1. I noticed that you and some other bloggers link Shein, Nastygal, ASOS, etc. in with LIKEtoKNOW.it links. I have read some reviews of the websites before I order and a lot of them are negative. Do you guys really order items from these sites? If so, what has your experience been?
Yes, we actually do order from all of those places. In all honesty…someone, somewhere has had a bad experience with every single retailer there ever was. That’s just the way it is ;). But we’ve never had any major issues with any of these 3 – the only thing with SheIn is that it can take a while for shipping. Some people have said they’ve had issues with returns but a few of you said if you want to return, buy the insurance (it’s like $2) and it’s so easy!

2. Where do you get your fridge organizer bins?
I have this set from Amazon and I love them! Life changing!

3. You have a kid free weekend with your husbands in your respective cities. Where would you go and what would you do?
 We’re in the city right now without kids and loving it and missing them like crazy all at the same time lol! We have a lot going on this trip, but if it were just for fun I’d love to stay in Tribeca, walk around and visit the little boutiques and grab an iced coffee, go to the Soho House pool, walk the Brooklyn Bridge to lunch at Cecconis in Dumbo (on the patio), get ice cream at the cutest ice cream place on the water, take a helicopter tour of the city (on my bucket list!), and dinner on a rooftop (maybe Catch? I love the Hellfire roll). Sleep in, order room service, repeat. Dream day! Not sure how realistic it is to fit that all in a day, but it sounds fun ;).
Meggan: Okay so we are big on relaxing and lounging sooo…we would do a staycation at The Joule which is our favorite hotel downtown. Hit up the spa (massages and facials pleaaase), go to the pool, try a couple different restaurants that have been on our list (Five Sixty and Billy Can Can to name a few), and I think it would be fun to do a Sunday Funday with our friends because it’s been forrrevver since I’ve got to do one of those lol. Maybe start at Katy Trail and end up at a rooftop pool party? Big dreams 😉

4. What are some go-to birthday gifts for your closest girlfriends? I live in a different state and love to send my friends a little something special on their birthdays. I am in need of some fresh ideas!
A lot of my go-to gifts are Voluspa candles, this Herbivore set (love the body polish!), good face masksa silk pillow case, or a monogram necklace.
Brooke: I love giving candles – Diptyque are my favorite, flowers (here’s a tip: if you live far away, look for florists that are highly rated on yelp in the city you live in instead of buying online. They’re 100000x’s better every time!), and cute jewelry like this bracelet.

5. Favorite celebrity couple?
I love Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard!! If they ever break-up I will seriously be heartbroken!!
Brooke: Hands-down Chrissy Teigen and John Legend!

6. I’m going to Paris this fall and I would love advice on a designer purchase. Originally I was thinking an LV or Goyard tote, but I really don’t use totes all that often and they’re both pretty common bags. I really want to spring for a classic Chanel, but that is more than I (aka my husband) ideally wanted to spend (although I might be able to convince him bc it’s PARIS). Any suggestions?
If you don’t use totes, don’t buy a tote ;). You can probably find a Chanel bag that’s not a ton more than the Goyard or LV tote you were considering. We would recommend visiting a Chanel store, tell them your budget, and ask to see all the bags that fit your criteria! They have so many bags stored in the walls and in drawers, so don’t be afraid to ask to see more! 

7. What are some good gifts for new parents? Bringing over meals is something I love to do but distance makes that hard! Is there something that comes to mind for both mom and dad?
Maybe a mani/pedi (gift card) for mom, Starbucks gift card, and a bottle of wine, favorite liquor or beers for dad (if they deliver to that state). Anything to show you are thinking of them would be greatly appreciated.

8. My house is very “farmhouse” magnolia style – mostly beige, grey, cream, and navy. I’m lookin for a 5 x 8 rug (inexpensive) for a front room with nothing in it yet… I would love your ideas/ suggestions!
Love the sound of it! Some gorgeous rugs that would work – one, two, three, and four!

9. I’m going to the US open for the first time in August and it looks like you’ve been before. Any advice for a first timer? Interested in any tips but definitely curious about the fashion scene – for both ladies and men. Thanks!
Exciting, it’s so much fun! Honestly the fashion scene is all over the place – you see people in anything from athletic gear to suits and fancy dresses, but I would say the majority is somewhere in between. I usually wear a dress with sneakers (I wouldn’t recommend heels). Some looks I love – this one, this one, and this one. It can be really hot, so be sure to check the weather before you head out there. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so wear comfy shoes!

10. How do you deal with unwarranted jealousy in relationships (if any)?
Lucky for us, our husbands are the least jealous people ever. This article has some good advice though!

11. I’m moving in with my boyfriend and am looking for bedding suggestions. Love the white look but I don’t trust myself with keeping white bedding spotless. Any suggestions?
Love this linen duvet cover and it comes in a bunch of color options, this quilt is pretty in gray, and love this one if you’re open to pattern.

12. I’m going into my freshman year of college and I plan on rushing into a sorority…as you know it can be kind of an intense process and I’m looking for two perfect dresses! One that is not so formal but just super cute and the other that’s cute and pretty formal! I’m not a huge lace person or anything and nothing tooooo expensive!
Non-formal dresses: here, here, here, and here. Formal options: here, here, and here. Good luck and have fun!

13. Not sure if either of you are familiar with Galena, IL being from Iowa but I will be heading there in a couple weeks for a bachelorette weekend. It is a charming and quaint little historic town with lots of little shops (a lot like Okoboji & the Emporoium!). Looking for advice for a day outfit for when we will be walking around. I want to look cute but not stick out too much as it is very much a small town vibe!
You could wear a cute/simple dress like this one or this one with sandals and a panama hat (love this one). Or you could wear a casual romper like this one or this one. And if you’re into overalls – these are pretty cute!

14. How did you ladies hide your pregnancies in the beginning? We just found out we’re expecting again (yaay!). I work at a corporate office but it’s more casual; jeans, casual dresses and tops are ok. Any style tips would be great!
I didn’t really have to hide mine b/c I worked from home when I first found out I was pregnant. But with Sophia, I had to attend a work conference in Las Vegas, and I just wore loose fitting blouses with pants, and a looser fitting dress (like this one) and nobody suspected anything. I also had to fake taking shots of tequila…that was fun lol ;). Since you can wear jeans, I would just do that and loose, flowy blouses!
Meggan: I found out I was pregnant in November and didn’t start showing for awhile so I had it easy with oversized sweaters and jeans! Like Brooke said, I would just stick to flowy tops – love this one (a pattern might hide it better!) and this one!

15. Looking for a few missing items in my wardrobe. Could you suggest a few pairs of reasonably priced weekend joggers?
I have these joggers in four colors and I love them (I have size small). Also love this pair, and this pair

16. I’m also looking for a camel or cream color teddy coat. I loveee the Teddy or Not Faux coat from Nasty Gal but they aren’t making it this year.  Have either of you seen anything comparable in your shopping?  I prefer something not totally oversized.  Thank you for any advice you can give!
This one is perfect (see it on Meggan here)! So here’s the deal with the NSale – if there’s something we really want, we buy it in any size they have left, then exchange it once they restock it after the sale is over (that way you’re guaranteed the sale price). A couple other options here and here

17. Looking for a cute rehearsal dinner dress for a September wedding in Chicago. It will also be my birthday! Trying to stick to $100 budget, and would love suggestions!
Love this one, this one (obsessed with this color), this one, and this one

18. I’m looking for recommendations for a cute tote bag/larger bag I can use for work (space for my laptop, wallet, umbrella, etc). I’m hoping to keep it under $500! Do you guys have any ideas?
I used this tote when I worked at Trunk Club and loved it. It’s really durable and holds a lot! A couple other options are here, here, and here.

19. I am going to a Hindu wedding in Chicago in September and need to find a dress to wear! I would love to find something colorful. The dress code is cocktail wedding attire, just no black or white.
So fun! Some colorful dress options are this floral one (seriously gorgeous!), this red/pink one, this moody floral one, and this red one.

20. Any recommendations for cute shoes (either tennis shoes or not) that are comfortable and stylish for my walk to work before I change into flats at work?
These sneakers
are seriously the most comfortable pair ever – feels like you’re walking on a cloud! A few other options are these loafers, these sneakers, or these flats.

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