1. Meggan – I would love to know what your pregnancy skincare routine is, or what you switched out while you’re pregnant.
My skincare routine is pretty much the same, I just stopped using a couple products. Morning: wash with water, this essense (just started using a few weeks ago, going to do a post on it!), vitamin c serumthis eye cream, and this sheer renewal cream. Nighttime: remove my makeup with this cleansing balm, wash with this cleanser, this essensethis recovery cream (or this overnight cream), and this oil. The only two products I stopped using is this oil (it has retinol) and this face mask. Oh and for sunscreen I use this lotion or this setting spray.

2. What are you both currently reading?
I finished When Life Gives You Lululemons (such a good easy read!) on Monday and just started The Identicals.
Brooke: I’m still reading The Perfect Couple. I’ve been so busy lately, it’s taking me forever to finish but I love it! Would highly recommend (and Meggan recommended it to me).

3. Can you please send some dress ideas for a fall black tie wedding? Price range under $300.
You should definitely check out Rent The Runway – so many good ones and most under $100! Love this floral dress, this black gown (gorgeous!), this classic sweetheart gown, and this halter neck dress.

4. Brooke – I just moved to NYC and my hair has become dry and dull and my skin is breaking out like crazy. I’ve never had these issues before. I know it’s been a while since you’ve moved here, but did this happen to you or have you heard of this happening to anyone? Any suggestions?
Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear this! 🙁 I don’t remember that happening to me when we moved to NYC, that is such a bummer! Could it possibly be stress related? The only thing that really solved my crazy breakouts (which started 2 years after moving here) was cutting dairy out of my diet. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

5. I was wondering how you take care of your designer handbags and wallets? have a few designer handbags and wallets and I feel like they are already starting to show wear.
When I’m not using them, I store them in their dust bags, stuff them (the ones that need to be), and keep them on a shelf in my closet! And when I’m using them I just try to be gentle – no throwing them in the back seat, putting them on the floor, etc.
Brooke: I do the same – on a shelf in my closet. I try to keep them in the dust bags, but that doesn’t always happen with the bags I use often. I also like to keep them stuffed so they keep their shape (but not overstuffed, that will stretch/warp the leather).

6. When you travel, do you take all your beauty products with you (hair, makeup, skincare) or do you only take a few things? What toiletry bags do you use? I feel like half my bag gets filled with these things and I’m not being very efficient! I’d love to know how you pack!
For my beauty and hair products I have the travel sizes (mostly the Tula minis and Elemis ones) which saves a ton of room. Ulta has a ton of travel size products too (here & here). I wear minimal makeup so I just pack the essentials which doesn’t take up a ton of room. All the bags I use are old 🙁
Brooke: It depends how long the trip is, and whether we are driving or flying (also if there are any events I’m going to during the trip). When I went to CA, I tried to pack as minimal as possible and only brought cleansing balm, face wash, oil, retinol, and sunscreen for skincare. I use this bag for my makeup and love it! For skincare, I don’t have a specific one I use/love. Hair products are harder because if I’m going to wash my hair during the trip, I usually want all my stuff which is a pain and not efficient. And unless I have an event, I pack minimal makeup to make my bag as light as possible.

7. I LOVE the look of vintage rugs and would love one for my kitchen. My kitchen is a wine theme so there’s lots of red. Would love some good options!
It’s hard to pick out an exact one because they come in such random sizes so we rounded up our favorite shops that we’ve bought from/love: The Oushak ShopNew England Loom, Pastel Rug Love, and Boho Flea Market.

8. What were some of your favorite bridal shower/bachelorette gifts you received? One of my best friends is getting married in a couple months and I want to get her something special! The bridal party has already pulled together to give her a spa package but we are all also giving her (smaller) individual gifts.
Meggan: I just got things off my registry for bridal shower gifts and for my bach they did lingerie and jammies. This is a cute list of gifts or you could plan a day for the two of you before she gets married – lunch, shopping, manis, pool, etc. That would be memorable and fun!
Brooke: Same to what Meggan said – I received a few things from my registry and sleep/lounge wear which I loved! I know I sound like a broken record lol, but candles are seriously one of my favorite gifts to give/receive! Whenever I’m gifted a candle, I burn it and always think of the person who gave it to me. This one is my favorite.

9. Planning a weekend trip to NYC with my boyfriend early December! What recommendations do you have for sight-seeing, restaurants, bars etc. around the holidays?
Check question 21 from this post (holiday sight-seeing), and number 15 from this post (favorite restaurants). The holidays are such a fun time to be in NYC! You’re going to love it! I’m also going to put together a NYC guide in the fall, so stay tuned for that! xx

10. I am attending a Spanish wedding next weekend and have no idea what to wear! Any suggestions on a fun dress?
Love this red dress, this lace dressthis floral dress, and this yellow maxi!

11. I am going to my bffs engagement party the end of October in San Diego. It’s sounding like it’ll be a dinner. I am looking for a cute outfit to wear (including shoes + accessory ideas if possible). Not too casual but nothing too fancy either. I’d love some other great pieces for the weekend I’ll be spending there as well that might be able to transition into fall time.
Some great dresses to wear for the party and throughout the weekend – onetwothree (in my cart!), and fourThis dress is gorgeous and could easily transition to fall as well as this one, and this sweater dress. For shoes – these are so cute and would go with any of those dresses, also this pair or this pair.

12. I’m going to a wedding in mid October (Southern California) and was hoping for some recommendations for a nursing friendly dress!
Some cute nursing friendly dresses: here, here, and here!

13. I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month and it’s not black tie, but it is at a pretty fancy venue. I found some long dresses that I really like, but am not sure if they would be too dressy. For your average/normal wedding, do you have to opt for a short dress? Or could a long dress also be appropriate? Would love your thoughts!
You can definitely wear a long dress!

14. I’m moving in with my boyfriend and want to buy him barware for our new place together. Any recommendations for some pieces that he won’t think are too girly?
This decanter, these cocktail glasses, these moscow mule mugs, this wine rackbeer glasses, and this whiskey set.

15. I’m having my first baby shower at the end of September and I’m due in the middle of Oct so I’m afraid I might be pretty large and in charge by this point. Any cute dress ideas? The invites are a cute banana leaf print and I’m assuming that is what the decor will be. I have been living in your Enzo Costa dresses all summer so I didn’t know if I should just go it in green.
Seriously love that dress! You could get it in green as backup in case you feel like being comfy/you feel big. A couple other options: this maxi dress (similar here in white), this jersey dress, or this lace wrap dress.

16. I’m going on a bachelorette trip to Gatlinburg in November and it will be really cold. Would love some outfit suggestions for day and night.
This sweater and this skirt are so cute – love the combo! Love this sweater dressthis sweater with skinny jeans and booties or heels, this blazer dress, and this dress.

17. I have an outdoor wedding in Colorado at the end of September. I think it will probably be pretty chilly, and since it’s outdoor I’m thinking I’ll have to wear flats. Do you have any ideas for a dress that would look good with flats and also be somewhat warm?
This dress is so pretty and you could always throw a jacket on over it, also love this one and this one! Any of these would be cute with flats, and we would just bring a jacket or a wrap in case you’re cold. Have fun!

18. Looking for some cute outfit ideas for Santa Barbara next week! We will likely go to wineries, sit by the pool and then do fun dinners at night. Looking for fun looks for those activities. And fun hats too!!
That trip sounds right up our alley! Some things to pack: this dress (cute with sandals for a winery!), this jumpsuit, this yellow dressthis set (actually obsessed!), and this mini dress (love the neckline). For hats love this one, this one, and this one. And if you need new suits, Express has a ton of cute ones on sale!

19. I am heading to North Carolina with girlfriends in a few weeks and need some outfit ideas for a few activities. I’m from California so any help on proper attire would be great! We’re doing a low key bar night, a brunch, a fancy dinner, and a football game.
Love this jumpsuit, this maxi, this blouse, this mini dressthis bodysuit (fun for dinner!), and this dress. Have fun!

20. I’m planning a surprise birthday lunch or dinner for my husband in NYC. Any recommendations for a cute spot?
Also any gift recommendations? 🙂 he has everything I can’t think of anything. Vacations are also planned so can’t even plan a getaway!
If you do lunch, BG (at Bergdorf’s) is so fun! Love Locanda Verde, L’Artusi, Salinas (very romantic), and Felice 64 – cozy, hole-in-the-wall with great food! As far as gifts, guys are so hard to shop for! What about a spa day for him? Couples massage in the city after lunch/before dinner? You could make a day of it!

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