1. Favorite book you’ve both ever read?
I don’t know if I can pick just one! Recent ones are The Idea Of You and It Ends With Us. And one that I read years ago that still sticks out in my mind is Still Alice.
Brooke: Off the top of my head it would be The Idea of You. No other book has quite affected me like that one did lol! I also loved It Ends With Us and Me Before You.

2. If you could pick one black, one brown and one fun bootie for the upcoming season, what would they be?!
 My brown pick (so comfy, I love these), black pick,  and these (splurge) or these would be my fun pick!
Meggan: This pair
in brown, this pair in black, and this fun pair – obsesssed!

3. I know you’ve talked about this before but do you have any recommendations for vitamin C serum?
The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum changed my skin! It’s pricey but I’ve tried other ones that just don’t compare!
Brooke: I also love the SkinCeuticals one, but this one from MB is a great as well + a great price.

4. I’m looking into investing in a good leather (genuine leather) jacket or a really good fake. Can you list some that are under $250?
This one is just under $200, and the details are so great (real leather also!). A few more options we love – onetwo, and three.

5. I’d like to wear my black Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots to work, but am struggling to think of slightly more conservative outfits that would be work-appropriate. Any suggestions for specific items (skirts) or outfits?
Do a conservative blouse like this one, with tights (opaque tights will automatically make this look work appropriate!), and a fun mini skirt like this one,  this one or this one!

6. How do you both find time to work out? I’m struggling to get into a routine and would love any advice!
I need to get back on track – I haven’t worked out consistently for a couple weeks now. But, normally I try to get in 2-3 Peloton rides a week (at home) and 2+ trips to the gym. I also go in the morning, I think getting it done right away is key. My husband leaves super early for work, so I wait until I get my kids off to school, then I head straight to the gym (or to the basement for the Peloton). I’ve found if I try to wait until the afternoon, something always comes up and I ‘run out of time.’
I go in the morning before my husband and son wake up. I love getting it over with and working out in the morning always motivates me to have a healthier day! It was hard getting up early at first but I learned to literally jump out of bed right when my alarm goes off or I know it’s not happening lol. Maybe you could pencil it into your daily calendar so it feels like something you need to do. I always write gym in my planner because I have to get everything crossed off my list lol!

7. Meggan – would you recommend someone to move to Dallas in their early 20’s. I have heard amazing things but I do not know many people or have family/friends in Dallas! Would love to hear your thoughts on moving to Dallas post graduation.
I didn’t live here post graduation but I think it would be a great place for someone younger to live. My sister just graduated college, got a job and moved here! There’s lots to do – restaurants, night life, concerts, shopping, sports, fun neighborhoods, etc. and the cost of living is relatively low (depending on your hood!). If not Dallas, go to Austin!

8. Outfit ideas for the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Los Angeles at the end of September? Weather should start off warm then cool down towards later in the evening.
I saw her in concert a couple years ago and it was soooo amazing!! You’re going to have so much fun and be dancing the whole time! A few outfit options – you could do these faux leather leggings, with sneakers, a tee (love this one), and bring a jean or moto jacket. A bodysuit (obsessed with this one & this one), with jeans and sneakers. Or distressed denim, a graphic tee tucked in, belt, and booties.

9. I have to attend a fancy wedding at the end of September at the Four Season’s Hotel, pretty sure its black tie. I want to wear something on trend, but also classy. Any ideas? I’m also open to Rent the Runway.
We did a post on what to wear to a fall wedding here – lots of options for black tie!

10. Looking for a pair of new brown booties for fall! Love the look of the Rag & Bone ‘Walker’ boot, but don’t love the price tag. Any suggestions?
Brown booties we’re eyeing: here, here, here, and here!

11. We are planning on doing fall family pictures soon and I would love to see your ideas for some coordinating family outfits. It will be myself and husband, 5 yr old daughter and 3 and 1 year old sons.
We’re going to do a full post on what to wear for family pictures next week since we get this question so often!

12. What are some fun looks to wear in between seasons right now? It’s still around 80 degrees in Minnesota and hard to figure out what to wear in this weather that’s not too summery during fall. Or does that not matter if it’s hot?
Mini dress + cardigan + booties/sneakers, lightweight  midi dress +booties, denim cutoffs + lightweight sweater, dress + moto jacket, and mini dress + OTK boots! Some pieces to make these combos – mini dressbootieslightweight sweatermidi dressOTK boots, and cardigan.

13. I’m going to a wedding in Austin the first weekend in November. The ceremony/reception is at a really pretty villa and is cocktail attire. I would love some dress recommendations.
Tons of dress recommendations on this post for cocktail attire!

14. I’m going to be a new godmother to a baby boy. Wondering if you have any ideas for special gifts to get for his baby shower.
These books are so fun to personalize, and this one would be a great gift for your godson. This blanket is amazingly soft, and so pretty – one of our favorite baby gifts! Also love this “Baby’s First Year” memory book!

15. Do you know of any Goyard dupes or totes/handbags that look similar?
This one is great – you can customize the print, color, and the stripe (you can add your initials also!). We both have one of these bags and love them – great for travel, too! A couple other options here and here (not exactly a ‘dupe’ but love this tote!).

16. I need some dressy-ish flare, wide leg or paper bag pants for work. Gotta hide an ankle brace boot thing. Can you provide suggestions? Chambray, off white, olive green or black would be great!
Love this pairthese (amazing, want!), these, and these!

17. I have an engagement photoshoot coming up this fall. I was wondering if you could round up some cute, moderately priced fall sweaters that I could wear with blue jeans for the shoot!
Love this off-the-shoulder one (just ordered it in beige), this cropped one, this bourbon colored one, and this oversized one!

18. Going to a wedding in the end of October in Northern California. It’s semi-formal attire and looking for suggestions 🙂
We rounded up tons of options on this post here!

19. Have either of you been to Denver? We’re going for my best friend’s bachelorette party in October, and we’ve never been. Looking for good food recs/things to do.
I haven’t been in a few years and I can’t remember any of the spots we went to!
Brooke: I haven’t been in forever, so I have no idea where to go/what to do, sorry! If you have  any Denver suggestions please leave them in the comments!

20. Your help is much needed! My boyfriend is the CEO of a startup accelerator (basically they build help industry experts build tech companies). Every month he and his investors host a very intimate private event. The attire is cocktail but because there are prospects, investors, and clients in the room I like to still keep it professional and appropriate. This event is once a month and I’m starting to run out of options. I’d appreciate any suggestions!
Some cocktail dresses that are appropriate for a business environment – hereherehere (with a jacket over), and here!

21. My best friend is having her very first baby! A little girl! I am so excited!! She has a few showers coming up and I am not a Mom yet myself – so I am wondering if there is anything that you didn’t register for that in hindsight you wish you had? Or is there anything that as a first time Mom you couldn’t live without that you didn’t realize would be something you would need so much? I am definitely planning to get her something off her registry but I thought as both Mom’s yourselves that you might have some advice for me on a great gift for her that she might not even realize she will need, etc.
I think the two products I really could not live without were this swaddle sleeper (I didn’t register for this, but someone gave it to me…amazing!), and this swing! This swing definitely is not the prettiest one out there, but it’s lifesaving and works much better than some of the other more expensive/swanky options we tried!
Hmmm is it sad I’m having a hard time remembering and I’m having a baby in two months lol?! Two things I remember really liking are this bath seat (fits in sink, easy to clean and store) and the Rock N’ Play – it’s lightweight and easy to move around the house. If you want to buy her some cute clothes, blankets, or gear I love everything from Spearmint Love and Lou Lou & Company.

22. I’m going to Vegas in October and need some outfit ideas (daytime, pool, dinner, shows, going out) that are post-partum friendly.
For night loving: this mesh dress, this jumpsuit, this polka dot dress, this blouse, and this dress. For day: this one piece suit, this maxithis romper, this set, this coverup, and this sundress. Have fun! xx

23. I absolutely adore your style and I’m hoping you could give me some advice for an upcoming – very special – trip. I leave in 3 weeks for California to elope with my better half of almost 11 years. We’re eloping in Big Sur, CA and I of course have my wedding dress but need outfit ideas for Carmel, Napa and Sonoma – mostly casual but I want some nicer options for dinners and we’re having photos taken in Napa at a winery.
Thank you so much! A few things we think you could pack are this cardigan, this pair of coated denim, this sweater, this jumpsuit, these heels, this dressthese jeans, these mules, this blouse, and this slip dress.

24. I have maternity pictures at the end of October and I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant! Any ideas on what to wear??
Dresses are definitely the easiest! Love this one, this one, and this one! And Etsy has lots of pretty boho/lace dresses here!

25. I am wearing this dress to a wedding in Delaware in a month, but am at a loss for what shoes to wear! I was thinking something closed toe and sort of a fun shoe since the dress is simple. Any suggestions under $100 would be awesome!
Some options under $100: here, here, and here.

26. Looking for some good gym duffel bag recommendations. I currently have a tote and it’s just not working for me. Any suggestions would be great and possibly under $100.
This grey Hershel one
is one sale for $50 (smaller sizes here), love this camo one, and this retro one!

Leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx