Reebok Be More Human Campaign

We’re so excited to be teaming up with Reebok for the Reebok Women Be More Human Campaign. The campaign celebrates women making a difference in the world – see the amazing, strong, and talented women involved in this campaign here. 100% of the proceeds of the shirts are donated to The Women’s Strength Coalition and The Movement Foundation (amazing, love this foundation!). You can also donate by simply posting a workout photo on insta with the #BeMoreHuman (see the details on that here).

I love the message on this tee – I’m a firm believer in not settling (for a job, a relationship, etc) for anything that doesn’t make you happy, and this tee represents that. It also speaks to my current fitness journey – I was so unhappy with the way I felt, the weight I had gained, and the way my clothes were fitting. I decided enough was enough, and I had to make a change (…more to come in another post) and I’m so happy I did. It’s been two months and I’m feeling so much better, stronger, and more confident than I have in a long time! They say it takes 12 weeks for the outside world to notice a change, and while I’m not there yet, I can see and feel it. That’s what keeps me going on days I feel like giving up!

I wore these leggings for my bootcamp class and I loooove the fit. At first I wasn’t sure about the seam around the ankles, but after the class was over everything was still in place (uncommon after this class lol), and now I see why it’s there – love! They suck you in and the compression is great, I’m wearing a size small. These leggings are now in my cart – that side stripe! Also, these sneakers! I’m so excited the classic Reebok’s are back, they remind me of my childhood – I just ordered this blush/nude pair (look at the marbled side stripes!) also. SO good! They are true to size.

Kick the door open and let change in!

tee (wearing size small) | leggings (wearing size small) | sneakers (true to size) | sweatshirt

“One persons light can electrify the world!” How true is that?!

I have to second what Brooke said about these leggings – they’re so great! They stay in place, the compression is great, and they really smooth everything out (definitely needed during pregnancy!). And these sneakers are so lightweight, comfortable, and hug your feet. I definitely recommend them and they fit TTS!

Itee | leggings (wearing size small) | jacket | sneakers (true to size)

We hope you will get behind this campaign too!

Thank you to Reebok for partnering on this post!