1. Do your men follow a skincare routine? Wondering if I should start my hubby on something. Bags…wrinkles (joys of fatherhood) 😉
My husband does the basics – face wash, eye cream, and moisturizer! He uses this Tula cleanser, Tula day & night cream, and this L’Occitane eye cream. And our code for Tula is still valid – SOMEWHERELATELY for 20% off!
Brooke: Yes, he uses the Clinique Men’s line – I bought it for him for Father’s Day. I swear his skin looks so much better since he started using it! I told him once it’s gone, he should try Tula to decide which one works best for him. His favorite thing is the cleansing brush (50% off right now!).

2. Meggan – I’m in the early stages of planning a destination wedding in Mexico for next year. How does the whole planning process work? Did you use your resort wedding planner or hire your own? Did you go through a company for decorating/styling/setting up your reception or did the resort handle it? Did you hire your own photographer and DJ for example? I feel so overwhelmed and already have a million questions so any feedback about your experience would be amazing!
Yayy! After we picked Cabo as our destination my husband and I started researching different planners and decided to go with Amy Abbott Events. I reached out to them and scheduled a call so she could answer all my questions and let me know how everything worked. After that I went to Cabo to meet with my planner to look at venues. You definitely don’t have to meet in person though – my planner said she’s done weddings over phone/Skype/and email! My planner gave me a timeline of how the planning process worked – when had to book vendors by, pick decor, and all that fun stuff. She also gave me a list of all her favorite vendors – photographers, band, videographer, hair & makeup, transportation, etc. Once the wedding got closer I went down for a second time to go to the warehouse and pick out my decor, did a hair & makeup trial, and had a couple meetings. I can’t recommend using a planner enough though. She helped keep everything organized and I really don’t know if I would’ve known what to do without her! It’s definitely overwhelming so if you have any specific questions you can reach out to me via email!

3. What are some good thank you gifts that are under $50?
A nice candle, (love this one, this one, and this one) gift cards, pretty coasters + a bottle wine, bath soaks, hand soap + lotion set, or a pretty vanity organizer.

4. Can you do a roundup of a few loungewear/cozy camo crewneck sweatshirts?
Love a good sweatshirt! We’re loving this onethis one (such a good deal! Actually love all of these!), this one (obsessed), and this one!

5. If you were to plan a bachelorette party, what destinations would you choose? Looking for either a beach location or scenic destination (a house with awesome views). And of course a place that has fun bars and restaurants in the area would be amazing!
Beach location – Miami! Scenic destination – Scottsdale, Denver, or Nashville (maybe not super scenic, but fun!)! 

6. What’s your next designer purchase? Do you have one lined up? Do you always buy new or used? And if used, from where?
Good question b/c I feel like there are sooo many great designer pieces out right now! I just bought the Celine initial necklace yesterday – a fun piece for fall. I wanted the black Fendi Sabots, but they’re completely sold out. I am in looove with these Balenciaga boots, but I know they’re a trend so thinking maybe not worth the splurge. I have never bought a used bag or shoes, but I know Fashionphile, Portero, the RealReal and Vestiare have great reputations! I have been seeing some really great things on discount sites lately though – like this Fendi bag and these SW boots! I love finding designer deals on Last Call and Off 5th!
I would like another pair of the Stuart Weitzman Lowland OTK boots in brown or grey. I bought my black pair over 3 years ago and they still look and feel brand new. I love the way the fit  and they don’t slide down! And I’ve never bought used but was going to suggest the same places Brooke listed!

7. Meggan – are there any hair salons you recommend in Chicago?
I went to Solo Salon in West Loop and Kala Salon in West Town. Loved both!

8. Are flares coming back? I used to get the American Eagle Artist Jeans, so I’m a little excited about the possible trend coming back since I thought I looked awesome in them! (Looking back I was probably just cocky and thought I looked awesome in everything!) That was 6 years and 2 kids ago, could you possibly link a few so I can stop hoarding the ones from college thinking that maybe one day they will fit over my rump again?
Yes! Flares are always ‘in’ in our opinion, but they’re definitely trending for fall! They’re super flattering, you’re right. Some of our favorites are this pair, this pair, and this pair!

9. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?
I would pay off the rest of my student loan lol then buy a plane. Kyle and I just had one of the worst flights ever yesterday – it smelt like a dumpster (I have goosebumps thinking about the smell) and there were literally 5 kids crying at all times. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Brooke: I would 100% hire a private chef! I love eating healthy and homemade meals, but I actually hate the cooking part lol. I’m hoping the chef would also hit the grocery store for me ;).

10. I have a question about clothing rec’s for an upcoming trip. I’m going to San Fran/Napa with a few girlfriends over Labor Day weekend. It looks like the high’s in San Fran are in the 60’s and down in the 50’s at night, so I especially need recs for budget friendly jackets. Ideally under $100, but would be willing to break that for the right jacket! Also, not sure what I should wear to wineries in Napa — Same idea, budget friendly is best!
We would do a dress with the jacket over it when it gets chilly! Jackets under $100 – one (perfect over dresses), two, and three. Dresses for the wineries – one, two, and three. If it’s too chilly for a dress, you could just do skinny jeans with a fun tee (like this band tee) with the jacket over.

11. What is your favorite designer bag that you think is worth the investment? Also, ones that you have your eye on for future purchases?
Brooke: Probably Chanel, because they hold their value better than any other bag I have. I’m loving all of the Fendi bags out right now – this one is so good, love how it looks vintage.
Meggan: Either my Hermés Evelyne or the Gucci Dionysus. The Hermés bag holds its value but the Gucci I wear all the time and it still looks new (the material is amazing!). I’m currently obsessing over this shearling YSL bag – so fun for fall/winter!

12. Have you guys heard of any amazing places to stay in Santa Barbara? Going in September and also looking for recommendations on things to do and must go to restaurants in the area!
I’ve never been, sorry!
Brooke: I haven’t been either, sorry! But you can see hotel reviews/traveler photos here!

13. I’m getting married next May in South Carolina (in a resort on the beach but everything is indoors). We’re getting married on a Friday, so Saturday we plan to have everyone chill at the beach/pool. I hate white bathing suits (can’t find one that holds up well, doesn’t look gross/change color after one season or isn’t see through), so I’m not set on wearing a white bathing suit but want a super cute, different cover up to wear that day. Any suggestions?
Some fun options: this pom pom bikini, this one piece, this wrap bikini, and this ruffle one. This white coverup is pretty too!

14. Another wedding Q – I need a belt, hair piece and shoes. But I really don’t want to spend a lot because obviously I’m never wearing them again. Any places on where to look?
Etsy has the best selection for affordable belts and hair pieces. And shoes – honestly just wear whatever feels comfortable (and cheap) since you probably won’t even see them anyway! Nordstrom Rack has a good selection.

15. I have a formal wedding Labor Day weekend, any suggestions for an affordable dress (less than $200) and not too revealing since my bosses will be there? Looking for a long floral dress or just a long dress.
This one is so so pretty and could be worn again and again, this one is great (Meggan wore it on the blog this week!), and this one is really pretty!

16. I like simple, gold jewelry and I’m looking for a delicate (real) gold chain bracelet. Any brands or websites that you love the quality of for delicate jewelry?
This is my favorite delicate gold bracelet, and I love all the different colors. A couple other options here and here. One of our favorite brands for quality, delicate jewelry is Smith + Mara, but their stuff is a little more expensive b/c it’s all hand-made.

17. I’m 23 and 6 feet tall, and I have a wedding to go to in October in New Hampshire! I was wondering if you guys had any cute dress/jumpsuit ideas that would work with my height!
A few options we’re loving: here (the color is gorg!), here, here, here, and here!

18. Looking for some dress options for a late October wedding!
Obsessed with this dress, this one is chic and simple, this color is stunning for a fall wedding, and this dress is stunnning!

19. The Tumi backpacks are great — but everyone has one! Do you have any cute everyday backpack recs for work (something that will fit a laptop)? Pretty flexible on price, price per wear right?!
Love this STATE backpack, this quilted one (lightweight which is great!), and this leather option!

20. My husband is a groomsman in a wedding in October. The wedding is in Houston and the bride has requested cocktail attire. I’m struggling to find a dress I love that isn’t over $200. Trying not to break the bank being we are spending a good amount of money on travel. We’ll be seeing a lot of people from high school that we haven’t seen in years so I want to look my best! I’d love to see what y’all suggest, bonus points if you can find something in red!
This one is gorgeous for an October wedding (plus wear it again during the holidays!), this one is red and on sale, this one, and love this one as well (also comes in red).

21. Brooke – I just booked a trip for our family to go to New York around Christmas time, kids are 6 and under. Are there any must do things around that time or places to eat? We’re also getting a sitter one night for a date night, any restaurant recommendations?
Rockefeller Center tree (obviously!), the 5th Ave Holiday window displays are always amazing, Saks 5th Ave has a light show with music on their building also (close to Rockefeller), and possibly ice skating (Bryant Park, Rockefeller or Central Park). For restaurants – question 15 from this post! These are all great – Bubby’s and Rosemary’s are probably my favorite family-friendly spots for breakfast, lunch, and brunch! I’m not sure what type of food/ambiance you’re going for, but those are a bunch of my favorites!

22. I am getting married in Chicago in October. I am looking for cute gift ideas for my bridesmaids that is not jewelry. Do you have any recommendations?
We may sound like a broken record, but candles are our favorite gifts to give (and receive!). Some favorites – this one, this one, and this one. Another idea – matching robes you could all get ready together in, so cute!

23. I just had a niece last weekend and I’m looking to get some cute personalized gifts for her. Any suggestions? 🙂
These baby books
are adorable, this milestone blanket for pictures, this swaddle, this print with a frame, or this blanket!

24. I am getting married at the beginning of November and have two bridal showers coming up in mid-late September. I still need to find a dress to wear to each of them, so any suggestions would be super helpful!
Congrats! Some dresses we’re obsessed with are here (on sale!), here, here (so pretty!), here, and here!

Please leave your questions below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a great weekend loves! xx