hear that! Those are two brands we love, as well as NadriMiranda Frye, and Anthro (I’ve been swimming and showering in this bracelet for over a month and it still looks new).

13. I’m heading to Edinburgh, Scotland in two weeks for a wedding. The wedding is in a castle and black tie optional. I will be 29 weeks pregnant. Any outfit suggestions?
Wow that sounds amazing! Love this dress (would look gorg with a red lip!), this yellow pleated dress, this floral dress, this black/white one, and this black lace dress.

14. I’m not sure if either of you have one but any tips on styling other jewelry with an Apple Watch? I love mine but have trouble pairing it with other pieces without it sticking out. I’ve got the black watch with a black band but am looking to getting a band I can dress up a little more!
Simple/small bracelets like this one, this one, this one, or this one could look nice with it!

15. Looking for rehearsal dinner dresses for my upcoming wedding!
Congrats! Some pretty dress options are: here, here, here, and here. This jumpsuit is pretty too!

16. Brooke – looking for jewelry details. What were the necklaces you were wearing in your Nordstrom try-on blog post? Also, rings you always wear? And can you share what two dainty bracelets you wear with your Love bracelet?
The neckalces are from Kendra Scott (this one) and Monnier Freres (this one), my rings are from Tiffany (this one and this one), Kendra Scott (this one), and Pandora (I stack two of this ring), and on my ring finger is the Love ring surrounded by my wedding bands, and the bracelets are this one and this one.

17. How tall are you ladies?
Brooke – 5’6 and Meggan – 5’4

18. If you could only buy three things from the Nordstrom Sale, what would you pick? (Not to be bossy haha, but please show me things that are in stock!)
Okay, we discussed this and agree – a jacket, a cardigan, and boots OR the GloPro – you may be set on one but not the other so we’re giving the option here lol!

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