1. My sister is turning 40 next month and I’d love to buy her a Classic designer bag in the $1500 price range. I feel like everything I find (black quilted YSL, Céline nano) is $2-3k. Nothing too small as it would be an every day bag more or less. Any ideas?
Can you be my sister?! 😉 Such an amazing gift! A few we love in that price range are this YSL camera bag, this Chloe bag, this YSL tote (love their classic totes too – so many colors to chose from!), this Fendi tote, this Mansur tote bag, and this Gucci (it’s small, but uhg! so good we had to include it)!

2. I’m curious – as I see a lot of influencers/bloggers talk about this – what do you ladies think are some of the most misunderstood things about your industry/job?
A couple misunderstandings I think people have about running a blog are it’s not a a real job, bloggers get everything for free, and that it’s easy. I think it would be fun to do a full post on this and go more in depth!
Brooke: I agree with what Meggan said – it would be great to do an entire post on this! Jess Ann Kirby wrote an amazing post on this subject last year – read it here. I think people feel the minute you start a blog, you immediately get things for free & brands pay you for campaigns. We blog 6 days a week (and have since the beginning), and it took us 3 years before this hobby turned into a job/paycheck. That’s over 900 blog posts to put it in perspective! Everyone sees the fun/glamorous side of blogging, but most don’t see the “behind the scenes” parts – reviewing contracts, negotiations, endless emails, lawyers, accountants, changing in the backseat of a car when it’s 100 degrees to make deadlines lol, writing, editing, invoicing, and constantly coming up with new content. Nobody to fault there except bloggers, and I can definitely understand why people think it’s an easy gig – because that’s the only part most bloggers share! But I think it’s one of the most misunderstood things about this job/industry.

3. Do you have any recommendations for grey wool coats for fall? I need one for NYC that I can wear to work and out! Budget is up to $600.
Looove good gray wool coat! Your budget is great because a classic coat will last years if you invest in a quality one! Some favorites are this one (I want this one!), this one, and this oneThis one is a great budget-friendly option as well!

4. One of my best friend’s daughter is turning 1 in a couple weeks and I want to send a gift. Do you have any recommendations for a one year old girl?
Favorite gifts for girls in our house at that age were – this wheely bugthese blocksthis shopping cart, and a doll.

5. I second the above question for a 1 year old boy! Any gift ideas?
A few things that were a big hit with my son at that age were this shopping cart (he still plays with it), this water table, a push car, this music set, this dump truck, and a bubble machine!

6. I’m looking for an outfit for my rehearsal dinner and I’m struggling. The venue is a casual restaurant but I’d like to look a bit dressed up as the bride 🙂 I’m open to a dress, pants & top or a jumpsuit and it does not have to be white – I’ll wear ANY color! Budget is around $500.
In looove with this jumpsuit, this dress, this dress, this dress (all the heart eyes), and this dress!

7. Newly pregnant here, wondering what you both would say are your first trimester must-haves and must-dos?
Congratulations! I cant think of a ton of must-haves…maybe just a pregnancy book, prenatal vitamins, get some comfy bras, download an app (I use Ovia), and stock up on crackers/ginger chews/B6 and all that fun stuff if you’re sick!
Brooke: Congrats mama! Everything Meggan said. A couple other things that helped me when I was feeling sick were ginger ale, Jolly Ranchers, Sea Bands, and a comfortable pillow & blanket.

8. My fiancé and I are getting married in November, we are having a courthouse ceremony and then a small dinner with family and a few friends afterwards at a nice restaurant. I am looking for suggestions for dresses, please bare in mind I am from Toronto in Canada so it will be freezing lol
This is so fun! Not sure of your budget, but some dress ideas for you – this onethis onethis onethis onethis one(omg so cute!), and this one. Since it will be freezing, a white jacket/faux fur would be so pretty over any of these! Love this one or this one!

9. Hoping you can give me some options for a camel coat!
Loving this one, this one, this one (love!), this one, and this one!

10. Brooke – How would you describe your interior design style? We are in the initial stages of a major renovation of our home and your style is exactly the feel and look I’m going for. I just find it hard to explain it to designers!
I never know how to describe my style… I feel like it’s such a mix of casual, contemporary, and classic! I asked my designer to describe it and he said “transitional, Hamptons chic.” Lol no help at all. I usually just save images of rooms I like on Pinterest and if you’re working with a designer, feel like that’s the best way to get them to understand the vibe you’re going for!

11. I am going on a family vacay, with two toddlers, the first week of December to New York. Trying to get in the holiday spirit early! I think the weather will be in the low to mid forties, can y’all help with some outfit inspiration for activities like  going to see the Rockefeller tree, ice skating, and tea with Eloise? Wanting to stay comfy and warm, but stylish!!
So much fun, love that time of year in the city! I would layer up because it could be freezing outside, but as soon as you get inside you’ll be on fire lol! Jeans, comfy shoes, and sweaters with a coat (and scarf and hat if it’s a cold week!). Some favorites – this sweaterthese booties (cute and comfy!), sneakers (love the ivory pair!),  this sweaterthis sweaterthis coatthis scarf, and this hat. Have so much fun!

12. I’m looking for a new bag for fall/winter that I can use to take my things to work and then the gym. Any suggestions for something cute yet durable?
Have you every tried an MZ Wallace bag? There’s a bunch of different styles but they are really durable and hold a lot! Definitely on the more $$ side but worth it in our opinions! A few other options are this tote, this duffle, this nylon tote (I used it when I worked in Chicago and loved it!), and this bag.

13. Obsessed with these shoes but so much $$$. Do you know of anything like this in a lower price range? So tempted to splurge!!
A few similar pairs are here, herehere, and here – not exact but all pretty cute!

14. Help! My boyfriend’s sisters are turning 22 and 17 in October and I need two birthday gifts. Any ideas?
Some gift ideas for girls that age are fun jewelry like this necklace or these earrings, a cozy blanket, a Sephora gift card, or a fun scarf!

15. I saw on insta stories last weekend that one of you (maybe Brooke) wore a white Alice & Olivia dress with jewel-toned flowers. I have this dress as well, but I have never worn it because I’m not sure how to style it. Any tips? What shoes did you wear and how did you tie the neck?
Yes, I love that dress! I wore it with these heels (in nude), and I tie the neck loosely in a front bow, but it can be done tight around the neck with a bow, or just let the ties hang down the front – either way it’s so cute!

16. I’m headed to San Diego in the middle of October and would love some outfit ideas! I’m not sure we’ll go to the beach/be in swimsuits. So looking for more brunch/sightseeing/dinner outfits!
For night love this mini dressthis jumpsuit, this sweater or this sweater with this skirt, this dress, and this slip dress. For daytime: this dress, these shorts, this maxi dress (cute with booties or sandals), and these jeans with a fun graphic tee (love this and this). Also, I have this dress in three colors and wear it all the time! It’s perfect to pack for traveling because it can be dressed up (heels and a moto jacket) or worn during the day with a jean jacket and booties or sandals – so versatile and it’s comfy!

17. I’ve been seeing great fall styles but all paired with sneakers, heels or taller boots. Do you have a few classic low heeled black boots you would recommend? I live in NYC and walk around a lot but would like to find a flexible pair that are appropriate to walk into the office in.
Yes – so many amazing boots out right now! Some favorites are here, herehere, and here!

18. My hubby has been talking about wanting a knee length camel colored peacoat for his birthday, any suggestions?? Okay to spend some $$$.
Uhg…definitely one of the best looks on guys! Some great options – this onethis onethis onethis one, and this one! Lots of great looking, quality options!

19. Desperately needing outfit ideas for Vegas!! Couple ideas for a night out and then a couple casual outfit ideas for during the day walking around.
Some fun things to pack for night…this bodysuit, this dress, this blouse, these pants, this romper, and this set! For day: this romper, this dress, this jacket, and this maxi.

20. My family and I are spending Thanksgiving in NYC to spend it with other family, because we are a larger group we aren’t looking to cook at home so we are trying to figure out a restaurant that would have great atmosphere and food without being extremely over priced/too fancy. Any suggestions?
This is hard to say for sure because restaurants change their menu on Thanksgiving (to accommodate T-Giving dinners), and the price is usually pre-set (and $$$). We actually went to ABC Kitchen last year, and I didn’t love it for Thanksgiving. Some places I would recommend looking into would be Locanda Verde, Bubby’s, and Quality Meats. This article is from last year, but these would be good to look into as well!

21. Can you link the Barefoot Dreams blankets that are on sale? I forgot to save them when you posted!
Yes – on sale here! Best blankets everrr!

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