1. Do you use a retinol product and if so what kind have you had success with? I’ve been hearing they’re crucial to your skincare routine.
 The only retinol product I’ve used lately is this Colleen Rothschild night oil but had to stop using because I’m pregnant. I definitely plan to add it back into my routine once I can – there’s so many benefits!
Brooke: I use this retinol from CR as well as the same oil that Meggan mentioned. I just recently started using retinol after a dermatologist told me it’s the #1 product every woman (w/the exception of pregnant or nursing) should be using!

2. If you had a $600 gift card to Amazon and could only buy one thing (can’t go over the $600 either) what would you buy?
Oh shoot! That’s a good one! I would probably get this Roomba or a nice suitcase. I will say though, if I didn’t already have a SONOS, that would probably be my top choice! Love having music throughout the house!
Meggan: We’re planning on doing a little home gym so I would get a dumbbell weight set, a bench, a dip station, and the TRX home gym bundle. Or maybe just put it all toward a treadmill!

3. I’ve never used foundation, typically just a tinted moisturizer and a powder, however as I get a little older I am starting to want a little more coverage. Definitely still want something really light and not cakey. Any recommendations?
I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It gives good coverage but isn’t cakey. Another one that’s really light is the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. I think both leave a pretty flawless look and it doesn’t feel like you have anything on!
Brooke: I agree – go for the GA Luminous Silk. Also, I love to mix it with the Fluid Sheer before applying for a dewy look – so gorgeous!

4. Did either of you have any say in your engagement ring styles? I know some women will pick theirs out or hint at what they want. Not sure if I want it to be a surprise or if it’s something I want to be a part of in the future.
I showed Kyle a picture of a ring I liked once and he goes “you know that’s like 7 carats right!?” LOL oops. I was clueless. But he got an idea from that picture and I just let him do his thing and it was a surprise!
Brooke: Same. I had shown Chad a picture of one I liked long before we were engaged so he had an idea of what I liked, and in the end I think he went off of that b/c it was pretty similar. I know girls who have completely designed their own ring, and some who had a complete surprise – to each their own! I say, do whatever makes you happy ;). But I thought it was fun to have it as a surprise!

5. How do you organize your different bathroom products (meaning serums, lotions, etc)? I have a bit of an obsession with skincare products and that does not lend itself to an organized countertop. Would love some ideas/tips on how to keep that area looking neat!
I keep everything I use on a daily basis (or weekly for certain products I use once/week) in this bin and it’s perfect for under the sink! Everything else is stored in my linen closet.
I keep all my products that I’m using on a tray similar to this marble one! It looks pretty and I like being able to see everything I’m using instead of shoving it into a drawer.

6. Brooke – where is your phone case from?
It’s this one from Tech21!

7. One of you (I think it may have been Brooke?) recently splurged on a pricey La Mer face serum. I don’t think I’m ready to spend that much but I am just curious how the product worked out for you?
Eeek yes! I actually haven’t even opened it yet, but I’m going to this week. Stay tuned, I’ll be honest! I’ve heard mixed reviews!

8. What everyday day and night cleanser do you use (besides Tula)?
The Tula cleanser is the one I’ve used the most/longest but I recently started using this one from Farmacy Beauty and love it. It’s good for sensitive skin and smells good!
Brooke: Agreed – TULA is my current/longtime favorite, but I also love this one and this one from Elemis and this one from Dr. Dennis Gross.

9. Do you have any recommendations for custom jewelry? I would love to engrave a nice piece of jewelry for my mom for our wedding.
Smith + MaraBlue Nile, or Tiffany.

10. What kind of shower body soap do you girls use/recommend/want to try? Do you use a loofah or anything else?
I use the TJ’s tingle body wash, this one from Honest, and this one from Molton Brown. If I’m at Target I’ll grab a bottle of Suave (this one is my fave).
I use  J.R Watkins body wash or the Trader Joe’s tingle body wash!

11. I just stopped breastfeeding (hallelujah, praise Jesus!) but now my breast look like tubes socks with a golf balls in them! Do you have any suggestions on good bras that have a little lift to them?
Lollll…the perks (or not so perky) of breastfeeding 😉 I really like Natori bras, specifically the feathers contour one and the t-shirt bra.
Brooke: HA! The struggle is for sure real! My favorite bras are this one from Natori and this one from ThirdLove.

12. I’m going to Croatia & Greece in September and the three major things on my list I need are: cute but comfy (non white) tennis shoes for days filled with lots of walking, a pair of go-to heels for the trip that aren’t very tall and a small bag or fanny pack that is good for preventing pit pocketing.
Jealous! Some cute sneakers: here (on sale!), here, here (classics), and here. Go-to heels: here, here (love in both colors!), and here. Favorite bags are: here, here, and here. Have so much fun!

13. I am looking for something to wear in our newborn pics next month! Do you have any suggestions?
This white maxi
is pretty, a neutral cardigan like this one or this one with a tee and jeans would be cute, love this jumpsuit, and this dress too.

14. I have searched high and low for a dress to wear to a wedding in September in New Zealand. The seasons are reverse so it will be cold! The wedding is at a winery outside of Auckland call the Hunting Lodge. Everything I try on has been unflattering in my love handle/belly area, which is no fun lol. Since it will be cold,  I would like something with sleeves or at least avoid spaghetti straps and strapless, and under $200. I also live in Australia so if international shipping is available that would be great as well!
Some dresses that would help hide any imperfections and be better for cool weather, and also ship to you: this one, this one, this one, and this one! Also, get some Spanx! They work wonders ;).

15. Can you guys share a few of your favorite jean shorts?! I’m on the hunt for a few new pairs.
I haven’t bought any new pairs this summer but I looove this pair that I got last year! They’re high waisted and aren’t too short.
Brooke: I have the same pair and love them! Also, this pair looks so great and a little longer. My friend has this pair – they are so cute on!

16. Can you ladies share two people that inspire you on IG (style-wise)? Not looking for motivation/life stuff, purely style/aesthetic/vibes please lol ;). Love discovering new, pretty accounts to follow and would love to see who you girls are inspired by.
Two of my favs are Sivan Ayla and Lauren Johnson (disco daydream) – love their aesthetics and vibe!
Brooke: I love both of those girls as well, and two more of my faves are Kayla and Rozalia. Inspo for days!

17. I am celebrating my 30th birthday in NYC in August, do you have suggestions on casual rompers / dresses for the day (exploring the city) and then more dressed up options for the night?
This one
could be dressed up or down, this one is so good for a night out, this dress is gorgeous for dinner (obsessed with the marigold color!), this one is so cute for daytime with flat sandals, and this romper is also so cute for day! Happy 30th love! xx 

18. My husband and I are going to Seattle for a long weekend in 2 weeks (first timers!) and I’m struggling with ideas for what to wear during the day! I’m usually pretty good at putting outfits together until it comes to places I’ve never been to. Help!
Seattle is really casual and you’ll do a lot of walking! I’d pack things like this dress (cute with sandals or sneakers), this romper, a jean jacketthese shorts (with tucked in tee and a belt), this maxi dress, and this jumpsuit.

19. I’m looking for some cute basics that I can mix and match for a Euro trip at the end of August. Also, do you have a go-to jacket that is cute/casual?
You know we love our basics! Tees like this and this, leggings, jeans, shorts, and we both have and love this jacket. It goes with everything! If you don’t want denim, we love this one.

20. I’m sure you’ve answered this a million times. But looking for cute ideas for “bridesmaid proposal” gifts! Trying to find something unique without spending too much!
We like the idea of keeping it simple, it’s kinda getting overdone, yeah? Fresh flowers & wine are always a great idea! Maybe not super unique, but your friends will appreciate it! Or cupcake delivery? Yum!

21. I’m going to New York In Mid October for a whole week (b-day week yay!) I have no idea what the weather is going to be like or what to expect so I’m a lost puppy when it comes to shopping for that trip and what to pack. What do you recommend? Also, should I just pack sneakers, shoes for going out at night & don’t even bother with booties since there is going to be a lot of walking?
The weather in October is usually so gorgeous, but also unpredictable! It might be perfect fall weather, or it could be super hot! I would pack layers for sure so you’re not super over or under-dressed for the weather. Pack some tees, a light sweater, a blazer or denim jacket, and maybe one heavier jacket just in case! Unless your booties are super comfortable for a ton of walking, I would skip those during the day! Sneakers or super comfy flats will be your best bet! Have so much fun, October is my favorite!

22. Will you give me some outfit and shoe recommendations for Austin City Limits?
This dress
is super cute, love this set (top + bottoms), denim shorts (or denim skirt) + a belt + graphic tee, or this romper with white sneakers!

23. What are the best maternity leggings?
, Zella, or Beyond Yoga!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Email us your questions at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them below! xo