1. Brooke – I started intermittent fasting based on all your great advice and I love it so far! I was wondering how you tackle having plans of eating/drinking that go past 8 pm? Do you try to reset your body by fasting till noon the following day? P.S. your results that you posted on Insta stories are amazing!
Thank you so much! So happy you’re loving it! If I have plans to eat/drink past 8 and I know it’s going to be later, I push back breaking my fast until around 1pm that same day if I can make it (most days it’s no problem, and it’s not often) to still keep it at an 8-hour eating window. However, there have been a few times where I’ve gone later, and I just shorten my eating window the following day (12 – 7pm per my  coach’s recommendation). I don’t think it’s a huge deal, and would just recommend hopping back on track the next day.

2. Do your kids eat the same meals you do or do you prepare them something different?
Camden eats the same meals as us! I used to make him something different because he ate earlier but I realized that was creating a bad habit and was making him a picky eater (like he only wanted chicken nuggets, meatballs, or pasta). I will modify his meal if I’m making something spicy or something I know he doesn’t like.
Brooke: I would say it’s pretty 50/50. When we only had Sophia, she ate everything we ate, but once Avery started getting old enough to eat, I started making them their own meals sometimes because dinner/bath/bedtime has to start earlier with two kids. If you can have your kids eat what you eat, I think it’s definitely better! Also, Avery is soo much pickier than Sophia, so that’s a struggle as well.

3. I saw someone on instagram going onnnn and onnnn and onnnn about how nobody should be buying dupes of designer items. She suggested just save up your money until you can afford it (whatever the designer item is). Curious how you ladies feel about that?
Mmm…this is tricky, but we disagree. Not everyone can actually afford to “save up until you can afford” something like Gucci shoes for $900, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to wear the trend (in our opinion, that’s just rude)! While we would never recommend buying a complete knockoff item, you know we are always looking for less expensive options that are inspired by designer pieces (aka “dupes” – like the Sam Edelman loafers).

4. I am going on a trip to Hawaii and need to prepare for the long flight!! What is your go-to travel outfit and what are your in-Flight essentials/what do you keep in your bag?
I usually wear leggings or joggers (love this pair) and a tee with a cardigan or denim jacket and comfy sneakers. I always wear socks b/c my feet get so cold on airplanes (also standing barefoot in the security line – NO thanks!). In my bag I pack – a book, headphones, a movie downloaded on my computer or iPad,hand sanitizer & wipes, facial spray (love the one Meggan linked), candy (usually something sour or sugar-y), and some healthy snacks so I don’t go crazy on the peanuts and pretzels after my candy.
I like to wear the same things as Brooke. A jumpsuit (have this one and love it!) with a cardigan, joggers with a tee and denim jacket, or leggings (this pair is amazing!) with a tee and sweater. And always sneakers! Things I always have for flights are headphones, podcasts (make sure to download ahead of time!), a book, eye patches (love these), mini Mario Badesu spray, these disinfecting wipes (the tray tables and armrests are SOO nasty), chargers, Lara Bars, and my laptop!

5. Brooke – like you have mentioned, I don’t have family close by and I have two little ones so it’s rare we get to do an overnight somewhere kid free unless we arrange with family wayyyy in advance. I saw you and your husband were in the city for a few days, kid-free. Who did you have watch your kids? Do you have a babysitter that stays overnight with them? And if so, how did you find someone you were comfortable with to stay overnight with your girls?
Yes, we have a sitter that will stay overnight with the girls if we need. It can be so hard to live far from family, especially in situations like this! We found someone we really trust and we’ve known her for 2 years now. We found her through a family friend – she was their nanny and had worked with them for over 5 years, so that definitely helped us feel comfortable.

6. I’m looking for a real leather moto jacket to invest in. Do you have any in mind that look amazing on and super soft? Looking for brown or tan.
Leather jackets are one of my weaknesses. I just got this one in a tan/brown and love it. Also love this one
I finally invested in a nice leather jacket too and ended up this one from All Saints!

7. I am so obsessed with the Golden Goose sneakers but they’re just a *tad* (read: a lot!!!) out of my price range. Do you have any recommendations on GG dupes or similar style sneakers but for less? Are the GG actually worth the money?
We think they’re worth the money! But totally get it if you don’t want to spend the $ on them. Some great dupes – here, here, and here!

8. I just found out a couple of weeks ago I’m pregnant (first timer!). Wondering what both of your favorite and most trusted books, blogs etc were while pregnant.
The only book I’ve read is What to Expect When You’re Expecting but I love the Ovia app!
Brooke: Congratulations, such an exciting time! I also read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and would say it’s pretty good. I loved following other bloggers who were pregnant when I was, but didn’t have any specific “pregnancy blogs” I followed.

9. I have been looking for some cute skirts for fall, any recommendations?! Love your guys style!
Obsessed with skirts for fall! Love this one, this one (LOVE!), this one, and this one!

10. I am going to the Beyonce and Jay Z concert next month in Phoenix. So freakin excited! I’m trying to find the perfect outfit. Any ideas or suggestions?
SO FUN! We are beyond jealous! We would probably go all out and wear something like this bodysuit (with this bra under), or this one with skinny jeans and (comfy) heels!

11. What are your all time favorite black jeans? Ones with holes and ones without.
Meggan: This pair
(definitely the ones I wear the most), this pair, and this pair!
Brooke: I loooove black jeans! My favorite and most-worn are: this pairthis pair, and this pair.

12. Love your SL home account! How would ya’ll decorate your dream formal living room? Looking for ideas that are more formal than a family room.
We actually have a formal living room and I haven’t really shared it yet b/c I feel like it’s not done but I would consider it a casual/formal mix. We did a slipcovered sofa with modern, sculptural chairs, a lucite coffee table, a tall shagreen cabinet, and I’m looking for a wood side table to give it a more casual/natural look – I love this one!
I love the looks of this one, this one, and this one! I gravitate toward white, comfortable, open + airy, and natural elements.

13. I am OBSESSED with the Longchamp Penelope bag and was wondering if you have any recommendations for something similar but more affordable?
Yes! Love this one (under $100!), this one, and this one!

14. In a couple weeks I’m going to San Diego, LA and Disneyland with my boyfriend. Do y’all have any cute but practical outfit ideas?!
We would keep it casual – denim shorts with a tee (our favorite and on major sale!) and sandals, or dresses with sneakers. Love this dressthis one, and this one! All super cute and practical! Bonus – can be dressed up or down with sneakers/flat sandals during the day and heels at night!

15. I’m in the market for a nursery rocker/glider. I’d like something that looks good but that’s also really comfy. What are some of your favorites?
I haven’t sat in these so I can’t vouch for comfort level but love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

16. I am headed to Hawaii on my honeymoon in about a month! I am looking for a few cute new outfits for dinners, etc! Any suggestions would be helpful!
Ahh so exciting! Love this dress, these heels, this romperthis midi dress, these sandals, this OTS dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress!

17. The double “G” Gucci belt is all the rage right now, but I don’t wear belts enough to invest that much and anyways, it’s super hard to find! Any other budget friendly-ish options?
There are so many great belts out there, you definitely don’t need to splurge to get a good one! Love this onethis one, and this one!

18. I just found out I’m about 8 weeks pregnant (complete surprise but becoming so excited) & I’m completely clueless. Any advice on mama or baby items that are worth splurging on vs what to save on? Also, I’m hoping to make normal clothes last awhile but I’ll be pregnant in the MN winter, any suggestions where to shop for maternity wear?
Congrats! I don’t mind splurging on items I’ll use for a long time and for multiple kids: carseats, stroller, swing, umbrella stroller (I went through two crappy ones before getting a nice one), video monitor, and baby carrier. Some things to save on are clothes (everything gets spit up on, blow outs, and washed 100 times lol), a bassinet (they’re only in it for a couple months, high chair, and a changing table. And things I personally think are pointless are a wipe warmer, bottle warmer, and a bottle sterilizer (just boil!). I was pregnant during the winter in Chicago and thought it was pretty easy finding clothes because you can wear all the oversized sweaters!! For bottoms I found a couple pairs of jeans at Gap and pretty much lived in these maternity leggings.

19. I just changed jobs and my commute went from 7 minutes to 45 minutes. What podcasts do you recommend and have/are listening to?
I listen to The Skinny Confidential His & Hers, The Morning Toast, Bitch Sesh, and RISE (can’t wait to start her book on vacay this weekend!).
Brooke: I was actually going to ask for suggestions for new podcasts on IG stories today because I need some new ones to listen to! I love listening to ones that I learn from (love The Skinny Confidential!). Please leave your favorites in the comments!

20. I have this dress and have never found a reason to wear it. Thinking I could potentially wear it next month (mid-September) when we head to Paris for the weekend. Or is it too summer-y? HELP lol
Definitely wear it! It’s sooo gorgeous and definitely not too summery.

21. Cute tops for under $100 to wear for a birthday dinner?
Love this bodysuit, this floral one, this cami, or this lace one!

22. I’m looking for a new perfume I’ve recently went back to D&G light blue but it reminds me of my 17 year old self because I used to use it in high school lol.  Looking for something sexy and not overly florally. I’ve heard good things about Gucci Bloom. Would love to hear what your thoughts are!
I’m obsessed with perfume! I haven’t tried Gucci Bloom yet either, but some of my favorites that are sexy, but not too floral are: this one from Diptyquethis one from Balenciaga (maybe my all-time favorite), and I just bought this one after trying a sample – it smells so good! 
I haven’t tried the Gucci Bloom but my current favorite is Skylar Capri (love that it’s all natural!) and my all-time favorite is this Chloe one.

23. Brooke – can you link the two necklaces you always wear?
Yes! The necklaces I’ve been wearing lately are so good together b/c they don’t tangle since their chains are both beaded – finally a combo that stays layered and not tangled! The short one is this one, and the long one is this chain with the hope charm!

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