Back To School Shopping

I can’t believe summer is almost over and school is about to start – it seriously went by sooo fast! Cam will be going to school three days a week this year and he’s so pumped. I love how excited he gets about going to see his teacher and friends! He is already into telling me what he wants to wear (especially when it comes to shoes). If I pull a shirt from his closet sometimes he will say “I don’t want to wear that mommy!” LOL. Ever since he turned 3 he’s been VERY opinionated 😉

We love doing our back to school shopping at Nordstrom. They have a great selection of clothes and so many shoe options…and of course Cam loves the balloon they give you. A couple of my favorite brands I buy for Cam are Tucker & Tate, Nike, and Stem. The Tucker + Tate tops are so soft and durable!

Cam is obsessed with these Nikes – like OBSESSED. He wears them everyday, shows everyone we encounter his “new shoes” and even wants to put them after bath time and jammies lol. I’ve had to bust out the magic erase marker to clean them a couple times (works so well for cleaning kids shoes)! I probably need to buy a second pair in case something ever happens to them! I also got him Natives (the best for outside play!), these slip-ons, and a couple pairs of Converse sneakers (white + black).

Cam: hoodie | tee | pants | sneakers | hat
Me: dress | jacket | sunglasses | hat | bag | sneakers

I rounded up some cute options for boys + girls! Loving all the adorable rainbow pieces for girls 🙂



Big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!