1. With both of your pregnancies how far along were you before you told your families you were expecting? Did you tell them in any special way?
We told our families right away both times. The first time we found out on Christmas Eve and we were traveling to see both of our families for Christmas, so that was fun. And the second time, we made a video of Sophia sharing the news to send to our families!
Meggan: We got Cam a shirt that said “Big Bro” and had him wear it when we were with our families for my husbands birthday. We didn’t say anything and just waited till someone noticed (which was my mom). And telling our parents about Cam was not a fun experience…lol #oopsiebaby

2. Brooke – saw on instastories that you were taking a couple days off from intermittent fasting and your eating plan. I’m wondering how you felt after indulging for a few days? I’m going to Europe soon, and want to be able to live/eat in the moment, but don’t want to ruin my progress I’ve made this summer with diet and working out.
I definitely felt off and very bloated! I had a lack in energy and a major headache the night we got home (probably didn’t help that I finished a big bag of candy on the drive home lol). After reading Body Love (love it btw, for those asking), I knew I was going to feel like that so it wasn’t a huge deal and not like I felt terrible, just not great. I wanted to have a few days of fun, eating/drinking what I wanted, and that’s what I did. Once I got home, I just reset and got back on track. Signed up for a class at the gym, and went back to carb cycling and tracking my macros. The old me would have given up, ordered takeout for the next five days feeling like I ruined it all on my trip. I truly never thought I would be a person who could live a healthy lifestyle since I was always “all or nothing,” and I’m so thankful I’ve found something that works for me!

3. I would love your help with looking for a planter for my faux fiddle leaf tree! I have the one from PB and it is the 5 ft size. I love the plant in basket look but wanted to explore some other options as we already have like 100 baskets throughout our house. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have! Oh and our house is more traditional style.
In love with this planter and it’s not too modern for a traditional home! Also love the look of a crusty pot like this one, and these planters are also gorgeous!

4. What are 5 easy and trendy outfits to put together this fall? Love your recs!
Oh, this is such a good question! Think we will turn this one into a blog post!

5. Have you guys found any black booties you are loving for fall? I’m hoping to find a pair I can wear with jeans or dresses that don’t have too high of a heel under $200.
This pair is SO good – look like Isabel marant or Veronica Beard but for way less! If you want these, get them now! We have a feeling they will sell out quickly. Also love this pair (I have the brown suede, but LOVE the black), and this pair – tried them on and loved them! Super on-trend and comfortable. This pair is so cool also – love the profile!

6. I’m wanting to purchase an Instagram preset filter, do you know of any bloggers or companies to purchase from?
We use Marina Mcavoy’s preset and a few others we like are the Hello Fashion presets, Tezza presets, and Colormepresets.

7. I’m hoping to make my next designer handbag purchase sometime this coming year and I need your help! I’ve always wanted the classic Chanel bag but I could save some money and get a similar look with this YSL bag that I also completely love. Is the Chanel worth it in your opinion or should I save the difference?
It totally depends on what you want. But, if the Chanel is the one you’ve always wanted, we would save for that one because A) Even if you get the YSL, you’ll still be thinking about that Chanel (we’ve been there!), and B) Chanel bags hold their value so well unlike YSL…check this out!

8. How would you guys style a denim skirt for a night out?
It depends where you’re going/how dressy you want to be! For a night out, we would pair a denim skirt with either a bodysuit (modeled with a denim skirt!) and simple strappy sandals or a graphic teemoto jacket, and booties or sandals.

9. Meggan – what are you planning on using for a diaper bag? I’m due in a few short months and I have a 6 year old and also a 5 year old step son, so lugging to much around doesn’t even sound logical or feasible (let’s just be realistic). Any advice on good ideas for a diaper bag? I’m thinking a smaller style backpack sounds cute and practical but I just don’t know!
I have this Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag that I plan on using again. It’s probably bigger than what you’re looking for so I found a couple smaller ones here, here, and here!

10. What are your favorites from Forever 21 for fall and winter?
A roundup of some good pieces we found: this striped sweater, this beaniethis trench coat, these mulesthis sweater dress, this faux fur hoodie, this cardi, and this sweater.

11. I’m going to a Bachelorette party in Dallas at the end of September, the bride wants us to all wear black the Saturday night we go to dinner and out, do y’all have any cute black top suggestions? (probably going to wear black jeans and the black Sam Edelman Yaro heels with it).
Some options we’re loving: this bodysuit (layered necklaces would look good with it!), this cami, this lace top, this tank, and this bodysuit.

12. My sister and I are taking a trip with our husbands to Napa at the end of September! Everything we have seen says in the days it’s upper 80’s but drops to mid 50’s at night. Any suggestions on good daytime wine tasting outfits and some warmer outfit options for dinner?
For daytime love this set, this dress, or this wide leg jumpsuit. And some options for night: this long sleeve maxi, this blouse with jeans, this yellow dress (in my cart!), or this jumpsuit.

13. Can you recommend business casual work appropriate pieces for fall? Looking to do a wardrobe overhaul :)
Definitely a plaid blazer because you could wear it for work and outside of work. Love this one and this one, so cool and different! These pants are so comfortable (we both have them) and this color combo with the stripe is real good. These sailor pants are perfect for a business causal office and we love the buttons! Love the cut and color of this skirt, and you could add black or brown tights with boots for another look! This blouse is great b/c the material is dressy, but the varsity stripe makes it young and fun. These pieces are making us want to work in an office! ;)

14. I’m attending a wedding in mid-Sept. in upper New York. I’m not really sure if it’s necessary to bring a wedding gift. But I would like to bring one. Any good gift ideas?
Tons of great personalized gifts here (we love monogram for gifts!), love this ice bucket, or this marble wine cooler – so pretty!

15. I am going to start my job as a pharmacist – which entails standing for a good amount of the day. What shoes (loafers, flats, mules, etc.) do you recommend that are comfortable enough for this task?
Some comfy options: here, here (have them in white!), here, and here.

16. I’m going to the Caribbean with my family in late September and need some outfits! Looking for ideas for dinner, swimsuits and day activities. I’d love any help!
For day/swimsuits we’re loving this romperthis embroidered bikini, this maxi, this hatthis cut out suit, this coverup, and these shorts. For night/dinners: this dress, this romper, this set, and this maxi.

17. Always love your advice, so I thought I would reach out to you! I have a upcoming trip to Austin for a bachelorette party. It will be in early September, so assuming it will still be H.O.T. The MOH said we should plan to wear cute dresses/rompers/sets in bright colors or black. I will need one more casual and feminine daytime outfit and two nighttime/going out outfits. Not trying to spend too much. Under $60 for each outfit/piece if possible. Any suggestions?!
Yes it will still definitely be hot in September! Some options under $60: this wrap dress, this simple black dressthis romper (a little over $60 but so pretty!), this set, this black romper, and this sundress.

18. Meggan how long did it take you guys to get pregnant with baby 2?
Two months!

19. What would you pack for 10 days in Europe in late September? I want to pack lightly as we’ll be traveling throughout Germany, but am struggling with a “capsule” travel wardrobe!
This list
and this list are great to go off! We’d pack sneakers, a moto jacket, cardigan, basic tees, leggings (regular + this faux leather pair), denim (black + regular), loafers/mules, a dress you can wear day or night! Have a blast!

20. Looking for white dresses to wear for a fall engagement session. Thanks!
White dress options: here, here, and here! Congratulations!

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