1. I just got the GloPRO and was wondering what serums you use with it. The one I have always used has an acid base so I know I’m suppose to avoid that but I love it!
I use this one from Beautybio – same brand as the GloPRO!
Brooke: I use the same one!

2. Do either of you listen to any podcasts that help ease anxiety or get you in a more positive, centered mindset?
I use the Headspace meditating app, but haven’t listened to any podcasts for anxiety. This one sounds good though!
I don’t but probably should!

3. My boyfriend is turning 30 in October and I wanted to get him something amazing! In the past, I’ve gotten him an Apple watch, golf clubs, clothes, etc. I’m hoping to do something personal and big, since it’s a milestone year. Any suggestions?
We would plan a surprise trip 100%!! You could pick somewhere close (drive) or a short flight for a weekend getaway! Memories make the best gifts!

4. As we now live in a world where we share everything and it seems it’s almost a competition (if you didn’t instagram it, it didn’t happen – mentality), I assume as bloggers it’s even harder. How do you strike a balance with living in the moment (not being on your phone 24/7) and posting enough to supplement your business? I struggle with wanting to live in the moment and just enjoy life (not be glued to my phone) but also wanting to share fun things. I assume this is even harder with kids as you want to be in the moment with them and not on your phone. Wondering how you balance with kids as well!
Yes, we agree. Our culture is totally obsessed with social media. I just heard on the radio that 40% of millennials choose vacation spots based on whether or not they are “instagram-able.” That is seriously crazy lol. We think it’s a bit different for us because it is a huge part of our job/business, and less personal. We post to Somewhere, Lately so much more than to our personal accounts because it is our job. When we are with our kids, we try to be as in-the-moment as possible and not constantly on our phones. Same goes for when we are with our husbands. We aren’t story-ing our entire day from beginning to end, and we don’t put too much pressure on it. It’s nice that there are two of us because if one of us is having an off day, or something comes up, the other person can pick up the slack so there’s not as much pressure. We try our best to keep a good balance of private/family time without sharing every little detail, but also sharing fun/interesting things with our insta fam!

5. What are your favorite moisturizers for both day and night?
I have a few favorite moisturizers for day: this Kopari one, this Tula one, or this one from Colleen Rothschild. And at night I rotate between this overnight skin rescue treatment and this extreme recovery cream.
Brooke: I have a few I love for both day and night, I don’t always use the same one. For day: this onethis one, and this one. For night: this oil or this overnight cream.

6. You guys are so good at interiors/home decor. What’s one mistake you see people making when it comes to home design? PS – please post more on  your SL HOME instagram!
Thank you! I think one mistake I see a lot is rugs that are too small for the space. This is a good guide to follow.
Meggan: Thank you!! I feel like I’m still learning my home/decor style so sometimes I struggle with it. One mistake I notice now (after having a home and researching this) are curtains being hung wrong! There’s lots of good tips here!

7. Can you do a roundup of all the items you think are essential to have in your fridge/pantry on an everyday basis? I find myself going grocery shopping and only buying things that I’m craving and then I run out of food 3 days later! Y’all have the yummiest looking recipes.
Things I try to always have on hand are eggs, berries, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, red pepper, mini cucumbers, spinach, onion, apples, almond butter, trail mix (love the individual packets from Trader Joe’s), cottage cheese, romaine lettuce, deli meat, hummus, nuts (almonds and TJ’s slightly sweet & spicy pecans), Skinnypop popcorn, Lara Bars, GG crackers, quinoa, rotisserie chicken, ground turkey, oatmeal, Applegate chicken maple sausage patties, and plain greek yogurt. That way I can make salads (love spinach + strawberries + pecans + cucumbers), this sweet potato bowl, scrambled eggs (with spinach, onion, and red pepper), lettuce cups (deli meat + avo + mustard + tomato OR ground turkey + veggies OR BLTs). Easy snacks I do are GG crackers with toppings, cottage cheese + strawberries, cucumbers with hummus, hard boiled eggs, or banana + almond butter + chai seeds. Hope that helps with some ideas!
Brooke: Meggan’s list pretty much hits all of my ‘must-haves’ when I’m shopping, but I also grab canned tuna and canned salmon! This is the master list I use for staple items. I don’t ways get everything on the list obviously, but it’s a great base!

8. Can you guys do a round-up of best white leather sneakers? Do I just get the Stan Smith’s or something less plain/popular?
The Stan Smith’s are great, but we also love this pairthis pair (Brooke has, so cute!), this pair, and this pair.

9. I’m going to a wedding in Newport, RI later this month and the attire is all white. I’m thinking either a jumpsuit or flowy dress as it’s a beach wedding. Any suggestions?
Ahh love the idea of an all white wedding! Loving this jumpsuit, this maxi dress, this wrap dress, and this halter ruffle dress.

10. Do you guys have suggestions on a pair of black boots I can wear in the winter to the office? I work at a bank so need to be pretty dressed up but sometimes my feet get cold in regular heels all the time. Bonus points if they would look cute with ankle length dress pants!
This pair is super cute and a little different, I just got these boots are they’re so comfy (I went up 1/2 size), and this is a nice classic pair. All of these would look great with ankle length pants since the shaft isn’t too wide/baggy.

11. I need to go through my closet but always fear getting rid of items as they come back in style and if…what if…I want to wear it again someday (I know I wont lol). What tips do you have for parting ways with items in your closet?
I used to always do that too. I’d save a romper because “I could wear it for a country concert someday” or a dress for some event I didn’t have planned lol. After years of doing that I came to terms that theres a 98% chance I wasn’t going to wear it and would want to buy something new for the event anyway. I try to clean out my closet before every season and if I haven’t worn something in over a year it definitely goes!
Brooke: Same lol! I used to keep evvvverything, and it just ended up cluttering my closet and making it too overwhelming. Now, I like to clean out my closet at least every six months or so and edit out the clothes I haven’t worn in that time. My rule is if I wouldn’t want to put it on and wear it today, it probably needs to go because that means I don’t love it.

12. What are your favorite sneakers to wear to the gym? 
Brooke: For workouts, my favorites are these or these from Nike or this Adidas pair.
Meggan: I usually wear the Nike Free RN Fkyknit but just got this pair from Reebok and really like them too!

13. I have a birthday coming up and I am celebrating at some beach bars in Atlantic City. I want something beach casual but also dressed up a notch since I’m the birthday girl. Any suggestions?
Love this dress, this one, and this one

14. What are your favorite products (tinted moisturizer, BB cream, etc.) to use when you want to use something that’s quick, easier, and with light-medium coverage?
GA Luminous Silk – it’s technically a foundation, but it’s easy to apply and is build-able, but starts as light-medium coverage! I also love this tinted sunscreen, but would consider the coverage pretty light.
Meggan: I agree about the GA Luminous silk – it’s pretty much all I wear! I also have this GA Face Fabric Foundation and it’s really lightweight and breathable.

15. I am registering for wedding gifts. Any pointers, must-haves, or things you wish you would’ve done differently?
We didn’t really register for a ton of stuff and knew our wedding was going to be very small. We mostly got place settings and wine glasses, which we still love and use 7 years later. I would register for classic dishes/pieces that will last!
Meggan: I was so overwhelmed when I registered because there’s SO much stuff – I had my SIL come with me to help because she just got married and was a pro lol. I ended up just registering for mainly kitchen items – place settings, glasses, silverware, cookware, mixer, knife set, etc. I did it all at Crate & Barrel (the have good tips + what you should register for here) to keep it easy and all in one place.  

16. I am looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in September. It is an Indian wedding. It is going to be a fancy event, but we cannot wear black or red. Looking for a dress that is cute but also not too sexy, as the family is pretty conservative. Bright colors are encouraged!
This dress is gorgeous and comes in several bright colors, this off-the-shoulder is pretty, this dress is gorgeous (she is holding the slit open. looks like it would fall more straight to be more conservative), the print on this dress is gorgeous,  and kind of obsessing over this printed maxi dress.

17. Need to re-create my wardrobe! What are your best basic, must-have pieces for a wardrobe? Looking for jeans, tops, shoes, etc.
My My must-haves for building a wardrobe are: a moto jacket, a trench, a denim jacket, plain tees (black, white, and gray), a pair of booties, loafers, and sneakers, a good pair of mom jeans, skinny jeans, and black jeans, a cardigan, a little black dress, and a favorite belt. Some of my favorites are this tee (stocking up since they’re on sale!), these jeansthese loafers (budget-friendly option here), and this moto jacket.
My best basics are: a leather jacket, a great pair of denim (this pair and this pair are my favorites), booties, a good tee in multiple colors (I have this one and this one every color), a duster cardigan, sneakers, and a denim jacket (love this one).

18. I’m visiting NYC at the end of the month and would love some recommendations on shoes to wear that I could walk in a ton in the city!
Check question 8 for a bunch of cute sneaker recs! A couple other pairs are here, here, and here.

19. I am going to California at the end of the month for a wedding and some vacation time. Any suggestions on a dress I could wear to the wedding as well as outfits for while I am out there? The wedding is just outside of San Diego and we will also be heading up to LA.
Dresses for the wedding: here, here (love the color), and here. Some vacay options: this romper, this dress, this jumpsuit, this bodysuit, and this set.

20. I’m getting married in a few weeks, do you have any cute ideas for getting ready outfits that aren’t too pricey? I hate spending on something I’ll only wear once! Do you have any day-of tips for brides to be?
Day-of tips: Don’t stress, and enjoy every moment because it goes so quickly you don’t want to waste it being stressed out! Everything will work out perfectly even if there are a few snags ;). For getting ready, we would just do a simple robe like this one! So cute and not too spendy!

21. I am going to a wedding in NY in September and need dress ideas for myself! I also need ideas for what to dress my 2 year old son in!
This dress is gorgeous, also loving this one and this one. For your son – something simple and cute like these pants with this shirt! Could add a little bow tie too – SO adorable!

22. V important question here. Looking at registering for baby stuff and I need ideas other than Target and Nordstrom. Where did you guys register?
I think I just did Target and Buy Buy Baby. I just registered for the basics though!
Brooke: I didn’t register for baby gifts, but the only other place I could think of would be Buy Buy Baby as well. Or maybe Amazon, not sure if they do registries?

23. I’m headed to Hawaii on a family vacation in September. We’re having pictures taken on the beach and I need a blue/white outfit. Any suggestions?
A dress would probably be the easiest for beach photos. Some blue/white options we love – this onethis onethis one, or this one! So pretty for the beach!

24. Do you have any recommendations for maternity picture clothes? I’m 26 weeks and taking picture next month at a Japanese Garden!
That will be gorgeous! Love this off-the-shoulder dress, this mini dressthis maxi (non-maternity so can be worn again!), or this simple white maxi!

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