1. I’ve always wondered, do you have any other regular members of the SL team, i.e. assistants, content people, etc? I hear of other bloggers mention them and wondered if y’all have help. It seems like a lot of work!
We actually just hired a part-time assistant, but she hasn’t started yet! Up until now, it’s been just the two of us (cue the Will Smith song!).

2. Can you do a roundup of the best matching sweatshirts and sweatpants?
Love this pink sweatshirt + joggers, this camo pullover + camo joggers, this fleece top + fleece leggings, and this sweatshirt + pants!

3. So I need some advice…I work in D1 athletics and I absolutely LOVE my job, I am however really, really busy. During season (end of July to January) I work from 6:30am-7pm 7 days a week and I am having a hard time finding balance in my life. I am only 22 and am worried that I am missing out on a lot of things outside of my career because I work so much. Do you have any advice on finding time to do my fun “20 something” things while still balancing so much work?
Wow, that’s hard! Since you love your job, here’s our advice: Make a list of your priorities. Things you absolutely have/want to do outside of work. List them in order of most important to least important. Then, figure out the best time in your busy schedule to make time for these priorities. Example – if it’s working out, plan a time/schedule it into your day. Even though you’re probably tired, you’re young so you have that going for you ;). You might have to start waking up 30 minutes – an hour earlier than you already do to find more time for yourself/your priorities. In terms of having a social life, try to schedule dates/friend dates a week ahead of time, that way you have something to look forward to, and you know exactly what the plan is for the coming week. Don’t forget to make time for yourself! You definitely need a self-care routine with your schedule! Self-care is so vague and can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start…love love love this 30-day checklist. Print this out, and check one thing off each day (or repeat any favorites/remove any that don’t interest you). Nothing from this list will take too long, and it’s surprising how much it can positively impact your day! Good luck babe! Another thing to remember, this is temporary! Work your booty off while you’re young, and you’ll be thanking your younger self in 5 years!

4. Some friends and I are going to Dallas for a girls trip next month. We’re not into clubby places. More chill bars. Anywhere you suggest to go? And any cute outfit suggestions?!
I couldn’t tell you a single club here 😉 Some of my favorite spots are Katy Trail Ice House, Midnight Rambler, Sixty Vines, Truck Yard, Happiest Hour, HG Sply Co, Up On Knox, and Stirr. Some things to pack: this maxi dress (cute with booties!), this romper, this mini dress, these coated jeans, and this blouse!

5. I just ordered these Sam Edelman shoes and I’d love help styling them! My style is pretty casual ie jeans/tees (#momlife) so I’d love some everyday ideas of how you would wear them.
Those are SO cute! The best Chanel dupes! Super easy to wear with casual looks also – we would pair them with skinny jeans and a plain tee. Something like these black skinnies and this tee in black or white, or a sweater when it gets colder. The key to easily wearing these shoes is just to keep your outfit simple…not a ton of colors/patterns! A few looks we love herehere and here.

6. Lately I am struggling with deal with my boyfriends mom. We’ve been together over 5 years and she is truly nice to both of us but is so overbearing and controlling. Recently I am having a hard time just letting it slide. Does that ever happen to either of you with your MIL? I feel like a brat but she drives me nuts and it’s hard to hold it in. Would love any advice!
Ugh we’re sorry! We both lucked out with our MIL’s and haven’t experienced what you’re going through. We would suggest having a talk with your boyfriend and tell him how you’re feeling. Sounds like he needs to have a talk with her, which could be awkward but needs to be done for your sanity!

7. I am going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day in NYC and I would appreciate your recommendation of a chic place to have dinner.
I guess it depends on the vibe you’re going for & who you’ll be with. But some of my recent favorites are: Salinas (so cozy, romantic), Upland (great food & love the interior), and Buddakan (a long-time favorite, ask for a table in the library).

8. I wanted to ask about the preset you use in your Instagram pictures, I know you’ve mentioned it before but I lost the post.
We use Marina McAvoy presets!

9. I’ve been on the hunt for a classic/not too expensive camel coat for a while – any suggestions? I know it’s a little early in the season but I live in Europe now & try to stock up when I come back home to visit!
A few inexpensive camel coats we love: one (more sizes here), twothree, and four!

10. I’m looking for a gold coin type necklace with a box chain or something similar, I think I’d prefer real gold and plated options if you know of any?
I just got this one and am obsessed with it! Also love this one and this one!

11. I need ideas for Christmas pics, hubby, and ideas for 3 girls (14,11,21).
Okay promise, the post for ‘What To Wear For Family Photos’ is coming next week! With tons of options for the whole fam! Check back next week! xx

12. So I’m looking for a new black belt to wear with my jeans this winter. Is the GG Gucci belt worth the splurge? Are there other belts that are cute to show off but without that big price tag?!
If you love it, it’s worth it! If you’re not sold on it, don’t splurge on it. Some other options we love are this onethis one, and this oneThis dupe has good reviews!

13. I’m doing a fall family photo shoot in Central Park at the end of October and need outfit ideas for myself, husband and 2 year old son!
See questions 11!

14. Looking forward to a girls trip to Scottsdale at the end of October with some college roomies. First time a few of us have spent a weekend away from our babies, yikes! Would love some good bodysuit suggestions (that aren’t overly exposed), that would look great with high waisted pants :). Open to long sleeve options to wear with shorts / pants as well.
A few bodysuits we’ve been eyeing are this one, this one, this onethis one, and this one!

15. I have a wedding in NY this fall that is “black tie welcome”. Looking for some affordable dresses that hopefully could be a closet staple.
We did a huge roundup of dresses on this post!

16. I’m going to England and Ireland for 10 days in December, do you have any cute capsule outfit ideas for exploring the cities that isn’t entirely athleisure wear?
Yes – love this look, this look, and this look! A few capsule pieces to pack are this sweater, this coat, these jeans, these booties, this cardigan, this coatthis scarf, and these leggings.

17. My best friend and her fiancé (who is my guy friend from high school) are having an engagement party and I want to get them something special! They both mean a lot to me and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on gift ideas?
Something personalized would be fun! This cutting board is so cute, love these custom illustrations (you could get it framed), or a monogrammed decanter with matching wine glasses

18. My husband and I are visiting London and Paris the end of November for our one year wedding anniversary. I know that there is going to be a lot of walking and it’ll be on the colder side. Would love your recommendations for some stylish, yet comfortable day outfits!
Looks like the weather will be on the cooler so we’d pack layers that you can mix and match – jeans, leggings, sweaters, boots, a couple staple jackets to create looks like this and this. Love this oversized turtleneck, this coat, this cardigan, these faux leather leggings (the best!), this leather jacket, this scarf, these booties, this coat, and these jeans.

19. Outfits for a bach party in Dallas in October?! Not sure what the weather will be.
It’s still pretty hot right now but looks like it will be cooling off a little starting next week. I would pack this jumpsuit, this dress (would look good with black OTK boots), this bodysuit, this dress, and this cami.

20. I’m looking for fall booties…no heels, cute and comfortable. Any suggestions?
So many good ones right now! Love this pair, this pair, this pair, this pairthis pair (a splurge but so cute!), and this pair.

21. I’ve worked in NYC since graduating college 7 years ago and the dress code has always been business casual. I am starting a new job in two weeks that is casual (so excited)! I want to be sure I still dress appropriately, any suggestions? Obviously new job = time for shopping! 😉
Congrats! We would stick to dark wash jeans (like these and these) with blouses like this or this, or with a nice tee and cardigan. For shoes – booties like these, or flats! Once you get to know the office better, you’ll have an idea of how most people dress, but better to play it safe in the beginning.

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