Tackling Dark Circles…The Best Under Eye Creams, According To You

Dark circles…sigh. If you don’t have them, thank your genetics. You’re v lucky! I, on the other hand, look like I got punched in both eyes every morning when I wake up. My daughter frequently asks me, “Why do you have blackness under your eyes? Is that makeup?” Joy! In elementary school (before I was allowed to wear makeup), kids would literally ask me if I got punched in the face. Especially in the winter when the sun was nonexistent in Northwest Iowa ;). Anyway, I’m on the hunt for the best eye cream for dark circles and you guys had so many great suggestions on instastories, and I had a lot of requests to share the results. I’m rounding up the top suggested eye creams for dark circles so we can all come back to reference them in this one spot! These are the eye creams/products that were recommended again and again, so there are a lot of great options out there! I just ordered the Banana Cream and both of the Dr. Dennis Gross products, stay tuned! Also, if you have a favorite not on the list, please add it to the comments section so everyone can see! xx To shop these products, simply click on each item (except for Teamine, that is recommended to be purchased at a MedSpa).