Back To School With Bloomingdale’s

Back to school is such a fun time of year! The kids are excited and the mommies are even more excited. Lol just kidding…but not really. If you have kids, you know what we’re talking about ;). One of our favorite things growing up was back to school shopping, and it’s definitely a tradition we are going to continue with our kids. However, growing up in Iowa we had to drive about 3 hours to get to a good mall, our kids are luckier ha! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite back to school finds from Bloomingdale’s for boys and girls!

Is it obvious our family has a camo obsession!? I’m loving Cam’s little sweatshirt and wish it came in my size. It’s so soft and will be perfect for when the temps start cooling down here. Sovereign Code makes the cutest boy clothes. Lots of tee’s, hoodies, and pants that are perfect for back to school – check everything out here.

Love all the boys’ looks in the back to school lookbook!

I had to snag this camo jacket for myself. It’s under $100 and I’m wearing a size xs.

I got this camo backpack for him last year when he started school. It’s spacious and will be used for years to come! We use it for traveling, trips to the aquarium/zoo, etc. too. He calls it his “big boy backpack” :)

sweatshirt | tee | shorts | backpack

This year, school is even more exciting for our fam because Avery will be starting preschool. I can’t believe Sophia will be in 1st grade, it makes me so sad and happy all at the same time. She has a late summer birthday where we could have held her back one more year, but her preschool teacher said she was ready, so we put her in Kindergarten last year and she loved it! I just can’t believe I have a first grader who will be turning 6 next week, it’s crazy how quickly time is going! :(

These two love to get dressed. I mean, they change their outfits like four times/day. Honestly, it’s ridiculous lol. Sophia is very picky about what she wears based on comfort/feel, and Avery just loves clothes (also loves to play dress-up, which Sophia never did). Sophia picked out her outfit from Bloomingdale’s and I love it. This little dress is so cute, comfortable, easy to wear now + layer for fall, and the quality is great. I want her jacket in my size, SO good! This will be her fall jacket – it’s soft and will be warm enough all fall when layered with sweaters and long sleeves. Both her dress and jacket are 20% off now with the code FASHFUND (or 25% off if you have a Bloomie’s card!). I still pick out Avery’s clothes, because the outfits she puts together are hilarious. These camo leggings are her new favorites because they are so soft – the best material! I love Spiritual Gangster, so when I saw this tee in toddler sizes, I had to grab one for her – love the message (it’s on sale today)! I found her denim jacket in store (it’s DL1961), and don’t see it online yet, but this one is very similar! A denim jacket is a staple in both of my girls’ closets – definitely one of their most-worn items. Both of them love classic Converse sneakers – Sophia is wearing this pair, and Avery is in this pair.

True story – we were getting ready to walk to the beach last week, and put Sophia’s backpack (with all of our snacks, sunscreen, etc) on top of Avery’s little ride-on car. We ran inside quick to grab a few more things, and the garbage men thought we were throwing the car away since it was at the end of the driveway (to be fair, the steering wheel was broken off). So…we lost the car, her backpack, and lunch box lol :(. That was a bummer, but I’ll be honest…Sophia was excited to pick out a new backpack when I took her to Bloomingdale’s. When I first saw the price tag on this one, I said no (she’s going into 1st grade, not college). However, when sales associate told me that for every STATE backpack sold, one is packed full of school supplies and donated to a child in need I was sold. Done! I love when companies give back. Not only that, but they do have cutest backpacks – I also love this one and this one!

I picked up this tee and love the stripe on the sleeves – giving me major Gucci vibes but it’s under $50. The material is really great as well – thicker than your average tee. I’ve had these jeans for a while, and they’re still one of my favorite pairs. They seriously feel like leggings. Bonus – they’re on sale now!

Sophia’s outfit – dress | jacket | sneakers | backpack
Avery’s outfit – tee | leggings | sneakers | similar jacket

For the boys…

For the girls…

Big thanks to Bloomingdales for partnering on this post!