All About Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner

You’ve probably noticed by now that we are kind of obsessed with the new Pantene Charcoal Collection shampoo & conditioner! If you haven’t…here’s the back story: we recently asked for suggestions for oily hair on instastories. Both of us only like to wash our hair 1-2 times a week max, and lately Brooke’s hair has been getting oily immediately after she washes it. A lot of people said it’s because of all the product buildup at the scalp and recommended a charcoal shampoo. Sometimes buildup in hair can result in hair gaining 4 percent of its own weight – that is crazy! We immediately ran to the drugstore and picked up this shampoo! The Pantene Charcoal Collection uses activated charcoal (a purifying ingredient) to detox hair by attracting impurities like a magnet, while releasing antioxidants helping it look (and feel!) refreshed and clean. The best part is that results were immediate! We had a lot of requests for an update and were so happy to report that this shampoo kept the bottle of dry shampoo away for FIVE DAYS! Guys, that’s unheard of! While we love our dry shampoo, it’s best to not use it daily (for scalp & hair health). Anyway…we were obviously so excited that Pantene reached out and asked us to work together on a post for this collection! If you struggle with an oily scalp,  you need to try this collection!

The charcoal shampoo is free of silicone, parabens and dyes! The activated charcoal cleanses hair and the scalp to help remove dirt and impurities. For those of us with an oily scalp, this product helps to reset the balance leaving the hair refreshed…it’s like magic in a bottle lol. We received a lot of questions about the color of the shampoo – it’s actually clear in color with flecks of charcoal, it’s not black! This is Pantene’s first ever silicone-free conditioner! It is also free of parabens and dyes. We only condition the ends of our hair, leaving the scalp free of conditioner (we’ve found this helps reduce the oily-ness!). For those asking, this collection is color safe, both of us color our hair regularly!

It’s so nice to be able to go longer between washes with good hair days! We typically end up wearing a hat or throwing our hair in a topknot by day 4, but now at least we have the option of styling our hair because it actually stays cleaner, longer!

Random, but we love the pump that’s included with these bottles. So convenient for the shower!

Love reading the messages you guys have been sending after trying the Pantene Charcoal Collection shampoo & conditioner also! So happy you love it as much as we do! xx

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene! As always, the opinions and text are our own.