1. Can you girls recommend a good quality (and preferably natural) tinted moisturizer for a nice glow in the fall & winter?
The only I’ve really tried and love is this Laura Mercier one. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t make your skin look greasy!
Brooke: I’ve been using this tinted sunscreen from Obaji (in shade warm) and I’m obsessed! I have very sensitive skin and this works so well for me, plus I love the tint. I can run out without foundation and feel good and I’m covered SPF-wise. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen either.

2. What color stain are the hardwood floors in your current and previous houses? Pros? Cons? Do you have any insight or tips for picking a stain??
Our old house was a mix of Fruitwood and Classic Gray (50/50 mix) and we had red oak. I loved it because it hid the dirt, dust, and scratches so well. Now we have white oak and we did a custom stain…I have no idea what the colors are because there were several involved, sorry! But we were aiming to as close to the raw, natural look of white oak as possible.
Meggan: I’m not sure what our stain is but it’s a little darker. I like it because like Brooke said, it hides everything!

3. I miss your monthly beauty must-have posts!! Any recent favorite products?
We need to start those again! Some new favorites are this brightening polish (so good), this primer, this nude lipstick triothis face wash, this bronzer, this face mask, and this serum.
Brooke: Yes!! I was just thinking we haven’t done one in a while, we’ll do one in August for sure! My favorites are the tinted sunscreen that I talked about in question 1, this nude lip setthis sleep tight balmdual enzyme polish (so good for exfoliating your face!), and this lip balm.

4. Brooke – where is your canopy bed from? If it’s not available have you seen anything similar? Also, can you please link your rug again? I forgot to save that. I love it!
Thank you! My bed is from RH, but I just stumbled upon this one which is a perfect dupe and the price is ahhhmazing! Our new rug is from Serena & Lilly.

5. My sis in law is turning 30 next month and I want to find her something awesome. She’s posh and fashionable, and lives in Dallas. I want to to get either one nice gift or some sort of activity she can do with friends. Any ideas?
A couple special gifts she would love – this necklacethis bracelet (so many colors, I have one and love it), the best blanket ever, or a special spa day at a nice hotel where she can just relax!

6. Meggan – what facial steamer do you have? Do you like it/does it work pretty well?
I got this one off Amazon because it was one of the highest rated and inexpensive! I’ve only used it a handful of times but it produces a lot of steam and works really well!

7. I have a $100 gift card to Free People, but I’m having trouble picking something out! I work in an office setting with a casual/business casual dress code (we can wear jeans every day, but need to be relatively polished) so I feel like I should invest in something I could wear to work. On the other hand, my husband and I are going to the US Open (tennis) in NYC this August, so I feel like I should splurge on something to wear to that. Any recommendations or suggestions on what to buy?
Yay! Maybe I’ll see you at the US Open, it’s soo fun! Definitely snag an outfit for that. Some pieces we’re loving: this dress (so cute with sneakers!), this dressthis dress, and this jumpsuit!

8. Brooke – can you share the eye cream recommendations that you got? I suffer from dark circles too!
Yes, I got so many! I wrote a blog post yesterday with all the top recommendations!

9. I have a bach party in Ft. Lauderdale and we’re all wearing “bright and bold” to dinner to make sure the bride stands out in white! Can you please recommend dress (or romper/jumpsuit) options under $100?
Some fun bright pieces: this romper (love both colors), this dress, this red set, this blue jumpsuit, or this pink romper. Have fun!

10. Brooke – as a fellow NYer, curious what neighborhood in NY do you guys live in? Have you lived in any others?
We aren’t in the city anymore (sadly!), we’re in the burbs now. But the neighborhood we were in when we lived there was the UES and it wasn’t for me…I would have much rather lived anywhere downtown! I’d love to get an apartment in the city again…my favorite neighborhoods are Tribeca, the residential areas of Soho, and the West Village.

11. We are completely redoing our dining room (it was never really finished). Can each of you recommend a look for a dining room with a reasonably priced table, seating, light fixture, rug, artwork, and any other pieces/decor you would add?
I’ll just share what I have in my dining room now and maybe that will give you some ideas! This table + bench, chairs similar to these, sheepskin throws for the bench, still on the hunt for the perfect vintage rug, this light fixture, and this planter.
Brooke: Here’s an affordable look I looooove – this tulip table with these wishbone chairs, this chandelier, this rug, this art, and get a live (or good fake) plant in there! Simple, chic, and budget-friendly!

12. Do you have outfit recommendations for a bachelorette weekend in Austin, TX? We will be doing a late dinner and out one night. The next day we are planning to go downtown mid-day and explore and spend the rest of the evening/night out as well.
Some options for night: this dress, this romper, this jumpsuit, or this bodysuit. For daytime: this set, this romper, could be cute with sneakers), or shorts with a cute tank.

13. Meggan – where is your living room rug from?
It’s this one from West Elm and on major sale!

14. My fiancé and I are getting engagement photos taken this fall. They will be taken in our house and around our neighborhood (outside & bars/restaurants we like). We are hoping to keep them pretty casual. Do you have any outfit ideas (jeans, casual dress/romper) that will photograph well?
This sweater dress is pretty (would look good with booties), love this blouse, these jeans are our favorites and go with everything (would look good with this sweater), and love this dress!

15. What are your thoughts on the whole K-beauty skin care/regimen? I know you’ve been using other products but am wondering if you looked into k-beauty before choosing your skin care routine.
I’m so fascinated by it, and want to start exploring the products. I listened to a podcast all about K-Beauty and it was amazing. When I went to FaceGym, they told me that J-Beauty (Japanese) is coming, and it’s going to blow K-Beauty out of the water (their words!)…so I’m also excited to see that! Does anyone have any favorite products we should try?!
I’ve never really looked into it but sounds like I need to!

16. Do you have any cute dress ideas for a baby shower (maternity or non-maternity)?
Love this stripe dress, this white sundress, this maxi dress, and this lace midi dress!

17. I recently got engaged and am in need of outfits for engagement photos! I live in MPLS and we are doing fall photos. Would love to do a sweater dress (open to colors, not just white) and some cute tops or bodysuits!
Congratulations! A couple sweater dresses we’re loving are here (in my cart – so cute!), herehere, and here. Some top options: here, here, and here!

18. I’m headed to Napa next month. I would love suggestions for outfits – day (wine tasting) and night (dinners). It’s going to be a with a group of professionals, not a friends trip 🙂
Going to share some options that could work for day or night so you can pick and choose – that’s always our strategy when we pack! Love pieces that can be dressed up or down. This dressthis cami with cutoffs (day) or black skinny jeans (night), this dress in gold! (more for night), this off the shoulder top, and this dress (so good, just added to my cart!). Have fun!

19. Are there any super cute bags you’d recommend for using as a diaper bag? This registry stuff is overwhelming!
Ugh yes it’s so overwhelming!! A couple cute diaper bags are here, here, and here. Or you can buy an insert like this and use a tote (love something classic like this or this)!

20. What are you currently reading? I just finished the Idea Of You and loved it!!
I’m about halfway through Crazy Rich Asians and really like it so far! And I have Girls’ Night Out on deck.
Brooke: I’m currently reading The Perfect Couple and love it so far! We’ve been binge watching Billions, so I haven’t been reading as much as I normally do. I want to read When Life Gives You Lululemons next, I’ve heard it’s so good.

21. Brooke – do you sleep in all of your jewelry? I hate putting on my jewelry every morning, but I hate the feeling of it when I sleep lol! The double-edged sword! 
I do sleep in mine! I pretty much never take any of it off…I guess I’m just used to it! Sometimes I take my rings off if my fingers are swollen from the heat or too much sodium though lol b/c that drives me nuts.

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