On My Mind And In My Cart

Dragging this morning after staying up super late last night to watch fireworks at the beach with the fam (and then started the new season of Power – thank god it’s back on!). It was so much fun, but I’m not used to late nights anymore lol…such an old lady ;). Sharing a few things currently on my mind, and what’s in my cart.

tee | jeans | sunglasses

I was at Home Goods yesterday, and this little girl (5 or 6 years old) kept following us around and trying to talk to us. We were talking to her, but I kept wondering where her mom was/if her mom was panicked looking for her like I would be (worst case scenarios always popping into my head). I asked if she needed help finding her mom, and she said, “No, my mom just screamed at me that she was on the phone, and I needed to leave her alone. She only cares about her phone. She’s on it all the time, she is addicted. Addicted means when you can’t stop doing something. And she is definitely ahhhhhhdicted to her phone, she doesn’t even hear me when I talk to her.” I don’t know if it was her dad or someone else in her life who had said that about her mom being addicted to the phone, but I felt really sad for the little girl. She was with us for 15 minutes (no joke), and I felt like I needed to watch her until her mom came to find her. I had to leave, so I walked her back over to her mom…who was sitting on her phone on one of the sofas in the sore…I was shocked. Even though this was obviously an extreme case, it made me realize how kids can see us when we are on our phones a lot. I’m definitely guilty of checking my phone/emails when I’m with my kids, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to put my phone down and be present in the moment. I never want them to feel like the little girl did yesterday :(.

This past week I have really fallen off with working out and staying on track with my macros. My family was in town, and although I stuck with my eating and fasting schedule, I didn’t track my macros and ate/drank more than I have been. Yesterday was a low carb day, but we ordered pizza to the beach for the fireworks, and I ate it. But guess what? Even though I didn’t workout once, and ate/drank whatever I wanted, I still lost a pound. With any other “diet” I would have gained 3lbs back by now, but I’m continuing to lose weight with (very) minimal effort with The Faster Way To Fat Loss. I’m so grateful to have finally found a lifestyle that works for me! This is the last week in my round, but I’m signing up for another round that starts on July 16th. I’m hoping to really dial in my workouts for my second round, now that I’ve got the eating and fasting part down!

If you read this post, you know that one of my summer bucket list items was to teach Avery to swim/get her comfortable with the pool. She’s never had lessons, and with all the accidental drownings recently (so heartbreaking and terrifying), this has been a high priority for us. I thought this was going to take forever to accomplish b/c she wouldn’t even dip her toes in the water (without screaming bloody murder) 3 weeks ago. Now, she can now swim from one side of the pool to the other without floaties, and without (real) lessons…all my years of swim team are finally paying off ;). I have been working with her several times a week, and feel so thankful I’m able to teach her a very important life skill on my own. She has a long way to go before I’m really comfortable, but I’m so happy we’re on the right track!

 I still can’t stop thinking about The Idea of You, it seriously affected me lol. Two new books I just picked up to read – this one & this one. Both were highly recommended for easy, summer reads. Leave me any new suggestions you have!

I’ve been loading up my online carts with all the sales happening. I always load them up, then edit before I check out…does anyone else do this? Here’s what I have for now: this dress, this top, this dress, this straw bag, this tee (I do a size 2), this maxi (look sooo comfy), this slip dress (perfect for super hot summer days), this fringe cami, and this sweatshirt in blue (I can’t stop buying cozy sweatshirts…it’s a problem). Also going crazy over all of these FP pieces on sale! Definitely snagging this sweater in the pink and mustard.