Faster Way To Fat Loss Update & What I Eat

Giving an update on the Faster Way To Fat Loss – you can read my first post here. Those who were asking when the next round is – you can register/find all the info here. If you missed signing up for a round, don’t worry – they start new rounds about every 4-6 weeks (don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure that’s the timeframe for a new round).

I (reluctantly) shared this before and after on insta stories last week after getting a lot of requests to see my progress. I was so nervous because I was so embarrassed of my “before” picture. I couldn’t believe I had let myself get to that place, I was tired of hiding behind loose/baggy clothes (my specialty), and I just felt bad about myself. But, I’m proud of the hard work I’ve put in to get where I’m a now, so I wanted to share it. And I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for your messages! It literally blew me away, and I had no idea what to expect after I posted, so thank you! As I mentioned on insta stories, I started off only focusing on the eating (for the first 6 weeks). I did a couple workouts here and there, but was not consistent at all. I just stuck to the eating portion and saw great results just from that. I signed up for a second round, and am now doing the workouts along with the eating and feel great! One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Is it worth $200?” My answer is 100% yes…IF you follow the program (I’ve paid for it twice now, that’s how much I believe in it). I will say, I was one of those people who saw the price and clicked out of the browser, b/c I thought I knew all I needed to know. I knew how to eat healthy and get fit, I just needed to do it. Well, I came to the realization I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be on my own, so I might as well try it…the worst that would happen is that I waste $200. I’m SO happy I decided to go for it, because it has changed my life! That sounds dramatic, but it’s true! I’ve been open about my struggles with health & fitness, and I was always an “all or nothing” type of person until now. I’ve finally found balance.

How much weight have you lost? 
I have had a lot of people ask how much weight I lost, and the answer is I don’t know. I stopped weighing myself b/c it was messing with my mind. I weighed myself maybe 4 weeks ago, and hadn’t lost any more weight (a total of 4-5 lbs still). But then I took a photo and compared it to my “before,” and realized the scale doesn’t always tell the truth b/c it can’t see the full picture. I have definitely lost fat and gained muscle. I think I will probably weigh myself in a few weeks, out of curiosity, but I’m not going to be upset if that number doesn’t change. This is a great example of why the scale isn’t the best when it comes to tracking your fitness progress.

What do you typically eat in a day?
Let me just start off by saying this post makes me realize I need to be a lot better about taking pictures of what I’m eating (hardly have anything on my phone), BUT I do save most of them to our “HEALTHY EATS” highlight on IG so you can see a lot there (plus Meggan’s healthy meals as well)!

Breakfast: Technically breakfast is skipped b/c of IF, but I’m still having my collagen coffee every morning. I brew one cup of coffee, add one scoop of Vital Proteins, and 1 Tbs Califia Almond Milk Creamer. The collagen peptides help me stay full (10g of protein), and anything under 50 calories is approved during the fasting period.

Lunch: I ‘break my fast’ at noon each day. Depending on the day, I’ll eat leftovers from the night before or make a quick, simple lunch. My go-tos (I’m a creature of habit) are a green smoothie (recipe below), hard boiled eggs, roasted veggies, sliced chicken from the deli, a big salad with chicken and tons of veggies with balsamic or poppyseed dressing, quinoa with rotisserie chicken and veggies topped with lite honey mustard dressing, pickles (I love pickles), berries, fried cauliflower rice with rotisserie chicken, tuna salad, avocado, fruit, etc. I have gotten a lot of questions about low carb day lunches/dinners, and a bunch of those are saved on the HEALTHY EATS highlight, so be sure to check there!

Dinner: Again, depending on the day (regular carb or low carb), my go-to dinners have been salsa verde chicken, turkey meatballs with black bean spaghetti and Rao’s sauce, fried cauli rice with rotisserie chicken, baked chicken tenders breaded with GG crackers (I blend GG crackers to make breadcrumbs) and roasted veggies, no bean chili, buffalo chicken wraps, salmon, greek turkey burgers, bangin’ good shrimp, spaghetti squash with a turkey or ground beef meat sauce (Rao’s marinara), a big salad with veggies, fruit and chicken, or my sweet potato bowl.

Snacks: I try to keep my snacks to a minimum if I can help it, but some days I cannot lol. I snack on chili lime cashes (Trader Joe’s – so good!), celery with almond butter, apple cut up with cinnamon, almonds, popcorn (I’ll never give it up! I make it healthier using this amazing popper!), macadamia nuts, leftover roasted veggies, dates with almond butter and coconut (satisfies my sweet tooth!), a spoonful of almond butter with chocolate chips sprinkled on top (another sweet tooth helper), or hummus with veggies cut up – love peppers, carrot, celery and cucumber.

Wine/Cheat Meals/Dinners Out: In the beginning I was more strict and usually only had about 1 cheat meal/week, but now that I’ve made more progress and am very comfortable with the program, I am more relaxed on the weekends. I still do the fasting every single day, but if I want pasta when we go out, I order it. I have wine every weekend (let’s be real) – usually Friday and Saturday (I have pretty much cut it out during the week just b/c I’m not craving it), and I will get a treat like a donut or dessert if I want it. I used to be all in or all out – either feeling soo guilty and beating myself up if I had a donut, or I would be like “Well, I ate a donut…now I just blew my whole workout, might as well have pizza, wine, beer, ice cream, cake, pasta, etc….” I’ve finally come to the point where I’ve found a balance that works for me and that’s what I’m most excited about! I’ve tried every “diet” under the sun, and this is the only way of living/eating that has provided me with a lifestyle I can stick to and live with comfortably! I do not feel deprived, and I do not feel guilty if I eat poorly for a day (or three). You may have seen my insta story yesterday morning sharing what I ate last weekend – pizza, wine, a beer, pasta, a pretzel, ice cream, and a donut. All in the same weekend lol. I didn’t have the desire to give up all together or feel super guilty about it (like I would have in the past), instead I just decided to start over on Monday morning. It’s not a huge deal. One weekend isn’t going to ruin your life/hard work up to this point.

*Sorry if this post is loaded with typos ;) I am not proof-reading before posting because it’s time to make dinner (Greek turkey burgers tonight). Again, I’ll be better about taking photos of what I cook so the next time I update you I will have better content ;). But let me know if you have any questions as always! xx