How My Second Pregnancy Is Different From My First

It’s safe to say this pregnancy is a lot different than my first! Aside from being sick this time around, I’m much more relaxed, know what to expect, and feeling a little more confident.

jumpsuit | hat | sunglasses | sandals | necklace | bag

First pregnancy: I was a worry wart and was constantly wondering if the baby was okay. I had so many questions every time I went to the doctor and was always googling every. little. thing. I also wanted everyones advice for every thing!

Second pregnancy: I feel so much more relaxed! I know eating a little deli meat isn’t going to kill me and I don’t need to use all organic foods and products at all times.

First pregnancy: I read allll the books and was so excited to see the size of my baby each week (omg it’s the size of an eggplant!).

Second pregnancy: I haven’t opened a book and I couldn’t tell you what fruit or veggie my baby resembles this week lol.

First pregnancy: We found out the gender and I wanted to have everything prepared – clothes, nursery, etc.

Second pregnancy: We’re letting the gender be a surprise! I needed to find out with Camden because he was already a BIG surprise himself. At first I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but now I’m excited – it’s going to be sooo fun to find out in the delivery room! I probably won’t plan the nursery until after the baby is born because I want to do a girly theme if it’s a girl (a fun wallpaper or something).

Weight Gain and cravings.
First pregnancy: I slowly put on the pounds and gained about 22 total. I was craving all salty and unhealthy foods (hello Ramen Noodles) and had to try extra hard to resist my cravings. I definitely indulged but was conscious about how often. I didn’t work out except walking to and from work in the city (about a mile each way). Kyle and I went on a lot of walks in the spring before I delivered but that was the extent of it!

Second pregnancy: All I want is sweet foods so I’ve been eating a ton of fruit and smoothies which is good! I’m trying to work out 2-3 times a week but I’ve been traveling and have had family in town so it’s been hard for me to stay motivated lately. I’ve been doing cardio (the treadmill and stepper), free weights, and a ton of stretching. I have a feeling it’s not going to be as easy to bounce back this time around so I’m trying to stay on top of it as much as I can!

Bump pictures.
First pregnancy: I took weekly pictures and we had a cute chalk board in the apartment with a daily countdown till the arrival.

Second pregnancy: Ummm no I don’t want any evidence of my growing double triple chin!! I do plan on doing maternity shoot this time around though – I was bummed I didn’t do one with Cam!

First Pregnancy: I knew being a parent wasn’t going to be easy but I honestly just didn’t have a clue! I thought breast feeding would be easy – like you just stick the baby on your boob, it eats, and then you guys go back to sleep. Boy was I wrong!

Second pregnancy: I know what to expect now and I’m actually a little scared. Birth, post-partum, sore nipples, the newborn stage, no sleep…eek! I know it’s all a phase but I get anxiety just thinking about it! Camden was a really hard baby so I’m praying this one will be a little easier. I’m also scared thinking about trying to go anywhere with two kids! It will obviously get easier as time goes on but might take me awhile to adjust. Even though I’m a little more scared, I definitely feel WAY more prepared!

Can any of you mommas relate!? xx